Rams beat Bengals in Super Bowl LVI

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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The Rams are champions of the football world.

In a back-and-forth Super Bowl that had some great moments for both teams, the Bengals fell short on their last-minute drive, with Aaron Donald throwing Joe Burrow to the turf on an incomplete pass on fourth-and-1.

With that, the Rams needed only to kneel down to end the game with a 23-20 win.

The pass pressure from Donald and his teammates was the story of the game, with Burrow sacked seven times, tying a Super Bowl record.

The win is a major vindication for the Rams and the way they built this team, building around superstars like Donald and Matthew Stafford, who arrived in a much-hyped trade.

Super Bowl LVI lived up to the hype, and in the end the Rams were atop the NFL.

133 responses to “Rams beat Bengals in Super Bowl LVI

  1. Back into their caves can all the trolls crawl, who have spent the season whining that the Rams better win this one or else everything was a bust.

  2. The NFL should be ashamed. That was pathetic by the refs. 2 flags in 59 minutes and then BS at the end. Hard to believe games aren’t being rigged.

  3. Now a whole generation of Bengal fans will forever wonder why that official didn’t keep his flag in his pocket.

  4. The refs threw about 2 flags the entire game… Then they decide to give the Rams about 15 plays inside the 10 yard line on their final drive. Not shady at all.

  5. Practically no flags for 3 and 1/2 quarters and suddenly they start flying on the Rams final drive to give LA the Lombardi.

    I’m done with the NFL.

  6. Don’t worry, Bengals fans. At least Burrow threw for 500 yards against the Ravens practice squad.

  7. Very unfortunate to have to witness scumbags like Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald win a ring. Not deserved at all.

  8. I’m not a rams fan, but those were definite flags. Kupp was getting mugged every play. And the Higgins td shouldn’t have counted either.

  9. Great game. It turned into a dog fight and the Rams got a lil tight at one point but Bengals offense couldn’t capitalize.
    The Bengals future looks bright. They’ll be back.

  10. Not for nothing, but if the NFL is rigged, what makes it less rigged when any other team wins the Super Bowl.

    Soak it up Rams. All the outside noise is loser talk.

  11. Ah yes, CLEARLY the refs were helping the Rams, like the play when Higgins threw Ramsey to the ground by the face mask on the way to a 75 yard TD.

  12. Ok NFL, you gave the Rams and their fake overnight fanbase a Super Bowl. Please don’t rig another Super Bowl. That last 2 minutes was absolutely disgusting.

  13. CInncinatti beat themselves. Wow that pass that the guy dropped by taking his head off the ball is what costs them the game. That would have been first down around the 50, clock running, field goal pretty much kills it and he flubs it on 3rd down and they have to cough up the ball. That guy should have what have been nightmares the rest of his life knowing he probably costs them a ring.

  14. I get the Buccaneers winning the super bowl in their own stadium, considering it had never happened until last season. But, the Rams doing it right after? Nah, this stuff is fake. It’s no different from the WWE.

  15. Funny that Collinsworth says the Rams “can’t do anything without OBJ” to “Stafford to Kupp was one of the greatest drives in NFL history”, in less than 1 half. What a tool. Neither him, or the bengals for that matter, belonged there tonight.

  16. Can’t really blame refs when there were missed calls both ways. It was a sloppy game. Bengals had the ball last with plenty of time to make something happen and didn’t. Why not take out the bye week before the Super Bowl? Sitting for that long may help health but it hurts the product. Honestly this looked like a Thursday night game aside from the commercials and halftime show. At least the book is closed on this weird season.

  17. Refs beat the Bengals. They had a couple of the cheesiest calls in SB history on that last scoring drive. Disgraceful.

  18. The NFL called down to the refs at the end reminded them who was supposed to win, and the flags started flying. Couldn’t have been more obvious.

  19. Bengals secondary was getting away with grabbing and pulling all game long as the refs let them play. But in that final drive as the adrenaline kicked in, the Bengals started feeling their oats and got more aggressive. Too aggressive. And the refs couldn’t overlook it anymore. The Bengals have only themselves to blame. Whining at the refs and whining about the league is just bush talk for losers.

  20. All those complaining about the refs…. Higgins TD was stolen on a face mask take down so they evened things up there. Life goes on.

  21. The big Bengals mistake…2nd and 1 throw a 40 bomb to nobody… big mistake. Get your 1st down you have 4 plays to set up your FG or TD.

  22. You need to be a high profile team to win I was going for the beganals but we always knew who was going to win the money is on LA

  23. Yes it is hard to beat the Zebras given they way the first 58 minutes of the game was called!

  24. Those last few questionable penalties were as horrible as the blatant no call face mask Higgins put on Jalen Ramsey. Refs affected this outcome. What a joke.

  25. Those complaining about the flags seem to have conveniently forgotten about the missed face mask that resulted in a Bengals TD.

