DeAndre Hopkins doesn’t know what’s up with Kyler Murray, Cardinals

Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals
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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray‘s decision to scrub all evidence of the Cardinals from his social media has led to speculation about what message he might be trying to send.

Murray hasn’t said anything publicly and he doesn’t seem to have shared any thoughts with wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins either. Hopkins offered a joking suggestion of why Murray might have cleansed his accounts during an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“The only thing I could think [is] he wants to show off some new outfits for this upcoming season, he didn’t want you guys to look at the old ones,” Hopkins said, via Donnie Druin of

Wide receiver Christian Kirk also said this week that he doesn’t know what’s up with Murray and the two wideouts are among a big group in Arizona that would love to have some idea of where things stand with the quarterback and the team.

33 responses to “DeAndre Hopkins doesn’t know what’s up with Kyler Murray, Cardinals

  1. We don’t know what is going on behind the scenes, the plays being called, the team dynamic. All of these are a mystery until someone says something other than “it’s been great man.”

  2. The Cards have realized Murray is to short for the NFL (unless they can find a bunch of 5’6″ 300 pound linemen and 6’5″ receivers) and wasted another good 1st round pick now they are trying to figure out how to get out of this and are probably hoping Murray pulls the baseball card and leaves…and maybe whatever Kiem has in his back pocket against the Bidewels will finally run-out and they can do a clean sweep mid-next year (or this year).

  3. Murray is a smaller, shorter, more delicate version of Lamar Jackson if that is even possible. They need to trade down whatever they can get and blow it up.

  4. Maybe he’s just trying to focus on football, and cut out all the distractions. I don’t have a problem with any of that.

  5. What a clown… the qb needs to be a leader otherwise he’s better off going back to the MLB

  6. Murray is just trying to bring attention to his cause. If he’s trying to become the highest paid player in the NFL he’s begging. He’s not Mr. ALL THAT.

  7. He read Joe Burrow’s statement about signing off social media and just concentrating on football. Since Joe made the Super Bowl and Kyle didn’t, he’s taking that advice.

  8. It’s like 2 teenagers fighting on social media. How about stating your gripe face to face, Kyler? If you’re hoping to get paid, don’t hold your breath. You and your team fizzled when it mattered most.

  9. charliecharger says:
    Maybe he’s just trying to focus on football, and cut out all the distractions. I don’t have a problem with any of that.

    If Kyler Murray wanted to merely “cut out the distractions and focus on football” he could close all his social media accounts, or simply stay off them for any length of time he chooses.
    Instead, he purposely and specifically deleted any and all connections to his employer and apparently no one else. That’s the behavior of a diva who’s either taking an immature approach to voicing his displeasure over something, or foolishly believes it to be the best approach toward landing a new contract, or both.
    Any suggestion that his actions are about nothing more than focusing on his job and tuning out distractions is laughable. All he’s done is CREATE a big distraction — for himself AND his teammates.

  10. Often times that is a maneuvre that agents tell their clients to do when they want to negotiate a new contract…seems to be in play here. Cannot see Cards moving away from Murray any time soon…they were pretty brutal before his arrival.

  11. All the other NFC West QBs trying to get the heck out of Dodge so they don’t have to face Rams for the rest of their careers. Can’t blame them.

  12. I’m not so sure that KM’s decline was not a result of not having the impact the DH makes on the field.

  13. All anyone knows is he’s limited his social media use. Standing alone, that seems like a pretty smart choice to me.

  14. When your starting QB behaves this way, it might be time for the Cards to look a for a guy who can lead, act like a mature adult, and be good at the position. He’s just a distraction now. No team wants the drama.

  15. How is he a diva. He has not said anything about this. He did not boycott his team. He did not throw anyone under the bus Heck, we are not even hearing the “according to sources…” nonsense. He deleted his social media. Someone noticed it and now made a big deal about it but it wasn’t Kyler. Exactly where and when did he “whine?”
    Anthony Vogt says:
    February 11, 2022 at 12:05 pm
    The diva is not that good. Go to baseball and whine with the A’s.

  16. He wants to get paid$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Not hard to figure out. His pay next season is just under a $million because he took a-lot of up front money. I think Cardinals want to wait and see if he’s worth $40 mill a year and he’s pissed.
    Definitely not worth it.

  17. Is anyone else not surprised that DHop has no idea whats going on? I don’t understand how some people can’t figure this stuff out. Social Media is the KING for getting your point across. This whole article is based off of it. With that said, when it comes to contract talks, players don’t talk to players. Said player/agent talk to the GM/organization. We treat it as “drama,” but the reality is this is how players now work in gaining leverage when it comes to contracts, trades etc. Just let it play out.

  18. MLB? He isn’t going to show up and just make the big league club (if we have baseball in 2022). He’ll be busing around the western half of the country for Midland, TX in AA or Las Vegas in AAA playing minor league ball. This was always why I assumed he chose football.

  19. Actually I think this is prob just a social media stunt, to unveil their new uniforms for next year.

  20. Kyle Murray to Denver for 2 first rounders, a 2nd rounder and Tim Patrick. You heard it here first.

  21. jrquiz says:
    February 11, 2022 at 2:36 pm
    Kyle Murray to Denver for 2 first rounders, a 2nd rounder and Tim Patrick. You heard it here first.

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    The Denver GM would need to be fired if that actually happened. It’s Jamal Adams all over again and the height of stupidity.

    Draft a qb or two and deal off Hopkins to some dumb team if you can.

    It was a dumb idea to begin with on many fronts. The Cardinals in trouble for years.

    You heard it here first.

    Any team giving up two firsts for an immature small qb who runs constantly is a moron.

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