Odell Beckham regrets the way things ended in Cleveland

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Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. forced his way out of Cleveland just after the trade deadline this season, and it all worked out well for him: He landed with the Rams, and now he’s in the Super Bowl. But Beckham said today that he doesn’t like the way his time with the Browns ended.

“One of the biggest regrets that I have about the way things ended is I just didn’t get — it’s like having a breakup but there really was no closure and it’s kind of just like you go, that’s just it,” Beckham said. “One thing I’ve always been big on in my life is closure. Because I feel like if doors are not closed, they’re always still open. Just having to leave, leave these guys that are your brothers, you have lifetime friendships with, and it just happened so abruptly. A lot of things were out of my control. By the time I woke up, the video was already posted, it just was unfortunate. Sometimes things go that way in life and you just have to roll with the punches. I just think about, here I am now and just making the most of the opportunity that I have.”

Beckham may feel some regret, but the reality is, Beckham got everything he wanted: He wanted out of Cleveland, he wanted to play for a winner, and he got just that. The video Beckham referred to, an Instagram video posted by his father criticizing Baker Mayfield, didn’t just happen by accident.

In March, Beckham is slated to become a free agent, and he’ll have options about where he plays. But he indicated that he’d like to remain with the Rams. He has finally found a place where he’s happy. For now, anyway.

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  1. His “brothers” but he reportedly was not speaking to anyone in his last few weeks in Cleveland. This guy’s full of it.

  2. Beckham got his closure by quitting in both Cleveland and New York. I’m not so sure his former teammates share his brotherly love. He becomes a problem until he is no longer worth the headache. If Woods was still playing and OBJ wasn’t getting his targets, he would be a malcontent with the Rams as well. OBJ is a me guy, happy when it goes his way; a major headache and distraction when it doesn’t. Buyer beware.

  3. If he has regrets, why not own up publicly to exactly what he believes he did wrong? I don’t regret relationships I left when I felt like I did everything right and it still didn’t work out.

  4. Glad to see the back of him. Its always about him, never the team. Browns will bounce back

  5. He and Ramsey both know about crying their way off of teams. Seeing Kroenke hoist the Lombardi will be disgusting but I will be happy for Stafford, Donald, Kupp, Akers and Michel.

  6. Translation: I swear I won’t be a pain in the ass if you pay me $20M per season. Honest.

  7. He played for organization’s that could care less about winning. They didn’t like him because he called them out on their nonsense. Good for you OBJ

    – Giants Fan

  8. This is HIS way of making a public statement to Cleveland right before the SUPER BOWL ,BASICALLY saying “ I’m here and your NOT…would do it all over again”.

  9. Seems like all these talented guys can’t keep their mouth shut. If he were really sorry he would apologize in private to his former teammates, shutdown his supporters posting on social media for him and play the game better everyday. You get the recognition you deserve and the respect of your peers when they pat you on the back, not when you pat yourself on the back.

  10. I don’t hear any former teammates criticizing him, many seem to be happy for him. Cleveland wasn’t using him so why are they so bitter now? Before his release they kept saying the Browns were better without him. Get over it!

  11. He has averaged a whopping 49 yards per game with LA. And that is with Kupp demanding the most attention on the other side.

  12. No he doesn’t. He just wants attention. If the Rams lose, he will definitely throw somebody under the bus.

  13. No GM should offer him more than a 2 yr deal. Guy will switch on ya and the locker room on a dime.

  14. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. He wanted out and his father would have never put that Baker Mayfield SLAM VIDEO out without his blessing. He is fake.

  15. I mean really, who wants to wear those ugly uniforms and play for that fan base?
    Odell is a day away from a ring.

  16. Apparently he was well liked by everyone in the locker room–except perhaps by Mayfield. On game day though he’s like AB with all the drama and whining and antics. We haven’t seen that in LA because he is looking for a big payday. Any team that gives him a big contract without the ability to cut him at any time–per-game roster bonuses–will be sorry. Then it’ll take only a month before he’s criticizing his new team. And yeah, I don’t think he’s sorry….not one bit…if he were he wouldn’t constantly be talking about how happy he is in LA.

  17. Beckham is a highly intelligent, sensitive, and creative dude. Los Angeles is the perfect place for him . A lot of those guys are headed to the Rams for less money, just so the can be in Le Ciudad del Sol. Get ready for the new America’s team

  18. OBJ is a Diva…..don’t believe he really cares about what happened in Cleveland. Baker Mayfield can take an talented receiver and make them ordinary. OBJ and Baker was a recipe for disaster. Give OBJ credit he has upped his game, and been good for the Rams since Robert Woods went down. Guaranteed he will wear out his welcome in LA.

  19. A lot of things happened that were out of his control? Really? He created the drama and now wants to act like he was some kind of victim.

  20. Things were “out of his control”,he says. I don’t think so. He could have stopped his father from putting that video out there. He acted like a spoiled kid in both NY and Cleveland. If he was a team player,things could have worked out in either place. Things will probably sour in LA at some point, too,especially if the Rams don’t win the Super Bowl.

  21. Odell has done just enough to get another big contract from another team. And he will disappoint them as well.

  22. Only thing he regrets is not fleecing more money from them. Never wanted to be there and it showed.

  23. Face the facts. Mayfield did not like OBJ and would not throw the ball in his direction if at all possible.

  24. When Woods comes back OBJ will become the third receiver on the Rams. That won’t work for Mr. “It’s all about me” Beckham. Look for anther video next year from Daddy complaining that Stafford won’t throw his little boy the ball

  25. All I ever hear from fans in Cleveland is how he’s a cancer and a diva and a turd, yet, you never hear that from players. Not. One.

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