    Congrats Rams fans.

  26. Something disgusting about every SuperBowl is the team owner getting congratulated basically for signing checks. These geezers are the core of what is WRONG with the NFL. Kroenke is a scumbags like Kraft, Jerry Jones, the Maras, Irsay, etc. Until the owners start behaving like decent human beings, they don’t deserve to be front and center. The players and coaches win the games after all.

  27. Bengals fans tears are flowing over. Bengals fans of all fans, complaining about refs? Procrless…. How about allowing 8 sacks, a couple bad drops, and a defense that can’t stop 1 WR? But, ya, the refs did have a bad call on a hold. But they also gave you a 75 yard TD, so that bad referee part was even. Don’t worry, no one will remember you were here.

  28. It’s official… bills/chiefs was best game this year. There was nothing remotely interesting about this game

  29. Bengals would never have led without a non-call on a facemask pull on third quarter TD pass. Sorry, Cincy. RAMS are CHAMPS!

  30. lukedogg087 says:
    February 13, 2022 at 10:09 pm
    Bungles won’t make the playoffs next year. Book it!

    First of all you probably don’t know the definition of the word Bungles,or maybe you’re living in the past, or you just flunked out of your 4th grade English class.
    Secondly how the heck do you know the Bengals won’t make the playoffs? Lol

  31. Stafford did everything he could to lose this game. Cooper should have been the season MVP and he showed why in this game. Raspberry Beret Oldephia was not why this team was successful – Cooper was.

    Ewwin Donald made two plays. For him that is amazing since last Snoopy Bowl he made none.

  32. The refs changed the way they were calling the game for that final Rams drive.
    Compared to the two calls that went for and against Ramsay, the blatant holding at the goal line against Higgins in the first quarter and then Higgins grabbing his face mask and yanking him to the ground in the third quarter, that third down holding flag was ridiculous. Even in a tighter called game that wouldn’t likely have drawn a flag, but in a game that was allowed to be very ‘physical’ that call was atrocious in its inconsistency.
    What a garbage way to end a game…

  33. So all those Bengals fans didn’t care that on the long touchdown, refs clearly missed an obvious face mask penalty! Maybe Roger wanted the Bengals to score!

  34. It’s questionable calls at the end like this which makes NFL teams owning sportsbooks look awful sketchy.

  35. Bengals had I think 4 straight punts when they could have put some points on the board. That said, that Logan Wilson holding call was awful and changed the game entirely. Not sure about the Bell call either. Looked like a really clean solid hit and woulda given the rams another 10 yards to go. Definitely right call on Eli Apple. Damn shame that guy gets as many chances as he does

  36. So, do you guys wanna bet that the Raiders are next to win a super bowl? They have a brand new stadium. Keep that in mind. If not next season, they could be scripted to win two seasons from now.

  37. On 4th & 1, driving to at least get a filed goal attempt to tie the game, you run the ball. You need 3 feet. You run the ball. Coach’s play call blew their final chance. But they had many chances and couldn’t score one more time. Rams, overall, played better the whole 2nd half and did just enough. Refs did make some dubious calls at the end, for sure. But it shouldn’t have come down to that, plus they had a chance to overcome it. 1 yard, and you call a pass play? Sorry

  38. Who cares? I won my 4th MVP and it’s what’s matters most. Name me one member of the Rams or Bengals who even comes close. Exactly! NO ONE.

  39. Matthew Stafford has as many Superbowl wins as Aaron Rodgers. Course, so does Trent Dilfer and Nick Foles.

  40. After last year’s SB, where we got a remarkable display of one team dismantling another through superior tactics & strategy, it’s depressing to have sat through this one only to see the refs deciding the Rams needed 15 goal-to-go plays at the end so they could back into the least exciting SB “victory” in my memory.

  41. The point is the refs were calling basically nothing all game. There were lots of calls they could of made against both teams. But they made a statement on how they were going to officiate the game. We are going to call it loose and let the teams play.

    Then all of a sudden they do a complete 180. So that’s what folks are upset about. Being consistent the whole game is how officiating should be. Not obviously changing course to give a team a bunch more chances.

  42. I tell you what…..let’s take that last Rams TD off the board….give them a FG instead…..take the Bengals 1st half TD and give them a FG instead (even though they were not in FG range)…..and let’s see where we end up.

  43. Look at the comments here, everyone knows the Bengals got jobbed tonight, hardly any flags until the last 2 minutes. And….then, everything goes against the Bengals. Not fixed at all. Not worth watching anymore, at least we got the Olympics right? And the NFL gets their BS cinderella story. Pathetic.

