Will Bengals fans show up in huge numbers for Super Bowl LVI?

Cincinnati Bengals Fan Rally Ahead Of Super Bowl LVI
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Who will win Super Bowl LVI? That may hinge on the extent to which Bengals fans show up at SoFi Stadium for the game.

In early 2014, Seahawks fans descended on New York. It helped convince me that Seattle would beat Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII. In early 2020, a loud contingent of Chiefs fans appeared at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami for the game against the 49ers. Kansas City won.

With the Bengals the home team but the Rams playing at home for Super Bowl LVI, a Cincinnati invasion could go a long way toward fueling a win.

Will it happen? Roughly 30,000 showed up on Monday night at Paul Brown Stadium to see the team off to Los Angeles. How many of those folks, or others, will make it into SoFi Stadium on Sunday.

It’s a long way from Ohio. But Bengals fans have become big believers in their favorite team. It won’t be a surprise if plenty of them spend the money to see in person their team’s first Super Bowl appearance since early 1989.

Thus, although I’ll be making my final pick on Thursday, I’d really like to wait until Sunday at the stadium to see whether there’s a Bengals takeover of the place known as the Rams house. Even when it isn’t.

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  1. The Pats fans did vs the lowly Rams a fee years ago, so yes.

    LA is a horrible sports town.

  2. For 10k a ticket, there are only so many fans of any team that could show up. Bengals fans will be in LA though if not in the stadium.

  3. Crowd noise can be a big factor, but it’s not the end all be all. Iirc, the Seahawks had a huge crowd size advantage in super bowl 49, which they ended up losing. Same for the Raiders in super bowl 37 if I’m not mistaken too.

  4. First of all, road teams won half of the games this year. Secondly, yeah sure maybe there will be a lot of Bengals fans there.

  5. Even if a lot of hardcore Bengal fans in Ohio don’t go, a lot of people are going to be rooting for Cincy for one day on Sunday. Joe Burrow is super likable. Kevin Huber and Clark Harris have been in Cincy a long time, since the Carson Palmer years, so it would be great for them too. Sure LA has guys like Whitworth and Weddle and Donald, but they also have OBJ which kinda ruins any desire to see them win.

  6. There will be a huge contingent of Bengals fans at the game. Even though the prices are astronomical.

  7. With tickets at 6k a pop, I’d venture a guess that no real football fans of either team will be in attendance.

  8. No they won’t because they can’t afford to go…neither can actual rams fans. Corporate America will be there though

  9. I was at Superbowl 53 Pats vs Rams, and it was a home game for the Patriots. I doubt it will be that lopsided this time for the Rams given that this is in LA and Rams fans (both of them) won’t have to travel as far, but given the poor showing I saw at Superbowl 53, I expect the Bengals fans will still outnumber Rams fans.

  10. I was interested until I saw the prices. I can buy a nice used boat for the amount of 1 lower arena ticket. I honestly don’t see many Bengals fans showing up. Not because we are a bad fan base but because we are mostly a blue collar group. Cincinnati isn’t San Francisco or LA. Most of the Bengals fans come from towns in the rust belt losing jobs & populations and parts of Kentucky that are in deep poverty. However I see this as a huge advantage. You have the glitzy LA in the largest market vs a small blue collar team from middle America in the smallest market. A true David vs Goliath. Win or lose it will be fun!

  11. At some of the prices per ticket I’m seeing online I don’t know how the average person can even afford it.

  12. There would be alot more bengals gans in the seats if it wasnt 6k for nosebleeds. Then throw in a hotel, airfare, and rental car.

  13. The elephant in the room while everyone has been talking about the unprecedented records falling because the NFL added a game to the season is that we’re going into the 2nd Super Bowl in a row held at a participants home.

    Is it truly a championship game held in a neutral advantage facility? I think not.

    Before last year it had never been done before in the history of the NFL.
    If the home team wins again,  both games should be marked with an asterisk and the participants excluded from Super Bowl notoriety.

  14. Cincy has won at Pittsburgh, at Baltimore, at Denver, at Vegas, at Tenesseee, and at Kansas City this year. I don’t think they’re concerned about a Rams crowd that has consistently failed to show up for their team.

  15. FWIW, I have already seen a couple of Ohio license plates here in Southern California. Considering the number of cars on the roads here and the size of the overall geography, that is noteworthy.

  16. So if your team goes to the SB and you are unable to drop $10k for tix, travel, lodging, meals, etc., you are not a true fan???

  17. It would’ve been more than 30,000 for Bengals pep rally, but the NFL imposed a limit for some reason.

  18. I am a Rams season ticket holder and life long fan , make good money I I can’t afford nose bleed sears for 5,000 , so not sure how many people from Ohio can afford the either , 3/4 of the people there don’t cares about either team just taking selfies

  19. The super bowl is for the NFL’S corporate partners, let’s not act like the game is for regular everyday fans..

  20. Life long Bengals fan from New Jersey.

    The Answer to this question is simple.


    The NFL out priced this game. Could I afford the roughly 9 thousand dollars it would cost me in a ticket, accommodations and food yea, but Im not spending that on 4 hours.

    The real question to ask, is why does LA have a team? They don’t care about football. Only the super wealthy and contest winners will be at this game, what a shame.

    First superbowl in 20 years without Brady, Brees, Big Ben, or a Manning, and most people from St Loui, or Cinci can’t afford it.

