Aaron Donald sidesteps retirement questions

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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Aaron Donald told Rodney Harrison before Super Bowl LVI that he would consider retiring if the Rams won. Harrison’s report about “a strong possibility (Donald) could walk away from the game and retire” created a pregame buzz.

Donald sidestepped questions after the Rams’ 23-20 victory over the Bengals on Sunday, but it was telling that the defensive tackle did not deny that retirement is a consideration.

“I’m just in the moment right now,” Donald said. “I’m going to enjoy this with my teammates, my family. I’m just going to be in the moment and enjoy this today, or for a couple of days. This is a blessing.”

Donald, 30, now has a complete resume.

He already is considered one of the greatest defenders in NFL history and first-ballot, Hall-of-Fame worthy. Donald is a three-time defensive player of the year, tying for the most ever, and he finished third in voting for the award this year.

He has eight Pro Bowls, seven All-Pros, all-decade honors for the 2010s and 98 career sacks. Now, he is a Super Bowl champion, pointing to his right ring finger after forcing Joe Burrow to throw the ball away on fourth down with 39 seconds left.

“Big-time players make big-time plays in big-time games,” Donald said. “It’s truly a blessing to have an opportunity to play this game, to play with great teammates, great coaches, a great organization, man. There is a lot of ups and downs, so to see it come full circle and be a world champion. All our hard work up to this game, that’s what it’s for. It’s like mission complete, so it feels great.”

30 responses to “Aaron Donald sidesteps retirement questions

  1. I find it tacky to ask a player about his retirement just moments after his team won the super bowl.

  2. The Rams have mortgaged their future, Donald is not winning another SB with them. If he wants another ring he needs to ask to be traded maybe to the Chargers so he doesn’t leave LA and still have a shot for another SB.

  3. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    The Rams have mortgaged their future
    We don’t need first round draft picks. We take the time with our draft picks to help them grow into being starters. The proof is on the field.

  4. Why does the media always insist on popping players bubbles right after they win the SB with stupid ass questions? That’s a question that can wait, let the guy injoy his moment in the sun!

  5. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    February 13, 2022 at 11:55 pm
    The Rams have mortgaged their future,


    Your Jets should try mortgaging their future and perhaps they might actually win something. All they appear to do is ruin young QBs.

  6. No matter about any fine – – – if I were just basking in the moment of a SB victory, I would refuse to be interviewed by these rude, insensitive and cold-hearted reporters.

  7. Congrats to the Rams, well deserved. And to those who say they mortgaged their future like the Bucs: they won an SB along the way, and that’s the whole point.

  8. They should really do away with those sideline reporters giving interviews literally 5 seconds after the game ends.

    The questions, such as the retirement one, are so cringe and unnecessary

  9. Just move up I-5 a few hours and win more SB’s with the 49ers and their up an coming young QB, Trey Lance. Imagine a DL with Nick Bosa, Arik Armstead and Donald! I sure can, because I’m a life-long 49ers fan!
    Realistically, Donald is now part of a great team that finally has a championship quality QB in Stafford. Can the Rams replenish enough role players without the first round draft picks they spent on Stafford? Probably, but since I’m not a Rams fan O don’t know how many players they will potentially lose this offseason. Regardless, the “all-in NOW” moved to add key platers paid off brilliantly this year; congratulations to the Rams, and we have a great rivalry now between SF and LA.
    Finally – Donald is only 30 years old – would he really pull a Barry Sanders-like, super early retirement? I don’t know much about Donald, but nevertheless I for one would be shocked!

  10. He was #5 on the list of highest paid defensive players this past season. It’s all about the $$.

  11. coko29 says:
    Congrats to the Rams, well deserved. And to those who say they mortgaged their future like the Bucs: they won an SB along the way, and that’s the whole point.


    Almost like a storybook really… like… just be the team hosting the Super Bowl, over spend for a crusty old QB, and just sit back and let the zebras bring you that Lombardi. Really strange how that seems to be happening quite a bit recently.

  12. As a fan of a different team in the NFC West I want to emphasize that Donald has nothing else to prove and clearly needs to spend more time with his family… LOL…

  13. No way this guy retires. Only 30 & still dominant player. Plus, the money and fame is too good to walk away from. Only guy I’ve seen do that is Barry Sanders, but he was tired of being beaten up in Detroit. Just like Megatron.

  14. Aaron Donald is a once in a generation player. I compare him to the Greatest D lineman of all time ..Reggie White. Both of them didn’t pad stats with garbage time sacks and plays. MOST of their big plays came at crunch time. He has nothing else to prove but, maybe he likes playing. That question at that time was imo disgusting. Let him enjoy his moment..jeez

  15. Yes, the questions of the sideline reporters were cringeworthy, but they weren’t “cringe.”

  16. Michelle Tafoya is retiring, which is I guess why she asked. Agree with others that the question sucked and in that moment the dude is celebrating one of the happiest moments of his life and you want to bring up a potentially bad or bittersweet thought for him. A classier way to allow him to announce it if he wants but isn’t such a negative thing would’ve been to simply ask “what’s next?” If he wanted to address it he could’ve in his way, or he could’ve done the “I’m going to Disney Land!” thing and kept the non-answer light. A seasoned reporter should do better.

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