Report: Colts likely to trade or release Carson Wentz

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The Colts appear ready to cut bait on quarterback Carson Wentz.

Wentz will probably be traded or released by March 18, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

The reason March 18 is significant is that Wentz’s contract calls for his full $22 million base salary to be guaranteed, and for him to receive a $6.29 million roster bonus, if he’s still on the roster on March 18. If Wentz is released before then, the Colts are still on the hook for $15 million of his base salary, but they’d be off the hook for the other $13.29 million.

Trading Wentz to a team willing to take on his full contract as-is would be the ideal choice for the Colts, but it seems unlikely that any team is going to give anything up to take on a contract that the Colts don’t want. It is possible that Wentz, the Colts and another team could all agree to a re-worked contract that makes it easier for him to be traded.

The Colts gave up their first-round pick in this year’s draft and a third-round pick last year for Wentz. Obviously they wouldn’t have done that if they had thought Wentz would be one-and-done, but given his disastrous play at the end of the season as the Colts were knocked out of playoff contention, it’s unsurprising that the team has apparently decided to move on.

77 responses to “Report: Colts likely to trade or release Carson Wentz

  1. Have to think his days as an NFL starter are over. His options are to accept a veteran backup role and salary for a few more years, or call it quits and retire with all the money he’s collected already. Based on what I’ve seen of him, I wouldn’t bet against the latter scenario.

  2. Wha team in their right mind would trade for Wentz? He’s certainly not a franchise QB and he’s actually proven it.

  3. Almost as bad a move as the Saints paying Taysom huge money for nothing.

    Horrible move by Colts, but credit to them if they actually admit and move on quickly now.

    Maybe they will get fleeced again and trade for Hurtz.

  4. Colts wiffing on Wentz changed the course of that franchise. With the way they’ve been hitting on draft picks that 1st and 3rd could have been excellent players.

  5. Watching his back up Nick Foles take the Philadelphia Eagles to and winning the super bowl completely broke Carson Wentz…he hasn’t been the same since.

  6. I’ve talked a lot of crap about Wentz over the years, but he’s still better than every backup QB in the NFL, and he’s better than the starters of teams like the Panthers, the Commanders, the Broncos, the Browns, the Steelers (no current QB), the Titans, the Eagles and the Saints.

  7. The NFL needs to look at their developmental program for players. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a league they need to profit off of. Expand the roster size with 8 more players. Set up a “school” taught fundamentals by ex players, stick HC applicants such as McCown, Bienemy, Fangio for QBs and position players…teach tackling.

  8. The Eagles desperately wanted him to be their franchise quarterback, so the Colts should have seen them being willing to move him for dimes on the dollar (related to draft capital) and eat all of that dead money after signing him to a giant contract as an enormous red flag.

    I understand the mindset that you miss all the shots you don’t take, but it was puzzling that they didn’t bench him to avoid losing the first rounder after Reich had to design the offense to hide him.

    It’s hard to see the Colts finding a trading partner to take that contract after what Wentz has put on film the last couple years, and given some of the stories that have circulated about what kind of teammate he is.

  9. If you want an eye opener on how far Wentz has fallen, put his 2021 numbers next to Taylor Heinicke’s 2021 numbers and try to say for sure that one was better than the other. The only significant difference is Heinicke cost $2M and Wentz cost $30M, a first, and a third.

  10. Cut and resign after nobody wants him as a starter? The Colts are in win now mode. Is the answer in the draft? No. Free agency? No. GO SAM!!!

  11. I don’t doubt Mort but you don’t make this trade for a 1 year experiment. You’ve got to give that offensive unit another year or 2. They’ve got great players on every level of the defense.

  12. The problem is the contract. If he were on a one year prove it kinda deal. Several teams would be happy to have him. On his current $32M/yr deal, no one wants any part of that.

  13. So who are the Colts going to get that’s better for the $13.29 million they would save? Nobody. Wentz is a top 20 QB. Even the free agents aren’t in this range (27 TDs/7 INTs). He’s actually a bargain. The Colts need another wide receiver as Hilton has gone over the hill.

