Joe Burrow: I’m chasing Aaron Rodgers to be the best quarterback in the NFL

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Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has his sights set on being the best in the NFL, and he knows which quarterbacks he has to pass to get there.

Burrow said today that he wants to be the best in the league, and that means raising his play to the level of the league MVP.

Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady and Aaron have been the three guys that are battling for that the last five years,” Burrow said. “I’m chasing Aaron Rodgers to try to be the best. He’s been doing it for a long time.”

Burrow doesn’t have a league MVP award, but on Sunday he has a chance to earn another award that Mahomes, Brady and Rodgers all have: Super Bowl MVP.

94 responses to “Joe Burrow: I’m chasing Aaron Rodgers to be the best quarterback in the NFL

  1. Aaron Rodgers has been terrible in the postseason, amd Burrow is about to lose his first Super Bowl, so they have that in common

  2. You have to jump over Allen and Mahomes first big boy. Losing to the Rams Sunday ain’t gonna help.

  3. Ok grasshopper. Accomplish something first. You’re in the first phase of dreamland.

  4. Ya gotta have goals, we all do. It takes big balls to put them out there in public. Not everyone does. Here’s to you Joe on getting to yours! Best of luck!

  5. He’s one win away from having the same number of Super Bowls as Aaron. That’s all that matters.

  6. I would not chase Rodgers. That will just lead you to mediocracy. Awards are like hemorrhoids. Everyone gets them sooner or later. Rodgers is not the one you want idolize.

  7. Hey Joe Burrow win or lose you should demand trade to seattle and come to the real championship team!!!!

  8. You sure about that Joe? If you want to take a step backwards and repeatedly start choking in the first round of the playoffs, go ahead and follow Rodgers.

  9. Dont say the Joe. Rodgers is a self centered egoist who loves his stats more then winning. He sucks in the playoffs because his ego wont let him throw the ball around and possibly lose the game so he plays safe and plays poorly. Its all about him Joe. Its never been about team.

  10. Not being a pompous lying jerk will go a long ways towards distancing yourself from Arrogant Aaron, Joe. Always remember those humble Athens Ohio roots of yours and the character you inherited from your wonderful parents and you will rise so far above Rodgers that decades from now people will ask “Aaron who?”

  11. Probably don’t pick a dude who doesn’t consistently get it done in the post season. Just my thought.

  12. Joe shouldn’t want to be like Aaron Rodgers. Aaron hasn’t been back to the super bowl since 2010. Only year he ever made it. (2nd year as starter like Joe now except he sat for 3 years before)

  13. At this point I have to believe Rodgers’ MVP awards are just sportswriters trying to justify to themselves how badly they over hyped this guy over the last decade.

  14. He shouldn’t be including himself among the best QB’s until he’s has a better resume. Let others include your name anything else sounds like bravado.

  15. Love me some Burrow. But let’s be clear: it’s you and Josh Allen who will be chasing each other for years.

  16. Well Joe, you have a chance to match his ring count with this one trip to the Super Bowl!

  17. Mr. Burrow’s teammates must be dismayed that his goal is to win multiple MVP awards but only one Lombardi. One would hope his standard was a little higher than that.

    Just realized that since Brady and Roethlisberger retired, there are no current QBs who have played on multiple SB winning teams. And Mahomes is the only current QB to have played in more than one SB? With all of the good young QBs in the league, that will change over the next decade.

  18. Easy Joe,
    You have a long way to go, and it’s Josh Allen and Pat Mahomes that you should be focusing on.
    Both are better by FAR…

  19. I’d say he’s already well on his way. With a win tomorrow, he’ll have matched Rodgers Super Bowl win record in only his 2nd year. I doubt Rodgers will ever get to another one.

  20. IF he can get a decent O-line to protect him he just might do it, too. Fun kid to watch, for sure….

  21. Fun fact: With Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger retired, I don’t think there are any active QBs who have won multiple SBs. Having won one (Rodgers, Mahomes, Wilson) puts you at the top of the heap, currently.

  22. Chasing Aaron? He’s old news. Gotta be the best in your draft class first. Watched FB for a long time, decades. Every QB will be chasing the kid in LA next year. Have never seen arm talent like that since Marino. Kid is gonna light it up next year!

  23. Aaron Rodgers has been terrible in the postseason, amd Burrow is about to lose his first Super Bowl, so they have that in common
    Sure would be nice if people would do just a little research into things before posting. Like Rodgers post season stats. Dude has a 101 rating, 6000 yards and 45 TD’s vs 13 INT’s in the playoffs. So please go stop with this stupidity.