  21. The Bills Mafia travel rather nicely to away games. They were 0-4 in Super Bowls so I’m not so sure your rationale is accurate.

  22. Only if there’s a bunch of celebrities that happen to be Bengals fans. Normal people can’t afford the ticket.

  23. The ticket prices range from $4,500 to $30,000 a seat. The median household income in Cincinnati is around $45,000. The math doesn’t work out. Fans would love to be there but just can’t afford it.

  24. Real classy there. It’ll look like it did when we sent the Cards packing- a stadium full of Rams Fans. Bank it.

  25. The cheapest tickets are like $6k. Fans in general won’t be showing up because ticket pricing is bananas. Maybe AB will let a few extras slide into his box suite.

  26. And 73,000 stunned fans sat in silence as their their 19-1/2 point favorite 1969 Baltimore Colts lost to the underdog Jets 16-9.

    There have been more than one partisan crowd leave the Super Bowl unhappy.

  27. Guess is 50- 50. If the SB were at a different neutral site, I’d expect it to be a Bengals crowd, but with the tickets so high, and Rams fans only having to worry about tickets as opposed to additional $ for flights and hotels, the economics of the situation sure favor the Rams.

  28. When tickets cost a years salary, No fans will not show up. It will be full of corporate sponsors

  29. The nfl should be ashamed about the ticket prices. You have to take our a second mortgage if you want ti get to that game.

  30. This article assumes that ‘Rams fans’ will show up and make a significant amount of noise, fuelling their homefield advantage that was so evident during the regular season and playoffs.
    Yeah, about that…

    I’d expect this to be one of the quietest Super Bowls in history.

  31. Ticket prices waaaaay too high — not willing to sacrifice my retirement for a football game. Come on.

  32. The real question is will there be any Rams fans there? The place will probably be full of super rich Hollywood types drinking expensive wine and playing on their cell phones.

  33. Nephew and wife live in Cincy. He’s from Toledo but she is Cincy girl, Bengal fan and her dad has season tickets. My nephew told her jokingly “honey if the bengals ever get to go to the super bowl you can go”. Ya like that will ever happen huh. She’s going. Her and her dad got a package deal, flight hotel the whole nine yards. Wish them the best. I never told her I refer to them as the Bungals. Not any more.

  34. Bengals fans? I’m pretty sure these days the Super Bowl is reserved for corporate perks, friends/family of NFL players and staff, and celebrities. Will they even allow people in if they don’t have 1M+ Twitter followers?

  35. natitownhustler says:
    February 8, 2022 at 10:41 pm
    There would be alot more bengals gans in the seats if it wasnt 6k for nosebleeds. Then throw in a hotel, airfare, and rental car.
    You forgot $600 parking.

  36. cincy85 says:
    February 8, 2022 at 10:40 pm
    At some of the prices per ticket I’m seeing online I don’t know how the average person can even afford it.

    They can’t, the Superbowl is probably 80-90% corporate and rich man sales now days, not many people can afford $30-$50K for seats in-between the 20yd lines and >$5000 for nose bleed seats!

  37. You’d think everyone would leave Cincinnati to spend a few days in Sun town. it was fantastic to see the 49ers Fans faces when the Rams splattered the 49ers in the NFC championship game. It’s gonna be great to see the Bengals fans filing out of Sofi on Sunday after the Bengals get whipped and they ha e to go back to Cincinnati with broken hearts and having to live in Cincinnati. I don’t know shock of this things are worse. Rams 41-13

  38. No they wont watching it from home sounds very nice. Drinks and food of our choice and not 15 dollars for beer.

  39. Talk about a “hot ticket.”

    Just saw The Weather Channel report this could be the hottest SB in history.

    Bengals may regret wearing those black jerseys they’ve chosen as “home team.”

  40. Cincinnati is representing all of Ohio. Even die hard Browns fans here in Cleveland are cheering them on. They may be our rivals but Ohio blood runs deep. If not us / why not them? Go Cincy. Go Ohio !

  41. Nice. They made it affordable for highly paid athletes, celebrities, and corporate types. Those of us who don’t have that kind of money will have to watch from our nice, comfortable living rooms, as opposed to roasting at So-Fi.

  42. I would be shocked if huge numbers of Bengals fans showed up at the Super Bowl. Cincinnati is too far away and their fan base is rather mediocre. The comparison to Seahawks fans of 2014 is a poor one.

  43. rams645 says:
    3/4 of the people there don’t cares about either team just taking selfies
    Exactly! The wealthy people who can afford tickets actually like to brag about how expensive their seats are. The more expensive the seats, the more they like to brag. They’re all about taking selfies to prove they sat in those expensive seats.

  44. In large,… the Super Bowl has become a Corporate Entertainment event.
    Big Business pours money into it. Unfortunately it’s become too expensive for the middle class fans,.. it’s for the wealthy.

  45. Youre wrong pensfan1 … most of the crowd at SB III were Dolphins fans cheering on their AFL representative, who won 16-7. Colts fans were there too but were shaking their heads till Unitas entered the game.

  46. Neither team has a loyal fan base. If this was a regular season game the stadium would be half empty.

  47. I’m pretty sure that the Bengals have a very loyal fan base….the Rams? Not so much.

  48. Not sure it much matters to the Bengals, they rolled into Nashville and Kansas City and came out winners.

  49. Sad part is I would have been willing to drop the usual unacceptable $3000 for a ticket. Can’t justify twice that amount.

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