Cooper Kupp named MVP of Super Bowl LVI

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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The Rams are the Super Bowl LVI champions and wide receiver Cooper Kupp has been named the Most Valuable Player of the game.

Kupp caught a pair of touchdown passes from quarterback Matthew Stafford, including the game-winning score with 1:25 left to play in the game. The one-yard score capped a spectacular year for Kupp, who was named the NFL’s offensive player of the year earlier this week.

The Rams tied an NFL record for sacks in a game by dropping Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow seven times. Defensive tackle Aaron Donald had two of those sacks and forced an incompletion by pressuring Burrow on fourth down with 43 seconds left to play in the game. A strong argument could be made for Donald as the MVP, but the voting for the award is done before the game is over and Kupp’s contributions were crucial as well.

Kupp caught eight passes for 92 yards over the course of the game and he also ran for a key first down on a fourth down on the final drive of the game. The only blemish was a poor throw to Stafford on a Philly Special-type play on a third down in the third quarter, but he came up big late in the fourth quarter with Odell Beckham injured and the Rams in need of that kind of performance.

38 responses to “Cooper Kupp named MVP of Super Bowl LVI

  1. Cupp deserved it. He made big plays, and drew key obvious penalties, despite what whiny Bungles fans say.

  2. Great drive for Kupp with refs help. Donald had 3 sacks and stopped them the last two plays …

  3. Aaron donald deserved it, not a guy who took 31,784 targets and five penalties to put up 80 yards and a TD. All these fans fascination with white receivers is borderline prejudice.

  4. “the voting for the award is done before the game is over”

    WHY??? WHY is the voting done BEFORE the end of the game? There are still plays to be made (and were made) that changes things. Makes no sense to me. Not knocking Kupp choice, but Donald sure did end it.

  5. That’s a pretty mediocre stat line for an MVP. Clearly it was Donald who kept them in this game while the offense floundered, and only thanks to the refs did the offense not choke the game away on their first set of goal-to-go downs.

  6. Amazingly disgusted once again by refs giving a team a win. Congrats bengals on your first super bowl win getting striped by refs once again. So sad

  7. The MVP was the ref who allowed the 75 yard TD, and not calling the OPI, because it was about to be a blowout. Rams 31 to 10 would’ve been a bad game.

  8. Correct choice. Stafford threw 2 interceptions and almost gave the game away. Donald was ineffective most of the game due to being double-teamed most of the time. Kupp made multiple big plays.

  9. bengals3285 says:
    February 13, 2022 at 10:29 pm
    Disgusted by refs ruining a game as usual. Bengals gets robbed of a Super Bowl. So gross


    Like the OPI non call on the Tee Higgins touchdown…?

  10. How the league MVP is selected needs to be revisited. Kupp played lights out all season and should have been named league MVP. Next time, have the fans vote. They know more than the current voters.

  11. Enjoyed the game… Rams fought and scraped
    Happy for Donald and Stafford most.

    But….. no Podium interview for Donald tho, holding the trophy???

  12. 4 straight punts when it mattered, an OPI that goes uncalled and you get a 75 yard TD, 2 interceptions, give up 8 sacks, a couple drops, stopped using Mixon, defense can’t stop 1 player, and you’re mad about 1 questionable call? Imagine all that going against your team, and yet you pretend that one call is all that happened to cost you the game? All it showed me is that Cinci had absolutely no business being there, and that their fans are clueless.

  13. Aaron Donald wanted it. That’s why he was playing it off like he was retiring if they win. The refs are the real MVP though. What a bs holding call on 3rd and 8.

  14. Great no call on Higgins TD? Where are the cry babies at in that call . Rams house baby. Plus that woman beater Mixon should not be in the league.

  15. Great no call on Higgins TD? Where are the cry babies at in that call . Rams house baby. Plus that Mixon should not be in the league after punching that lady

  16. I feel bad for Kupp he never got to earn this win on 4th and goal, as the entire world outside a few legitimate Rams fans knew it should have been. I would’ve been like, wow what a gutsy win. You guys earned it! Instead the NFL, mandated the Rams get a fresh set of downs and a couple more “just in case” calls after that… now we have to wonder if Kupp is a Champion or not. Nobody actually knows. What a shame!

  17. They should’ve made Goodell MPV as the Rams got help from him when they had players out with Covid that 28 other teams were denided.

    Sorry Rams but this win gets an asterisk.

  18. This obsession with the offense will kill this sport!

    Aaron Donald was by very far the best player on the field yesterday and clearly the most valuable…absurd MVP selection!!!

    Nothing against Kupp…great player but not the MVP in this Super Bowl…not even close!

  19. If the MVP award a few nights ago wasn’t just a fake QB award the real MVP would be this guy .

  20. Most dominant WR in the NFL. Amazing OBJ didn’t put up huge numbers with Kupp drawing all the coverage.

  21. Talk about a classy player, he deserves the honor and yet humble as all get out. Way different player than what gets the headlines in the NFL

  22. Cooper deserved this. Stafford was awful most of the game. Donald made two plays which proves he is lazy most of the game.

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