Aidan Hutchinson expects to “light it up” in the NFL

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 31 CFP Semifinal - Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Michigan
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At a time when the NFL is facing the unintended but expected consequences of a draft system that incentivizes poor play, the Jaguars may parlay their poor play from 2021 into a player who could help turn things around, dramatically.

A year after “earning” the top pick and using it on Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the Jaguars are poised to secure dibs — and they quite possibly will take Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson.

Hutchinson, who made the rounds at the media center on Wednesday, was asked during a visit to PFT Live to assess his chances at the next level.

“To be honest with you, I think my game is going to flourish in the NFL because I watch a lot of NFL film and I see the differences in the game just the way those quarterbacks hold onto the ball longer,” Hutchinson said. “I look at that, I’m licking my chops because you go to college you get so many RPOs, balls out like that. And you get to the quarterback, no sack, no nothing. I think when I get to the NFL, I’m gonna to light it up. I’m going to do what I do and that’s rushing the passer, getting sacks.”

He’ll get a chance to do that. And there’s a good chance he’ll do it very well. The Jaguars could use it. Between Lawrence and Hutchinson, they could be laying the foundation for a team that becomes better than it has been, in a very long time.

42 responses to “Aidan Hutchinson expects to “light it up” in the NFL

  1. I probably would have lit it up against Georgia before making that kind of bold prediction.

  2. this young man is forgetting the part where he will be going against grown men on the O-Line, not a bunch of nobody like in college. You will get humbled.

  3. “unintended but expected consequences”

    This makes no sense given the parity that the nfl draft setup provides the nfl monster revenues.

  4. Like tj watt. 0 responsibilities but stand there and run to the qb. I’m much more impressed with guys who rush the passer with their hand in the ground

  5. Overconfidence is rewarded at this stage in the pre-draft process. He’s playing this part of the game very well.

  6. If you think college QBs get rid of the ball quicker than in the NFL, then you are going to fail in the NFL.

  7. Unless he gains 50 pounds to play offensive tackle, he won’t be much use to Trevor Lawrence.

  8. firejerry says:
    February 9, 2022 at 8:51 pm
    He has a big head, never have faced a NFL tackle.

    john baxter says:
    February 9, 2022 at 8:44 pm
    this young man is forgetting the part where he will be going against grown men on the O-Line, not a bunch of nobody like in college. You will get humbled.

    Hutchinson is a consensus top 5 pick. He is the projected #1 overall pick in many mock drafts. Hutchinson certainly has a basis to be confident in his abilities. I doubt that “grown men”, “NFL tackles” are going to intimidate him.

  9. This kid is an impressive athlete but nowhere near the best player in this draft and he vaporized in the biggest game of his college career. If the Jags have a clue they grab their next Tony Boselli (a.k.a. Evan Neal from Bama) and don’t look back.

  10. Real game-changer against Georgia. Probably the closest he has come to playing against an NFL team and he had a whopping 3 tackles. Overrated…

  11. Show a little humility first, Aidan. EVERY team will have tackles as good as you faced against Georgia, and we saw how that worked out. Come on, man. Play a few games first, then let us know how you are doing in the Big Leagues. I hope you DO light it up. You were GREAT for us in college, but the NFL is a whole different deal, as you’ll soon see. Wish you the best of luck, but maybe stop answering questions until you’ve at least played in a game….

  12. Jaguars certainly could trade back, draft an OL (best idea IMO), or draft Hutchinson or even someone else. Who knows where he will land. I’d bet Detroit. If he’s there at 3, I’d like for Texans to sell his rights to the highest bidder: trade back. Hopefully we will trade back regardless.

  13. He’s a decent kid who will get a reality check once he goes up against the best. Three quarters of his games were against avg or below avg teams. I dont think he is even a top ten pick but my guess, someone will bite and be disappointed.
    I mean he thinks because he watched a lot of film he’s got it figured out? LIke me saying I watched Usane Bolt and got twice as fast.

  14. Surprised he got into M, but nowadays they take about anyone, there bar got lowered a long time ago.

  15. Four tackles in the bowl game against Georgia. Is that his definition of lighting it up.

    Any team that takes him in the first round is going to be sorely disappointed. This guy had three sacks against OSUs terrible offensive line and now all of a sudden he’s the #1 pick? I see Aidan Hutchinson but I can’t help thinking Dan Wilkinson.

  16. The most destructive defensive rookie I ever saw was LT, and he went from North Carolina to the biggest media market there is, and even he (who demonstrated time and again the he could back up any words about his play with action) had the sense to keep his yap shut before his rookie year. Not sure where this kid gets off sounding off like that. Times are different, I suppose…

  17. There’s always a mouth in every draft class.
    Check yourself, SweetPea.
    The mouth is usually the one who fails.

  18. hey Aidan, you will be going against grown men who want to put food on the table for their families. Just saying

  19. In a normal draft this kid is a late 1st rd pick seems the media loves this kid he plays hard and to the whistle but michigan has had many of those try hard Packers 2015 draft pick Jake Ryan no longer in the NFL likely USFL player another try hard michigan player Chase Winovich a 3rd pick by New England headed into his 4th year and still is a backup.

    Buyer beware while the try hard guy is easy to appreciate very few ever make it big .

  20. He was MIA against Georgia totally ineffective in the biggest game of his life they handled him easily this kid reads his press clippings and thinks he’s better then he is and we all know how smart the sports media is…lol .

  21. He was being interviewed. Not really sure what you all wanted him to say… IMO he’s a very good player who needs to bring his game up to be successful. Considering he has done this every year, he seems poised to be successful in the NFL.

  22. That would be a neat trick…considering the disappearing act he did in his last “big game”.

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