Daniel Snyder may finally be facing a real problem with his 31 partners

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Rampant allegations of sexual harassment and other workplace misconduct in the Washington Commanders organization resulted in a 10-month investigation conduced by attorney Beth Wilkinson. The league imposed sanctions on July 1. But the league refused to make the findings public.

As we now know, the league didn’t even request a written report from Wilkinson. I’m told that, as reported at the time by 106.7 The Fan after the station obtained a copy of a document that was never actually submitted to the NFL, if Wilkinson had been asked to submit a report, the report would have recommended that owner Daniel Snyder be forced to sell the team.

The leak of the Jon Gruden emails dusted off what had been a curiosity and turned it into a full-blown controversy. Congress has since been pushing the team and the league to release information about the Wilkinson investigation. Most recently, the league and the team have fought over which documents will or won’t be given to Congress. But it’s the claims made by former Washington employee Tiffani Johnston that have changed everything.

The league will conduct a new investigation. There will be no reason to keep any information hidden, since Johnston already has told her story publicly. Washington tried to preemptively hire a pair of firms to handle the investigation, before the league intervened and made it clear that the team won’t be investigating itself.

The biggest pending question is whether the NFL will bring Wilkinson back for Phase Two of the probe. If that happens, it’s bad news for Snyder.

It may be bad news regardless. As one ownership-level source recently put it, the Johnston allegations could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for the league, prompting Snyder’s partners to take steps to push him out.

There are still several steps before that would become relevant. But that could be where it’s finally heading for Snyder, especially if Wilkinson is re-engaged to investigate Tiffani Johnston’s claims.

37 responses to “Daniel Snyder may finally be facing a real problem with his 31 partners

  1. The owners can do whatever they want. They own the NFL. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to consume the product. I’m guessing most consumers of NFL football aren’t going to stop spending their money on the product. There are big problems all across America. Dan Snyder selling his team isn’t going to solve one problem. Not every owner is Albert Einstein, but there are a few who are smart enough to not let the tail wag the dog. The NFL is in the entertainment business. They’re not involved in solving all the world’s problems. If they got rid of Dan Snyder, the next move would be to start making a list of the next owners they want to get rid of. There are just some people who hate the NFL. That’s really what this is all about.

  2. The NFL is not an ordinary entity. It’s a partnership of 32 teams. If an owner becomes a real problem–like Snyder–they should be able to force an owner to sell. The NBA did it with the Clippers. I have no problem with that. Owners aren’t going to take this step lightly either so it’s not like we’ll be seeing this every other year. Snyder is a special case. If they can prove that Ross (Dolphins) encouraged tanking, he could be next–and should be. Same for the Browns’ owner.

  3. I’m skeptical that we’d be so lucky as to finally rid ourselves of Dan Snyder, but if we did, it would be the equivalent of winning 10 Super Bowls.

  4. Why should Daniel Synder be treat any better Than Jerry Richardson ??????????? Money ? Privilege He should be Force too sale just as Jerry Richardson did !!!!! DOUBLE STANDARD ?????

  5. “That’s really what this is all about.”


  6. Dan Snyder purchased the Washington Football Team for 800 million. Could sell it now for 6 billion and let someone else put out the dumpster fire he started. If he doesn’t get out it would prove he is the dumbest man alive.

  7. Hopefully he is forced to sell. I don’t know if the next guy will be better but he damn sure won’t be worse.

  8. I think he’s going to be forced to sell, but only because he’s bad for business. He’s destroyed a proud franchise over the past 20 years. His decisions get worse and worse, the Commanders name being the latest. The allegations just put more bad light on the league. If Goodell was a real commissioner, he’d personally say it to Snyder and build consensus from the 31 other owners. “Dan, you’ve destroyed the organization both on and off the field. We’ve had enough.”

  9. There’s multiple owners who should ‘go’. It ain’t just him. They’ve already taken the team’s name, stripping their identity from the super bowl teams of the 80s, he should voluntarily sell if he wants to. They forced Eddie DeBartalo out and he’s in the HOF.

  10. I have asked since day one, why was Jerry Richardson forced to sell for 1/25 of what is purported to have been happening in Washington?

  11. It’s all about “what have you done for me lately?” The team doesn’t win, they don’t sell enough tix, the new stadium they’ve been wanting for years is nowhere to be found, and there’s a new scandal every week. A new owner could instantly revitalize that franchise.

  12. If Florio is right, and Beth Wilkinson intended to recommend Snyder be forced to sell the team after conducting her first investigation, then the NFL obviously told her not to provide that recommendation in writing. What makes Florio think she will be more independent on a second investigation? Not knocking her — she’s an attorney and she represents her client (I’m still unclear on whether her client in the first investigation was the NFL or Snyder — I believe Snyder paid her bills).

    What will matter is public opinion, or more accurately, the other NFL owners perception of public opinion, which really depends on where we are in the #MeToo arc. I don’t think the movement has enough energy right now to cancel a guy, even as reprehensible a guy as Dan Snyder, for allegedly putting his hand or her knee. This isn’t Harvey Weinstein we’re talking about. Ask yourselves — if the picture and stories about Al Franken came out today instead of at the height of #MeToo, would he have to resign?

    But if there are other women who come forward with stories where the details can be corroborated, and if Snyder and the NFL start being branded on social media as misogynists. But whether that happens can’t be predicted.

  13. There will be some nervous owners if Snyder is forced to sell. The baton of the worst owner in sports will be passed to the next incompetent ones: Haslam, Khan, Davis, Jerry Jones?

  14. Good. Out him, force him to sell his team, then whoever buys it can name it something other than the Commanders.

  15. Going to be fun in the NFL. Dan wont leave without a fight.

    If he goes, the Dolphins and Browns owner might be next. Any owner that has something to hide in their history… better be careful travelling down this road.

  16. If Synder was forced to sell then “the me too movement” would be all over the other 31 teams. Jerry Richardson was forced out because he was old and racism carries more weight than sexism. The league can weather “he said, she said.” This will blow over. No sale.

  17. This isn’t one single incident, nor is it he-said/she-said – it’s a culmination of scumyness in so many levels that the other 31 have had it. Snyder’s 9 NFL lives are about used up.

  18. Please let it happen..a large majority of Washington fans can’t wait for him to be gone, hopefully a new owner would realize that Snyder lost the fanbase and hold an honest fan poll and let them pick a name that all fans can stand behind… were so tired of all the B.S.

  19. What is Chloe talking about it? Richardson got run from the league due to sexual harassment allegations.

  20. He’s more likely to sue them than Brian Flores. The NFL is going to have to hire more lawyers to beat Mister Snyder unfortunately

  21. I love all the liberals who just want Dan out just because he took so long to change the name.

  22. Danny has a ton of info against Goodell and some other owners in copies of emails. The whole reason of the leak of Grudens emails was to divert attention away. Jon was the sacrificial lamb because he blasted Goodell in an e-mail. Danny will squeal like a stuffed pig going down!

  23. …the Johnston allegations could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for the league, prompting Snyder’s partners to take steps to push him out.

    One can only hope.

  24. Only one thing to say. None of this is the business of Congress and they need mind the business of helping fix this country and stop pandering for votes by putting their noses in something out of their realm of their duties.

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