Roger Goodell: Tanking violations “very disturbing,” any violations won’t be tolerated

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell opened his annual Super Bowl press conference by answering questions related to the lack of progress for minority head coaching candidates in recent years.

That issue moved into the spotlight after former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores filed a lawsuit against the league and several other teams last week. That lawsuit also alleged that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offered Flores $100,000 per loss in 2019 in order to incentivize a bid to get the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

When asked about those allegations on Wednesday, Goodell said that they were “very disturbing” because they impacted the integrity of the game. He said that the league will look into the allegations and that any violates that are found “won’t be tolerated.”

Goodell did not outline what kind of penalties might come from any violations that are uncovered or give any update about anything the league has done since the allegations were initially leveled.

12 responses to “Roger Goodell: Tanking violations “very disturbing,” any violations won’t be tolerated

  1. If the allegations are true, the remedy seems perfectly clear to me.

    The NFL forced Jerry Richardson sell the Panthers. Protect the shield.

  2. He also said the same thing when he was asked why no progress has been made in the league’s history. We take it very seriously. We constantly talk about it. Next question.

  3. I am withholding judgment until all of the facts are out there. But if Ross did indeed offer Flores 100K per loss he should lose his team.

  4. Ha, multiple teams choose evaluate lower level talent, instead of playing their best players. Not “tanking”, planning for future seasons.

  5. The integrity of the game went away once (but probably long before) Sports Entertainment was added to the NFL’s title.

  6. Ross is guilty as is Haslem. Get these owners on a stand now!

    Both Flores and Hue Jackson say they have hard evidence.

  7. Roger Goodell: Tanking violations “very disturbing,” any violations won’t be tolerated . Unless they will …………

  8. Let’s get this straight, Goodell is a hypocrite, a mouth piece and a moron. This is exactly what 32 billionaires or is it 31 (Green Bay) pay him to be, and quite handsomely I might add.

  9. Either there is ‘no merit’ to the tanking allegations or they’re ‘very disturbing’ which indicates there MIGHT be something going on. This needs to be properly investigated and not by the NFL. Too much at stake here especially with the legalised gambling now.

  10. Don’t forget to investigate the Colts Suck for Luck campaign. Oh, that’s right, Pay-a-ton Manning was just so super duper great they couldn’t play without him. (Sarcasm)

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