Jonathan Taylor: Colts have gotten the message to be all in for 2022

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After a very disappointing 2021 season that resulted in back-to-back season-ending losses that kept the team from getting to the playoffs, Colts owner Jim Irsay has made it clear that he expects everyone to be all in for 2022.

Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, in a visit to PFT Live, addressed whether the message, coming from the top of the team, resonates with the locker room.

“It definitely does,” Taylor said. “Just a matter of fact that just from top to bottom, the Colts organization as a whole is second to none as far as that family atmosphere, being able to truly care for each and every single player and understanding that, like you mentioned, you need to be all in if you’re in the building. You need to be all in. If not, you need to be all out. And I think that’s something as a group, as the  players, we decided like, ‘Hey, this offseason, use this as fuel and be ready to be all in whatever it takes.'”

The Colts definitely have the talent. And they would have been very dangerous, if they’d made it to the postseason. Maybe next year, they will. If everyone is truly all in, they definitely will.

15 responses to “Jonathan Taylor: Colts have gotten the message to be all in for 2022

  1. Sign Foles. What’s missing for the Colts is rising to the occasion when it’s most critical. He has shown he can do this.

  2. So this year, they weren’t “ truly” all in? Well it’s an easy fix then. Everybody just needs to be all in. I don’t know why more teams haven’t discovered this.

  3. All in to raise another divisional banner? How about continuing to establish a pattern of winning and let your team’s record speak for you? I’m pretty sure who you have behind center is more important than your rhetoric.

  4. “All in?” Look out, Colts players, this is exactly the kind of thing Wentz excels at. He’s always “locked in.” First one to the facility, last one to leave! Betcha can’t wait to be held accountable by the guy who blew it against the Jags last year, huh?

  5. As long as Reich is calling the plays, and Wentz keeps throwing into triple coverage (instead of wide open WR/RB underneath) we aren’t “all in” as a fan base.

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