  24. Yeah I heard that last play vs the 49ers, the field goal where we only had 10 people playing. Rodgers was supposed to be the 11th. Last year when Scotty Miller caught a hail Mary on the last play of the half….it was Rodgers who blew the coverage, not ole KK. Same with the onside recovery and 2 pt conversion conversion a few years back….Rodgers had popcorn right before the plays. The ot loss to the cards where Rodgers couldn’t run down Fitz, embarrassing. All on him. The great defense and special teams we are known for gets Rodgers to the playoffs every year, then he chokes.

  25. Joe Burrow…you are already better than Aaron “I love me” Rodgers. You are actually a team leader and you will easily surpass Rodgers terrible playoff record and SB appearances.

  26. QB’s your team should take today, before Rodgers…..
    Mahomes, Allen, Herbert, Burrow, Wilson, Prescott. Those are just if you’re talking for the next couple years. If you start talking about 4-5 years, that brings in a few more.

  27. Sorry to tell you Noe but super bowl or not you’re still looking up at Herbert trying to be as good as him and Josh Allen!! Don’t forget wasn’t too long ago Herbert and the Chargers blew your team out in Cinci and he far outplayed you!

  28. pkrlvr says:
    February 12, 2022 at 10:15 am
    At what point do you start wondering if maybe your MVP should score more than 10 points in your opening round of playoffs? Has your guy ever won a playoff game when trailing in the 4th quarter?

  29. For someone who hasn’t accomplished anything yet he sure does talk a lot. After tomorrow he’ll have as many SB rings as I do.

  30. The goal needs to be two fold. Raise yourself as a player to Brady’s level without lowering yourself as a person to Rodger’s level.

  31. Football fans appreciate AR.

    He’s a SB champion, and has been great for the league. People who call him a “choker” have probably never even played sports.

  32. The only thing holding this stud back is that he plays for the Bengals. He’s the only reason they are here. That is how good he is. Straight up winner. I hope he shocks the “experts” and dominates.

  33. At least he has a clear goal for himself, unlike many of the trolls here still living in mom’s basement.

  34. Good lord, I’m confused by everyone talking smack about Burrow setting his sights high and aspiring to be the best QB in the league. If your starting QB isn’t trying to the best at what he does, you should be worried — not disdainful.

  35. Burrow should not look up to a guy that chases empty stats while front running and being a jerk human being

  36. If you want to achieve high goals you need to have high asperations. Many winners in many fields of life will tells that stating your goals is a defining step in gaining them. Of course it is too early to proclaim he is there but that is not what he did. He stated clearly what he intends to work hard to try to obtain. That is not a bad thing. It is a good thing.

  37. It’s great that he is striving to be better but he should be looking at either Tom Brady or Payton Manning.
    Rodgers is one of the biggest big time chokers in post season.
    He would be the last quarterback that I would want during the playoffs.

  38. He’s chasing Rodgers because that’s the easiest one to reach first. Don’t worry Joe you’ll be on Aaron’s level with just 1 more win tomorrow.

  39. I guess it’s better that he focuses on Rodgers as he has no chance of getting in Brady’s air space. Dream Big, Not Crazy.

  40. bosoxpatsfanincali12 says:

    February 12, 2022 at 12:16 am

    Joe shouldn’t want to be like Aaron Rodgers. Aaron hasn’t been back to the super bowl since 2010. Only year he ever made it. (2nd year as starter like Joe now except he sat for 3 years before)

    If you’re going to complain about Rodgers and how much he sucks, at least get your facts straight. It was his third year starting. Not to mention it was the run after the highest scoring playoff game in history that ended on a no-call facemask that resulted in a fumble. (Cardinals vs Packers ’09)

  41. george1859 says:
    I’m starting to not like this guy….
    Not a lot of class….


    Love all the smooth brains in the comments like this… “Oh, he think Aaron Rodgers good? He classless, need shut up.”

    Get out of here with this nonsense.

  42. Lot of hate in the comments about Burrow. Joe is currently the best QB in the NFL and tomorrow everyone gets to see it. Keep carrying that team on your back! First of many championships starts Sunday!

  43. cheeseisfattening says:
    February 12, 2022 at 2:19 pm
    Burrow should not look up to a guy that chases empty stats while front running and being a jerk human being

    Viking Fan would trade Rodgers right now, today, no questions asked, point all the fingers you want…….for Kirk Cousins.

  44. After playing Aaron and the Packers earlier this season, seems to be Joe Burrow’s assessment of Rodgers rings way truer than that of the SuperSofaGMs here whose negativity reeks of envy way more than anything else.

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