  44. kevpft says:
    February 13, 2022 at 10:38 pm
    After last year’s SB, where we got a remarkable display of one team dismantling another through superior tactics & strategy, it’s depressing to have sat through this one only to see the refs deciding the Rams needed 15 goal-to-go plays at the end so they could back into the least exciting SB “victory” in my memory.
    I guess your memory doesn’t go back to the super bowl of the 2018 season. That super bowl sucked. And every flag on that final rams drive was legit. Even the holding call on the rams that nullified their td.

  45. Turning point in the game was the Bengals being held to a field goal after the 2nd INT. They never got anything going on offense after that, and those four points were the difference in the game.

    Sudden rush of flags at the end was somewhat suspect, but the only one that was complete BS was the first defensive holding. The others were legit–clear tug on Kupp’s jersey on the DPI, and you can’t go to the head like Bell did on the personal foul.

    Congrats to LA, I guess. I despise teams built the way the Rams built this one, and I can’t think of a less deserving fanbase, but Stafford, at least, deserved a ring. And it’s not like they’re going to be any good going forward, so good riddance to them.

  46. ‘The refs also rigged the 7 sacks, right?’

    Nah, the Bengals offensive line rigged that. As well as the rest of the Bengal offense, who could’ve put the game away with another TD. And the Bengal defense, who let up at just the right time.

    The ‘rigged’ crowd comes out only when they don’t get the outcome they want. Small minds, big mouths.

  47. The entire world except for the refs saw the no call offense face mask that led to seven points almost caused the Rams to lose.

  48. It’s not even about whether the game is “fixed”. That idea is a bit dubious after all the twists and turns in the game, missed calls back and forth, good defensive plays, and so many drives ending in punts.

    It’s about watching 58 minutes of a game and then the refs completely change their approach for the last 2 minutes. However much of a slog most of the game was, it felt like it was being decided on the field. Then you see the refs take the game over and hand a ton of second chances to the Rams, and it feels like you’ve wasted your time watching any of it.

  49. You have to laugh at all the idiots calling the Ram Superbowl win fake and fixed so the home team would win. Pretty sure they thought Comrade Trumps loss was a fake too. Ignorant and sad. Gongrats to the Los Angeles Rams. Well deserved!

  50. The Higgins face mask was clearly a missed called. 55 holding was a phantom call huge difference. To let them play for 58 minutes and have the last drive go the way it did, very sketchy. I used to be the one to ridicule anyone that said the NFL is rigged but this confirms it. Legal gambling doesn’t help either. Not a fan of either team.

  51. All you conspiracy theorists crack me up. Cincy’s touchdown at the beginning of the 2nd half was an obvious face mask by the receiver but all you remember is the legit calls late in the game. I’m not a fan of either team btw.

  52. Lol everyone forgetting the penalty that Higgins got away with . Rams won that game. Plus I love the woman beater mixon not getting a ring

  53. Congratulations to the team with no fans, bought their Lombardi with superstars and probably some well placed money with the officials, and got their rings. An achievement to be proud of for certain!

  54. on 4th & 1 why do teams go shotgun? Especially when the Bengals had been running the ball all game. What a fail.

  55. For Whom the bell trolls….
    Super Bowl Rings
    Nick Foles = 1
    Tom Brady and your mama on that day = ZERO

  56. Congrats to the Rams. Enjoy it.

    Bengals have nothing to be ashamed of. They didn’t have a roster littered with big name, high priced stars. Their OL was not good. They weren’t supposed to be there (as so many experts said). And they still came close. With a mountain of cash to spend next year, they aren’t done making noise.

  57. Please stop with the ref crap. The refs missed the face mask on the Bengals TD to open the second half so the it was even if anything.

  58. So sad to see a team win a super bowl for the first time ever just to get it taken away by the refs.

  59. Man a lot of hate for the Rams on here. I personally don’t think either team was representing the cream of the crop in their conferences. Honestly just be happy you got their. Both of these QBs may never make it back to this game. Sure the Bengals were the underdogs but look at the Rams, aren’t Kupp and Stafford both underdogs as well? It was fairly entertaining but you can’t tell be the best referee crew in the NFL was put in charge of this game. If that’s the case the league still has a long way to go.

  60. Yep, that 1st defensive holding call was bs. Bengals still had a shot… but they messed up on their last couple of plays. Run the ball with 50 seconds left? Then only needed half a yard and they throw it…

  61. It’s official… bills/chiefs was best game this year. There was nothing remotely interesting about this game


    Yeah, that divisional game was exciting. Too bad neither of those teams have a defense, if they did, maybe one of them would have at least made it to the SB.

  62. I get why they didn’t run on 4th and 1. Burrow had been converting clutch 4th downs throughout the playoffs. Perine had done nothing pretty much all year, and the Rams would be keying all out on Mixon. It didn’t work but it’s not as though the Bengals had Csonka, Kiick and Morris in the backfield with three HOF lineman up front. It’s amazing the Bengals made it as far as they did. Kudos to both teams for a great year

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