Christian Kirk says Kyler Murray’s future will factor into his free agency plans

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Christian Kirk played one season with Kyler Murray at Texas A&M and has spent three of his four NFL seasons catching passes from Murray with the Cardinals. Kirk is one of Murray’s closest friends.

So whatever is going on with Murray will affect Kirk’s offseason plans.

While at the WM Phoenix Open on Tuesday, Kirk didn’t offer any insight into Murray’s motivation for the quarterback’s social media scrub of anything Cardinals related. But Kirk did confirm that heading into free agency in March, he will factor Murray’s thinking into his plans.

“The guy is doing what he needs to do, and I have no control over that and yeah. That’s all I’ll say on that one,” Kirk said, via Jeff Vinton of 12 News. “If I’m not reacting to it, I don’t think anybody else should. But like I said, his decisions are his decisions, and I’ve been off of social media, but I hear the noise. So, I’m going to keep staying off of social media and just enjoy my offseason.”

Kirk made his most career catches (77), had his most career yards (982) and scored five touchdowns in 17 games as one of Murray’s main targets after DeAndre Hopkins‘ injury.

12 responses to “Christian Kirk says Kyler Murray’s future will factor into his free agency plans

  1. What is it about the Kyler Murrays and Ben Simmonses who think because they’re number 1 overall picks that they have increased leverage after laying an egg in the playoffs?

  2. Hmm, not too far from my speculation days ago of him simply distancing himself from social media. From my understanding many of these guys have assistants that take care of there social media accounts. Believing that a player always communicates directly with his team via social media is a rather naive assumption. The old “my account was hacked” has strained credulity for some time now. An intern or someone that takes care of that for me tends to lend itself to plausible deniability….even if it turns out it was “drunk texting/social media commenting.

  3. Kirk should make a independent decision on his career. He is being underutilized and many teams could use his undeveloped talents.

  4. Kyler has his own issues to figure out from always getting injured and missing games down the stretch and his bad performance in his first playoff appearance. Cardinals could be wanting to move on too..I honestly think the social media thing is nothing though and he’ll be back with arizona next season.

    Unless him and kingsbury are starting to sour…..

  5. Kirk has much more potential then he has shown, but has long as Murray’s throwing the ball he’ll never reach it.

  6. Whoever said Kirk was a #4 receiver is clueless. Tell me the last time a #4 had almost 80 catches for close to a 1,000 yards. Kirk is a young, dependable #2 that will make good money in FA if he doesn’t re-sign with the Cards

  7. Let them both walk. Why should they stay there an build something when they can just leave and go to real contenders?

  8. Don’t care what Murray does. He isn’t a 50 million dollar player by no means. He has 1 year and a 5th year option to go on his deal. He isn’t in any position to demand anything yet.

  9. Folks here need to go back and watch some Kyler Murray film. This dude tossed some sick throws in 2021. For the first half the reg season he looked like the best player in the game. Kyle Murray is not the problem.

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