Eric Weddle tore his pec in Super Bowl, confirms he’s retired again

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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Rams safety Eric Weddle became about as an unlikely Super Bowl champion as there ever will be with Sunday night’s 23-20 win over the Bengals.

Weddle retired at the end of the 2019 season and there was no sign that he was planning to return to the NFL until injuries to Jordan Fuller and Taylor Rapp led the Rams to give him a ring. Weddle joined the team for the playoffs and wound up as the defensive signal caller for the Super Bowl.

Weddle got checked out on the sideline after a hit on Joe Mixon early in the game and he told reporters after the win was in the books that he tore his pec during the game. He said he’ll have “surgery soon” and confirmed that he’ll be returning to life as a retired player.

“I’m re-retiring. I’ll go back to my daily life. Pretty banged up right now, but well worth it. Well worth the moment,” Weddle said.

Weddle was credited with five tackles during the win and had 18 tackles for his entire improbable run to the first title of his career.

13 responses to “Eric Weddle tore his pec in Super Bowl, confirms he’s retired again

  1. Such a boss, hard to think of anyone more deserving of a ring than him after all those years at the top of the game in San Diego and even in Baltimore.

  2. Got off the couch and brought what we needed, when we needed it. X factor! Great defensive leader.

  3. I’d take a torn pec that needs surgery if I could retire “super bowl champion.”

    It’s miserable now, but in a year it’ll be repaired… and he’ll still have the ring.

  4. Pretty cool for the guy, happy for him. He stepped up in the playoffs too, great instincts as a run stopper and happy he gets a ring

  5. As Peyton Manning said on his Manning Cast, “The Rams picked up Weddle off a beach somewhere”. Go back to the beach Eric, with that well deserved bling on your ring. Also look up how few penalties he draws. Enjoy the sunset Eric.

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