  14. WOW, a huge fall for him. He was playing at an MVP level before he got hurt with the Eagles. Nobody will trade for him as a starter now he will have to be clipboard Jesus #2 for somebody.

  15. Carson Wentz is not great, but there are worse starters out there. Maybe they are better off in the long-run without him, but hard to imagine they don’t take a step back next year. They are probably a 10-11 win team with him. Not championship contenders though. Where do they turn to get more than 10 wins? There are a couple options, but landing Rodgers or Wilson in Indianapolis seems unlikely. An unproven rookie in a weak class likely means they are squandering a really good team to go 5-12 or something similar. Most other options are no better than Wentz.

  16. Maybe our Vikings could get him. The former NDSU quarterback would be right at home in East Dakota . . . and it would give us a big upgrade from Cousins.

  17. When he launched himself toward the end zone in LA 2017, the Greek tragedy began. Sad. Wish him well whatever comes next.

  18. If they can’t get Rodgers or Wilson they might as well stay pt with him for another year and draft a qb this year in hopes he pans out.

  19. One thing you can say about Roseman, he get’s value when trading QBs. Never trade for an Eagles QB.

  20. The Colts have got a free agent lined up ??

    Aaron Rodgers / Deshawn Watson / Russell Wilson

    It would sure be a nice landing spot for a team ready to win

  21. He’ll soon be making $5M/yr for the next decade as a #2, holding a clipboard on the sidelines, enjoying every gameday without ever doing any work or getting hit.

    Best gig in football. Maybe best gig anywhere.

  22. Just don’t think that he is a guy that teammates rally around. Carson seems like he puts himself first because he has a soft ego and his mechanics have ways been terrible. Not an elite qb.

  23. I know everyone on here is drowning Wentz and “I told you so”, but as a Steelers fan since Super Bowl 9, my option 1- is sign both Mariotta & Trubisky for backup money with chance to earn more if winning the starters job based on % of snaps/ playoffs etc.., ie backup ends up with approx $4 mil and starter ends up with ~ $12. Both are young, have pedigree as #2 overall picks and could make a nice turn around (like Jim Plunkett) otherwise I’d be happy to have Wentz as Steelers QB for similar money. 1 yr deal for all QB

  24. Everybody blamed the eagles and eagle fans. Now the truth is revealed and America is late to the party. Same thing will be proved with mr. softee Ben Simmons. Both are soft weak players.

  25. Wentz wasn’t the only one that let them down vs Jags. Taylor had 77yds and defense wasn’t playing at their top 10 level. Cut or trade all you want but not sure who they will get to replace and put them in a playoff hunt next year.

  26. I’m not going to believe it, until they make a serious run at a franchise QB. They currently are projected to have $37M in Cap Space. If they can get another QB, then releasing is the way to go. If not, why give him up just to lose all hope of getting to the playoffs.

  27. This would make no sense unless they are trading for a qb. None of the qbs in this draft should even be taken in the first, but they will be. But the colts don’t have a first. Who’s gonna play QB for a team that is built to win right now. If they release Wentz, they have to already have some kind of deal in place for someone else. Not sure how without a first. Wentz is better than anyone they can get.

    The only guy I can think of is Jimmy G, but wentz is better than him and much more likely to stay healthy. You aren’t gonna hear that much, Wentz is more likely to stay healthy. But in this case it’s true.

  28. I though Wentz bounced back this season, However, the Jacksonville game was an eye opener. He looked lost and out of sync with his receivers.

  29. Josh McDaniels made the right choice bailing on the Colts. Most overhyped team of the past 5 years.

  30. Some players come up big in critical games and situations. Wentz is just not one of those guys….

  31. nhpats2011 says:
    February 13, 2022 at 4:06 pm
    Some players come up big in critical games and situations. Wentz is just not one of those guys….


    I agree he’s not. But I heard from someone Stidham was.

  32. I’ll believe it when I see it. The Colts have over 40 million in cap space..with him on the roster. Unless they trade for a Rogers, Wilson, Watson or someone like that, why would they? What I could see is them drafting a QB or trading for a lesser QB and keeping Wentz as a fair backup plan. Kind of like what SF did this year.

