Dennis Allen: QB certainly something we’ve got to figure out

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During a Tuesday press conference, new Saints head coach Dennis Allen talked about the “great example” set by his predecessor Sean Payton and his desire to put his own “spin” on the job.

One of the reasons why Sean Payton was so successful was the presence of Drew Brees, but Allen won’t be inheriting that kind of certainty at quarterback. The Saints opened last season with Jameis Winston as their starter and then moved on to Trevor Siemian, Taysom Hill, and Ian Book after Winston tore his ACL against the Bucs in Week Seven.

They were 5-2 after beating Tampa, but went 4-6 after he was hurt and had long stretches of offensive ineffectiveness. Hill and Book remain under contract and Allen said on Tuesday that addressing the position will be an essential piece of the offseason.

“That’s going to be one of the first things that we do, is get together as a staff, as an organization, and evaluate that position,” Allen said, via the team’s website. “And then we’ll make the best decision for this organization. We want a winner. A guy that’s got tireless work ethic, a guy that can help lead men. That’s what I see in the quarterback position. But that’s certainly something we’ve got to figure out.”

The ability to figure that out will have a big impact on the spin that Allen is able to put on the job in the years to come.

12 responses to “Dennis Allen: QB certainly something we’ve got to figure out

  1. Man how the mighty have fallen… from Sean Peyton to Dennis Allen, ouch!!! The Saints are in for some lean years ahead until they figure out what they’re going to do at QB and find a real head coach.

  2. Lets face it – the Saints are a mess.
    They will have to spend a year (or two) digging out from their contract/dead money mess.

    And they need a QB.

    The problem they face is they are too good to easily draft a QB, unless they plan on sticking with Winston, and he wants to stay, and if he is a starter he will want to get paid more.

    2022 will be a down year as they fix their cap.

  3. Jameis Winston did nothing in his starts last year that should deny him an opportunity to win that job. He had 14tds, 3ints, and a 102 passer rating, yet everyone talks like they have some sort of huge mission in front of them to find a new QB.

    Also, I need to mention again how Dennis Allen may be the most uninspiring choice for head coach a franchise has made in decades. David Culley was a masterstroke of inspiration in comparison.

  4. Taysom Hill did appear to improve when being used as a consistent starter vs a few plays other than designed runs.

  5. I’d love to see Winston back with us, he played great for us before getting bountied by the Yucs.. I hope Dennis Allen brings the best out of Winston like Sean Payton did. Either way a QB is a position we need to address in the draft or trade for one.

  6. They can worry about the QB position next year.

    2022 needs to be about repairing their cap situation, tearing down the roster and starting over.

    There will be a lot of losing ahead for the Saints over the next two seasons.

  7. The good, the bad and the ugly. The Good is that they have a chance for a clean slate for a new QB, HC and player personnel man. The Bad is that their QB situation is a mess without Sean Payton’s ability to cover up for their weaknesses. The Ugly is the absolute disaster of of a cap situation, having spent tomorrow’s capital yesterday. The Saints are in for some lean years.

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