NFL says investigation of Washington Commanders will be conducted by the league, not the team

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It’s obviously self-serving for Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder to hire the investigators who are going to look into a sexual harassment accusation against him, as he was reportedly poised to do. The league now says he won’t.

The NFL released a statement saying that it’s the league that will hire investigators who will look into former team employee Tiffani Johnston’s allegations that Snyder put his hand on her leg and tried to coerce her into his limousine.

“Last week, the League stated that we will review and consider Ms. Johnston’s allegations as we would any others regarding workplace conduct at the Washington Commanders. The League, not the team, will conduct an independent investigation and will be retaining an investigator to determine the facts shortly,” the league’s statement said.

The Commanders have been involved in so many controversies under Snyder’s ownership that it’s hard to keep them all straight, but the latest allegation drew particular attention because Johnston made it before Congress. It’s an allegation that the NFL should not allow to be swept under the rug.

26 responses to “NFL says investigation of Washington Commanders will be conducted by the league, not the team

  1. Oh good, another payday for David Wells.
    Nothing to see here…
    These are not the droids you’re looking for…
    Like anyone trusts the league any more than they do Snyder…
    ‘Cause the last time the league looked in to Snyder’s activities went so well…
    (substitute your own favorite here)

  2. The NFL has to hire their own investigation as we have one-after-another sue-happy gripes in attempt to funnel some money out of the NFL via lawsuits. Might as well get in line these days. Its disgusting how many people want to reap the rewards by the NFL’s success.

  3. Good to know that both the team and the league will be working in tandem to hide and bury any incriminating evidence.

  4. Lol at the league just trying to do the Wilkinson report all over again like this isn’t the most obvious “going in circles” move ever.

  5. I have total faith in the league handling this. That even made me laugh typing it.

  6. Right, the league will now hire the same law firm that the team hired. Rinse, repeat

  7. Will someone please force Snyder to sell, already? This guy is vile and he’s bringing more stench onto the NFL than they already have to deal with.
    Why is still there? It’s not like he’ll be any less rich if goes away. He’s a cancer and at some point the other owners need to cut him out.

  8. Sorry Roger. You have no credibility. You let the team investigate itself once and then you took over the investigation only to have a deal on the side with Snyder????

  9. Does it really matter which organization conducts the “investigation”? None of the information will ever be released to the public. Snyder and the rest of the good old boys club will never change.

  10. Let’s be honest, this was on the Redskins not Commanders…oh and BTW, this is getting old!

  11. Whew, I was concerned! I’m sure Roger’s investigative crew will handle this with it’s usual integrity, honor and vigor.

  12. Window dressing. Lipstick on a pig. Whatever you want to call it. The bottom line is nothing will come of this – if the league wanted to take action, they had their chance. This time? Maybe they’ll add a week onto Snyder’s suspension from the day-to-day operations of the team. Nothing more.

  13. “But will the findings be in the form of a written report, and publicly released?”

    It depends. If the report finds that Snyder is guilty of the charges, then it will be hidden. If the report says that Snyder is innocent (yeah, right) they will release the report.

  14. For whatever reason, the NFL has been a staunch supporter of Dan Snyder, as late as March 24, 2021 when he was granted a debt waiver of $450 million so he could buyout minority, nothing to do with race, share holders. Snyder lost the battle of the name change of the franchise, but he won the war, being awarded full ownership of the franchise, likely compensation for the forced name change. That doesn’t happen in a vacuum, nor by happenstance. In this case the NFL appears to have performed a self inflicted wound. The investigation into allegations of sexual harassment surrounding the Washington franchise began in July 2020. By my calculations that means during a supposed investigation regarding legitimate claims of wrong doing, it appears the NFL rewarded Snyder’s conduct with full ownership…or am I missing something?

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