Zac Taylor tells Bengals: We are not underdogs

Super Bowl LVI - Cincinnati Bengals Arrival
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The Bengals have arrived in Los Angeles for Super Bowl LVI, and coach Zac Taylor wants them to be confident.

Taylor told Sal Paolantonio of ESPN that he let the team know that while the point spread may say the Rams are 4.5-point favorites, the Bengals should think of themselves as a team that is here because they belong.

“My message was simple: ‘We are here for a reason. This is not a fluke. We are not underdogs. This is just the last test of the season. We belong here,'” Taylor said.

Taylor told the players they’re free to enjoy themselves on their first night in Los Angeles because he’s confident everyone will show up to work ready to go on Wednesday.

“I have a mature disciplined team,” Taylor said. “I know they will do the right thing. I told them, ‘Whatever you do, remember you are here for one mission, the game.’”

It’s a game Taylor feels confident his players can win.

9 responses to “Zac Taylor tells Bengals: We are not underdogs

  1. Zach just doesn’t need to respond. It’s getting old and boring. Same old underdog narrative

  2. Coach Taylor has been amazing. From giving playoff game balls out around the city personally (with players coming along as well) to treating grown men like grown men, he has shown that he is a leader. The Bengals most definitely belong.

  3. Steelers fan here. The Bengals will win. Mark my words. QBs like Burrow don’t lose Super Bowls. This kid was born for moments like this

  4. I sure hope so. I’m looking forward to it. Win or lose it’s been a season to remember for Bengals fans.. If we do win, I honestly hope both our loyal base fans and newer bandwagon fans stay humble & respectful.

  5. They were 3.5 point dogs to the Titans and 7 point dogs to the Chiefs. This is nothing new to them.

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