Ron Rivera: Brian Flores “is courageous”

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Former Dolphins coach Brian Flores has taken the bold step of filing a racial discrimination lawsuit against the NFL and three of its teams, the Dolphins, Broncos, and Giants. The head coach of the Washington Commanders appreciates what Flores has done.

“First of all, I think what Brian is doing is courageous and it really truly is bringing everything to the forefront and to the light,” Ron Rivera, one of the league’s five current minority coaches, told PFT Live on Friday. “I think it is important because the biggest problem in my opinion that minorities face is that people don’t know these guys. You have to get to know who they are to give them opportunities. I have a friend who’s in sales and he’s always told me, ‘You need three elements if you’re going to sell. People have to get to know you, people have to get to like you, and people have to get to trust you to buy from you.’”

So how does that happen for NFL owners?

“We’ve got to find ways to put people on the owners’ radars, the presidents’ radars, the G.M.s’ radars,” Rivera said. “Maybe it takes something like what Brian is doing to get people to focus in and realize this is serious, so let’s find avenues to do that. Well, to me, we have a Super Bowl, we have a Combine, and we have owners’ meetings. Those are three great opportunities to bring a crowd of people that people say, ‘Hey, these are the next ones. Let’s bring them in. Let’s get them to spend some time with the decision makers to help them that when now we get into the new cycle.’ It’s not all of a sudden, ‘Well, who’s this? . . . Well, yeah. I remember him. I got a chance to meet him. Let’s sit down, let’s talk.’ I think if we can educate them on these people that are available, it might help. We got to do something.”

He’s right. But it won’t be easy. Owners have to be persuaded to do the right thing without being forced to do the right thing. If they feel like they’re being forced, they’ll possibly be inclined to do the opposite, jut because they can.

The NFL definitely can, and should, expect better. It should expect more. More coaches and owners need to say what needs to be said. Maybe then what needs to be done will be done.

25 responses to “Ron Rivera: Brian Flores “is courageous”

  1. Courageous and unemployed is what happens when you play Russian Roulette with your career. Bye Floicia!

  2. Is Flores courageous or simply misguided? From what I have seen of his lawsuit, his claims boil down to because he wasn’t hired and he is Black, the teams that did not hire him racially discriminated against him. Where is the actual evidence? Qualified people of all races and demographics are routinely not hired for any possible job including that of NFL head coach. Unless Flores has something in his hip pocket vastly more compelling than what has come out in the media, one would expect his case to go nowhere.

  3. Flores destroyed his credibility with his backhanded remark concerning the hiring of Lovie Smith.

    Add his “witness” backtracked from the $100k accusations and only a fool would follow a man out on a walk. Cause Flores isn’t leading anyone.

    Flores would show some real depth and conviction going to join Deion Sanders staff. Maybe help develop those young men into viable NFL prospects?

  4. Hey, look. Here are some people who have no business commenting on this subject. There will be several subtle and some overt expressions of racism. Will the administrators of this site allow those expressions to show while suppressing opposing viewpoints? Of course they will.

  5. How exactly are the Dolphins complicit in racism when they were the only team in the league with a black GM and a black HC? The fact that they hired him proves the opposite.

  6. Flores is willing to suffer for the good of others. That’s what Rivera is saying. That’s courage. That’s all Rivera is saying. Flores is taking one for the team.

  7. Courageous would have been coming forward when you were offered money to lose. Not after the fact and you were fired.

  8. I guess courageous means crazy in today’s world. Committing career suicide and burning every bridge while doing it seems more crazy than courageous to me. Why are people acting like he got screwed when he got fired? His record was 24-25, that’s a losing record last time I checked. Last season everybody talks about how they finished the season but ignores the fact that they started 1-7, which included losses to Atlanta and Jacksonville. The Dolphins entered the season with high expectations but starting 1-7 all but guaranteed Flores would be fired.

  9. Flores doesn’t know how to play the political NFL game and it shows. Like in ANY businesses you won’t play to a certain degree you find yourself OUT the door looking for work. Life lesson.

  10. “We’ve got to find ways to put people on the owners’ radars, the presidents’ radars, the G.M.s’ radars,” Rivera said
    Well that was/is the intention of the Rooney rule. There will always be owners who know who they want ahead of time but the intention was that the minority candidate being brought into the interview, although not having a chance at that specific job, their name would be brought up by others in the future for interviews when the owner/gm didn’t have someone in mind already. Now whether that has worked might be a different story

  11. His lawyers’ knew he didn’t have a case, when they went on their media tour. They knew they didn’t have evidence so they tried the public opinion angle. Time for a career change.

  12. He’s a very angry man, why I don’t know?
    The Dolphins bent over backwards for him for over 3 years!

  13. He may be “courageous”, but what he did was not smart. It sounds like Flores was upset that teams interviewed him, even though they had someone in mind. That’s not discrimination. Its a part of the process. The point of the Rooney rule is to give minority candidates a chance to change the minds of management, even if its a longshot.

  14. Where was al this bravery in 2019, He stood pat when all was going well. now he has lost what chance to be in the NFL. If he does get a chance, we all know why. Three years and even by his own admission he and the owner were not seeing eye to eye. How far do you think an employee would get in the outside sports world, when not seeing what ownership is wanting

  15. Ron Rivera seems to be the voice of reason a lot of the time. He would be good in a leadership role in either the NFL or NFLPA.

  16. Lovie Smith is laughing all the way to the bank because the NFL strong-armed the Texans to hire him instead of Josh McCown, whom they preferred. Lovie has Brian Flores to thank.

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