Mike McDaniel: There were “absolutely no red flags” with Dolphins job

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New Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel takes over a team that won eight of its last nine games but still fired its head coach.

And then that former head coach, Brian Flores, named the Dolphins in a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination and that owner Stephen Ross offered $100,000 for losses in the 2019 season in order to secure the highest possible draft pick.

With McDaniel being introduced to the local media on Thursday, the first question of the head coach’s press conference was if there were any “red flags” that he had to resolve before accepting the job.

McDaniel answered with a definitive, “No.”

“Red flags? I can honestly say there were absolutely no red flags,” McDaniel said. “And the reason why is, I was stepping into an organization with a boss that I don’t think people give it its proper due. Stephen Ross, there’s a lot of people in sports who are out to make money. And I can’t lie, I feel like if I spent a lot of money, I’d want to make a lot of money. But, like I said, when I walked in that door — you look at every single detail within this building, you look at the people that are hired … there is no cost too high for winning for him. And when you’re in multiple organizations, you realize that’s not always the case.

“The City of Miami really is lucky to have an owner that right, wrong, or indifferent, all he cares about is winning. And as a coach, that’s all you are literally looking for — that’s all. So red flags? No, there’s no red flags for me.”

While there could be consequences for Ross and the Dolphins pending the league’s investigation of the tanking allegations, McDaniel will still have to coach Miami to as many wins as possible. He appears confident he’ll be able to do so in the club’s current environment.

9 responses to “Mike McDaniel: There were “absolutely no red flags” with Dolphins job

  1. How many coaches get to take over a team coming off consecutive winning seasons, a young roster with talent, in a place like Miami? This is a great situation to be walking into.

  2. Good luck! As a head coach in the NFL you need it! Something as simple as injuries, or a disgruntled player, or an assistant who doesn’t follow through with your plan, or a meddling owner has sank many head coaches. So this is not sarcasm or a shot at the Dolphins. Every head coach needs some good luck!

  3. “I see it as an opportunity to make an extra 1.7 million dollars per year and that’s hard to argue with.” – Mike McDaniel

  4. There are varying degrees to which owners are actively involved in the day to day operations of the team – from a Jerrah Jones style all the way to a Virginia Halas McCaskey style. Some owners have a positive influence, others not so much. I think the lawsuit brought on by Brian Flores will work to the advantage of Mike McDaniel and Chris Grier – less involvement from an owner who should be be seen and no heard.

  5. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt here, because the on the field product appears to have potential. That being said, boy howdy does he have a blind spot. If ignoring the allegations that the owner would offer a financial incentive to improve draft position isn’t a red flag, WTH is?

  6. Good for Mike. I like Ross too and I am not even a phins fan. People just cave so much into buying into the media angle that Ross is, for some odd reason, a bad guy. Well put coach.

  7. New Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel takes over a team that won eight of its last nine games but still fired its head coach.

    Because Flores was head strong on wanting Watson and he wouldn’t drop it even after Ross and Grier both told him that wasn’t happening with all the baggage Watson has that’d come with him, so what they had was a owner and GM on the same page and a HC in a completely different chapter of the book and that never works out!

  8. According to NFL insiders, Miami was prepared to offer the Houston Texans three first round picks and two second-round selections. Anyone implying that Flores was responsible for such an offer isn’t playing with a full deck.

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