Andrew Whitworth wins Walter Payton Man of the Year

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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The most prestigious award the NFL gives out is the Walter Payton Man of the Year. Each team nominates one player for it.

Rams left tackle Andrew Whitworth became the first player from the Rams ever to win it.

The award, which is presented to a player in recognition of his “outstanding community service activities off the field, as well as excellence on it,” capped off the NFL Honors show Thursday night.

Whitworth, 40, is the first offensive lineman to win Man of the Year since the Baltimore’s Matt Birk in 2011. On Sunday, Whitworth will become the oldest starting offensive lineman in Super Bowl history when the Rams play his former team, the Bengals.

Whitworth launched the Big Whit Homes for L.A. Families program at the beginning of the season and pledged to donate $20,000 after each Rams home game. He also made donations to repair homes in his home state of Louisiana and moved Angelenos facing housing insecurity into affordable homes.

Whitworth also works with non-profits in L.A. to aid people in paying rent, buying groceries and offers support for down payments and the furnishing of home. When Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana in August, Whitworth parented with Rebuilding Together to assist with essential home repairs to damaged homes.

For winning Man of the Year, Whitworth receives a $250,000 donation to the charity of his choice.

The other 31 nominees receive a $40,000 donation in their name to a charity of their choice.

24 responses to “Andrew Whitworth wins Walter Payton Man of the Year

  1. Everything I’ve ever read about him is that he’s a Pro’s Pro, is a leader and well respected around the league. I’m sure he deserved the award.

  2. Going on the assumption that this is Whitworth’s last kick at the can, it would be awesome for him to go out with this award and Superbowl victory.

    What a way too finish a great career!

  3. He’s a class act. I’m happy he got the recognition for his work. Hopefully he inspires others.

  4. Good for him, well deserved. One of the best left tackles of this generation, and a great guy.

    One storyline leading up to this game I wish was more talked about is he and Burrow becoming friends this off-season, and the two of then spending their birthdays together, Im pulling for the Bengals, but seeing Big Whit grt one would soften the blow if they can’t win.

  5. Congrats to Whitworth!!! Whitworth taking time out of his busy life to give back to his communities & help struggling folks find affordable housing shows what a great human being Whitworth is in his real slash private life.

    All that said the Rams are in real trouble heading into 2022 with no top draft picks having traded them away while also being -$8M+ over the cap so they won’t have much cap space to maneuver this off season to add talent.
    More importantly LA has 3 free agent OL men which is huge considering how dependent Stafford is on pass pro needing excellent pass protection to operate and he won’t have that next year. LT Andrew Whitworth is retiring, OG Austin Corbett n C Brian Allen are going to make top dollar in FA that LA cannot afford so Stafford is going to be spending a lot of time on his back in 2022 taking an absolute beating.

  6. Really happy to see this, the guy is a class act, and he’s been showing it for almost 20 years.

  7. He’s a guy who could have the story book ending to his career if he wanted (and they won obviously).

    But with all that charity work he’s doing, he may want to those big checks to continue.

    Congrats Andrew and keep up the good work.

  8. Best speech in history! No rasicm. No division. Told about the good of the game and the league and the people in it. Amen brother. Positivity works.

  9. Nice!! loved the guy when I lived in Fairfield and followed the Bengals! Super professional and a great teammate. Well deserved honor for him and his family!!

  10. That was one of the best acceptance speeches I have ever heard, across any platform. What an inspiration! Kudos for getting this pick spot on!

  11. Seriously though, can’t the NFL add a few pair of Zeroes to that? $500mil contracts, Billion dollar price tags on teams? $250K seems weak. 2.5mil or more would change more lives.

  12. If you watched his speech and heard the story for the first time about him and Derrick Barnes and did not get a little choked up… you need to check yourself for a pulse. What amazing things this man has done using his fame, wealth, and status to help others! Hopefully his actions inspire others to do the same!

  13. Love Big Whitt. Wished he was still with the Bengals. Not just because of his playing style but he is a man among men.

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