Cardinals: Nothing has changed regarding our opinion and high regard for Kyler Murray

Indianapolis Colts v Arizona Cardinals
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Earlier this week, quarterback Kyler Murray scrubbed all mentions of the Cardinals from his social media — deleting Arizona-related posts and unfollowing the organization.

Murray’s agent declined comment on the situation, which added fuel to the speculation that something was amiss between Murray and the organization.

On Sunday, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen created a Sunday splash with his report that, “The odd vibe between the Cardinals and Kyler Murray is indeed alarming: Murray is described as self-centered, immature and finger pointer, per sources.”

Mortensen added that Murray is frustrated with the franchise, embarrassed by the playoff loss to the Rams, and thinks he’s been framed as the scapegoat. But per the report, the Cardinals expect things to calm down with Murray as their quarterback.

In response to the report, the Cardinals issued a statement:

“Nothing has changed regarding our opinion and high regard for Kyler Murray,” the statement reads. “We as a team and Kyler individually have improved each year he’s been in the league. We are excited to continue that improvement in 2022 and are excited that Kyler Murray is the quarterback leading us.”

Murray and the Cardinals started the 2021 season hot, beginning the season 10-2. Murray was also regarded as an MVP candidate early on.

But the Cardinals lost four of their last five games to end the regular season, losing their grip on the NFC West to go 11-6 for the NFC’s No. 5 seed. Then the club had an embarrassing 34-11 loss to Los Angeles in the wild card round.

In 14 games this season, Murray completed 69 percent of his passes for 3,787 yards with 24 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He also rushed for 423 yards and five TDs.

The No. 1 pick of the 2019 draft, Murray is eligible for a contract extension this offseason. It shouldn’t be much of a decision, but the Cardinals will also choose whether or not to pick up Murray’s fifth-year option in the spring.

22 responses to “Cardinals: Nothing has changed regarding our opinion and high regard for Kyler Murray

  1. Per sources – Murray is described as self-centered, immature and finger pointer……typical diva. Trade this fool while he still has some value

  2. First the Michael Bidwill thing, then this drama with Kyler Murray.

    I honestly think that Arizona franchise was counting division titles, no 1 seeds and Super Berths before they had earned them.

  3. In 14 games this season, Murray completed 59 percent of his passes for 3,787 yards with 24 touchdowns and five interceptions. He also rushed for 423 yards and five TDs.

    What exactly is Murray upset about? It’s not like he was setting the league on fire

  4. This one has been pretty easy to read although the media isn’t reading it. Murray and Kigsbury are the ultimate coach/QB combo. They basically drafted him because Kingsbury said so. They’ve thus not committed to either past this year since it’s a mystery whether Murray would fit a conventional offense or if they would want to stay the course if they fire Kingsbury after this year. Murray rightfully is upset about it, and never mind the people trying to knock him. He was legit the best QB in football before he got hurt. Same idiots think Derek Carr is actually good.

  5. I think the Cards, like the rest of the league, are reconcidering this business of drafting QBs based on pure physical ability without much regard to their pocket skills, thinking they can be taught to make reads and good decisions, ie Cam, Michael Vick, RG3, Johnny Manzelle…Teams and QBs finding out too late that it isn’t that easy. Increasingly it seems that the future of the league is in QBs who have pocket skills AND mobility. Mahomes had those skills in college and is getting better. Lamar Jackson is improving but going into his 5th season, he needs to get even better. If, as reported here, Murray is playing the blame game, things can go south real quick.

  6. Kyler is working for a trade or release, so he can join Peyton in Dallas in 2023. Imagine all thise egomaniacs in one building.

  7. He always wanted baseball first. The pressure got to him and he caved into playing in the NFL. Maybe he’s realizing if he’s going to make the switch back to his passion, it’s now it never.

  8. Matthew Stafford played for a mostly losing team for years becoming extremely wealthy along the way. Murray is so full of himself he just can’t believe he is not starring in this years SB while Stafford is.

  9. Murray has proven himself to be a good QB. He deserves an extension. It isn’t his fault that his coach is mediocre.

    He didn’t choose AZ. He was drafted there. He should ask for a trade or suck it up and play another year until his contract ends. The passive aggressive approach is lame.

  10. Nobody knows what the deal is with Kyler. Unless and until he opens his mouth and starts telling people what’s wrong and what he and the Cardinals want to do to fix it, then it’s all speculation, isn’t it? Kyler needs to talk with his agent, set up a meet with the Cardinals and deal with this like an ADULT. Only then, can he move forward.

  11. It says 69%, not 59%, which as the best completion rate by a starting QB in the league. Near the top in yards per attempt too.

  12. He has actively given you reasons why he will never be the answer. He chokes in big games. He cannot play the pro passing NFL game without his blanket, Hopkins. He is easily confused and has very limited mental capabilities. And he runs and runs when he can’t deal with defenses. He is as good as he’ll ever be and he is not all that and a bag of chips at the end of the day.

    Draft a replacement and let him continue to throw temper tantrums.

  13. Mortensen reports “per sources.” Since he’s a proven liar (1-2 lb per square inch), expect this story to turn up empty.

  14. I have no idea what is going on with Murray and the AZ Cardinals. But Murray’s first game played in that uniform – and his last – give a glimpse. During Murray’s first game ever, an exhibition against the Raiders, he complained to the Raider’s DB’s for blitzing him. In his last game, the playoff against the Rams, Murray gave one of his worst performances as a pro. Is he blaming someone else?

  15. Cards are trying hard to lead by example in spite of Murray stomping his feet like a 5 year old.

    We have come to expect a diva of some sort at every skilled position in todays NFL..but a ‘Karen’ at QB? Oh hell to the No!
    Cards should cut bait while they still have the upper hand.

  16. They are better than me. Still holding high regard for someone like Kyler who “unfriends” you on social media?
    I’d be like, OkByeeeee!

  17. Teams don’t get hurt overpaying a very good QB a few million.
    They get badly hurt paying ok QBs top dollar.

    How did the Goff and Wentz contracts work out?

    Let Murray play out his 4th year, see how he does then pay him.
    Maybe you have to pay a little more.
    Maybe you don’t like what you see, in which case you either:

    1 – over pay him to keep him

    2 – trade him and draft a QB

    I assume they do #1

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