Bills raising ticket prices for 2022 season

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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The Bills will be raising the cost of admission to Highmark Stadium for the 2022 season.

The team announced on Friday that season tickets will increase by an average of $11.57 per game. The average price for season tickets across regular and club seating will now be $113 per game while general admission will go up to $91.98.

“We think it’s fair market value,” Bills vice president of ticket sales and service Chris Colleary said. “We compare other teams’ prices; we compare our historical prices. We compare the value of that seat as a season ticket, the value as a single game. We evaluate every seat, every row. There are some seats that may go up $3 a game and there are others that might go up $20 a game. The seats that go up $20 a game might be in the first five rows of the 100-level compared to a seat in the 300 level. So, we factor all those things in it.”

Colleary also said that the team now has a waiting list of about 3,000 for season tickets and they may increase season ticket capacity as a result.

16 responses to “Bills raising ticket prices for 2022 season

  1. fans were there when you sucked, and now that you don’t it’s time to make them pay?

  2. I used to have season tickets in section 125 row 11 for $420. Before that I used to get seasons in the Rock Pile for $240. I should add the team was also horrendous

  3. There’s going to be some hard decisions come renewal time by fans of every team. Put food on the table and gas in the car or spend it on 8-9 party Sundays this fall. Seems like a no-brainer.

  4. Glad i got it out of my system 30 years ago when season tickets cost $200.00 for the whole season. GREAT TIMES, but all good things come to a end.

  5. Gotta pay for Allen’s new contract somehow, that $40-$50mil/yr kicks in in 2023!

    And just 3000 on the waiting list? A whole lot of teams have waiting lists of 50K to over 100K, GB has a 30yr wait to get season tickets and Seattle is about 50yrs! And shockingly the Chiefs don’t have a waiting list as popular as they are it’s still 1st come 1st served.

  6. Buffalo tickets have been lower compared to the rest of the leaugue for years. There wasn’t a season ticket waiting list until the last year or so. A good QB will do that

  7. This will help the Pegula’s pay for the new stadium instead of asking the tax payers of Buffalo to foot the bill… right???

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