Jason Kelce still trying to figure out his future

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Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni has offered center Jason Kelce two kegs of beer to return for the 2022 season. Still, Kelce remains undecided on what his future holds.

“Everybody wants to know, including me,” Kelce told John Clark of NBCSportsPhiladelphia.com. “I’m still trying to figure that out. I just think it comes down to, I definitely want to play. It just comes down to whether or not I think I can dedicate myself to doing it the right way and the way it needs to be done. If I can do that, I’ll play. If I can’t, that will be it.

“But I’m going to step away for a couple weeks and really try to evaluate. Just get away from the emotion of everything and see if I can do that again.”

Kelce, 34, has had a career worthy of Hall of Fame consideration. He has played 11 seasons with the Eagles, earning five Pro Bowl nods and four All-Pros.

Kelce played all 17 games in 2021 and earned Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors.

He has not missed a game since 2014.

“Yeah, I would say great spot,” Kelce said of his health. “We finished off the season really well outside of the playoff game. Right after the playoff game, if I’m being really honest, I thought, ‘Is that really going to be my last game? And do I really want that to be my last game?’ But that’s what I mean by stepping away from the emotion. Because the reality is unless you win the Super Bowl, you don’t end on a happy note.

“We’ll see. I don’t know where I’m at to be honest with you. I’m all over the place in my head but I do love playing, I love me teammates, I love the city. If I’m going to stop doing that, it better be worth it.”

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  1. I’ll be very surprised if Kelce calls it quits. He loves being an athlete and the whole atmosphere around it. He’s not quite ready for the real world..

  2. Extremely difficult for someone who’s competed on that level to walk away with a “bad taste in their mouth”. That being said Jason sounds like someone who understands himself and his place in the world better than most professional athletes. He was fortunate enough to play a game, making a very good living, at an arguably HOF level. He deserves to be allowed make the call on his own terms. Obviously the trick is knowing when to say when, so it doesn’t become apparent you should have taken your leave, or have nagging questions of what could have been. Everyone has regrets, it behooves one not to create them for yourself

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