Bengals wide receivers coach Troy Walters says Ja’Marr Chase will never become a diva

NFL: JAN 30 AFC Conference Championship - Bengals at Chiefs
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Bengals wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase has already established himself as one of the NFL’s best playmakers, and he’s only 21 years old. But no matter how big a star he is, the people who know him best say he’s not going to let it go to his head.

Cincinnati wide receivers coach Troy Walters says Chase has shown maturity and a great work ethic in his first year in the league.

“He’s a rare type of guy where success really doesn’t change him. He’s been the same person, even in the preseason when he had all those drops. He hadn’t changed,” Walters said. “So he doesn’t change whether things are going well or things aren’t going well. . . . Very humble. Very even keel. Tremendous worker. . . . He doesn’t get too high, doesn’t get too low. If he messes up, he’s hard on himself. . . . He wants to correct it. I don’t ever see him getting that big head, becoming a diva. I’m going to stay on him. I let those guys know, even after his 200-yard performance, I let them know the next day that was the past. It’s all about what have you done for me lately. He gets it and he puts the work in.”

That’s a good sign that Chase has many more good years ahead in the NFL.

41 responses to “Bengals wide receivers coach Troy Walters says Ja’Marr Chase will never become a diva

  1. That’s rare for a young WR these days. Kudos to him for having his head screwed on straight.

  2. Good luck it’s just they way alot of players are in the modern nfl. Even the skinny humble tom Brady fell victim to it the diva culture is real.

  3. Never been a Bengals fan but I like this team. Mixon, Chase, and Burrow all seem like grounded young men and are extremely likable. I wish them luck this Sunday.

  4. I think the Saints might be looking for an Offensive coordinator. I hope they look at this guy.

  5. No brainer ROTY. Slowed down a little mid season or he’d be in the MVP conversation.

  6. How long has he been in the league now? Wait until his rookie contract is up then we can talk.

  7. This is the guy that tweeted out “1-0” before he even stepped foot in an actual game. Methinks he’s def got that DIVA in him and it will come out before long.

  8. The WR position is conducive to being a diva. RBs and QBs see the blocking that makes a play possible. WRs don’t get thrown to every time they are open because football things. When they burn someone for a 40+ yd TD it feels like they did it by themselves and all the QB had to do was throw it to a wide open guy. Nevermind the blocking or the other WR/TE drawingthe safety.
    WR: I gave him a double move-broke his ankles and took off. The QB hit me for the TD
    Many have no idea what the other 10 guys are even doing
    I’m oversimplifying it, but you get the point

  9. I’m a Saints fan and everyone said the same thing about Michael Thomas, but he never fooled me. Once these WR’s get payed they turn into divas. It’s in their blood or something idk. But give him that big payday and you’ll see.

  10. Marcus Colston was one of the rarest WR’s I’ve ever seen, so humble and hungry. Never really celebrated, just all about game day. I wish more players were like him.

  11. Let’s face the reality of this.
    Most all of these athletes grew up being the best of the best among their peers and being praised for it their whole lives.
    In most cases they were praised, BMOC, pushed through HS, College, people taking tests for them, you name it.
    Is it ANY surprise that anybody would think they are special and get a big head over that?

    Of course it’s not.
    The only ones who avoid it are ones who had some semblance of a sound, moral upbringing with values instilled in them, or had adult mentors outside the home who did this for them.

    It’s just human nature.

  12. I think it’s true to this extent – he won’t become a diva AS LONG AS he is paired with Joe Burrow.

  13. Guys as great as JaMarr Chase is can do or be whomever they want and get away with it lol. Luckily for the Bengals though Chase seems to be a down to earth kind of guy. Joe Burrow is extremely lucky to have such great weapons offensively especially Chase & standout WR Tee Higgins who is a #1 himself.
    As a Cardinals fan myself this is why I’m praying AZ drafts a top #1WR prospect who can start as a #2 opposite DeAndre Hopkins who is still an elite top 3WR n the NFL. AZ needs to beef up their iOL a bit n draft a true #2. I’d love for AZ to draft a WR like 6”3 WR Jameson Williams or 6”0 John Metchie (4.35 40) either have the speed to bring outside vertical threat opposite Hopkins. AZ should also let Kirk walk and then go sign someone like WR Will Fuller who will be a lot cheaper coming off a down year. Next season WR Rondale Moore w/ his elite quickness n 4.28 speed is ready to break out in a big way to and AZ will have one of the better TE rooms in the league between elite pass catching TE Zac Ertz n Maxx Williams. That would give Kyler Murray more than enough weapons and give them a truly scary passing game.

  14. Humility and a superior work ethic in a young player are wonderful things for any fan base 2 bear witness to

  15. OBJ must be jealous and thinking ‘hey what about me?’…Chase is next generation,same school and if OBJ has a bad game and the Rams lose OBJ can pursue his true calling,reality TV

  16. i don’t care about the diva label..if he goes out there and produces that’s all that matters

  17. So when they thrown tens of millions of dollars at home, continually tell him how great he is, and women throw themselves at him, he won’t be a diva?

  18. Looks like a lot of these commoners have a strange definition of diva, mostly it’s that he’s not on my team.

  19. He already runs better pass patterns than many veterans. Just has to keep working hard …

  20. As his opponent twice this year against my Steelers, he was a humble beast.
    He’s gonna be a problem for the Division/League for many years.

  21. Lol at all the “all receivers are divas” comments..

    How about Megatron? Fitzgerald? Kupp? Boldin? Edelman? These dudes caught balls, and ran up to next play, never complained, just worked.

  22. I mean that would be good to see, but let’s wait till he gets his first big contract.

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