  33. Wentz is broken, physically and mentally. It’s sad really…he had so much potential. He started realizing some of it in 2017. But he’s physically never been the same since the knee, and mentally since watching Foles win the SB. He lost a step physically and couldn’t adjust his game. Mentally he couldn’t handle being anything other than the unquestioned, phenom starter. He was that the whole time he played…from high school through his first two years in the NFL.

  34. Maybe he could backup Murray someplace and they could compare notes on who throws the most embarrassing pick 6 out of the end zone.

  35. Despite the contract, it will be tough for Indy to move on. They’ve given up value to get Wentz and the QB landscape is bleak. Wondering if Indy is starting to see the personality issues that came up in Philly.
    That $30M plus payday was nice for Carson at the time, but always seemed a bit gross given his image as a guy focused on charity work, team first, etc. Agree that watching Foles win the SB broke him. But that says a lot about his character as well. If you’re injured, wouldn’t you WANT to see your backup go all the way if you’re a team guy first and foremost?

  36. nnagi says:
    February 13, 2022 at 1:48 pm
    Wha team in their right mind would trade for Wentz? He’s certainly not a franchise QB and he’s actually proven it.

    Actually, Ol too cool for school Matt Rhule would probably give up 2 1st, a 2nd and maybe Sir Purr for him. Sad, but really wouldn’t surprise me.

  37. Being Eagle (& Steelers) fan, Wentz upset me the way he acted in Philly. So, I don’t car3 for him much anymore. BUT, if I’m the Steelers he’s better than they have. Wentz has a shot at perfecting his game. Or he is what we’ve seen. NOT clutch.

  38. harrytootsie says:
    February 13, 2022 at 1:54 pm
    He came out of that quarterback factory in Philly lol
    Mock all you want, but philly has had pretty good success with their qb rooms. ’02 when McNabb went down, detmer came in and took control and when he went down, AJ Feeley came in for a handful of games and played well enough to help give the eagles the #1 seed. In 06 when McNabb went down, Jeff Garcia came in for another handful of games and led the eagles to a playoff win. In 2010 the eagles traded McNabb to Washington and got a 2nd rounder for a washed up McNabb. When Kolb went down that year in week 1, Vick came in and had one of the better seasons of his career. In 2013 foles came in to replace Vick and had one of the better statistical seasons in nfl history with 27 tds and only 2 ints. In 2016 the eagles fleeced the vikings and got a 1st rounder for Sam Bradford. In 2017 foles replaced an injured Wentz and capped off one of the more impressive championship runs that I’ve seen. Even as the #1 seed the eagles were not favored in any game that postseason. First time in nfl history for a #1 seed. Now it looks like the eagles definitely got the better end of their trade with sending Wentz to the Colts. A 1st and 3rd looks pretty good for philly. I’m sure other teams have had success with some of their backups too, but it seems like the eagles consistently have pretty decent options and are prepared if and when their starting qb goes down.

  39. Tampa Bay needs a starter… colts send him and a 3rd, get back a future 3rd, then restructure to a lower cap amount.

  40. I know he disappointed this year but I don’t know who their plan B is, that’s for sure. And now first rounder to draft a replacement with, either. Since they are otherwise built to win now, are they just going to punt on contending this season? I suspect some other team will still give Wentz another shot to be the guy, if the Colts won’t.

  41. I’ll keep saying it, they should have gotten Foles. (And still should now.)

    The Colts don’t have a regular season problem, they have a playoff problem. They have a solid team that can keep them in most games. What they need is someone who can rise to the occasion in the special moments.

    Foles not being a great regular-season QB isn’t a critical issue on this team and in this division. What we saw in his peak moments, like that outrageously good Super Bowl performance, is that his ceiling is incredibly high when it counts the most.

    That’s what you’ve been missing, Colts. Not sure why that is so hard to see.

  42. Disastrous play??????
    9-8 as a starter. 3500 yards passing. 27/7 TD/INT ratio. 94 QBR.

    Last half of the season, 6-3.

  43. dejadoh says:
    February 13, 2022 at 2:15 pm
    So who are the Colts going to get that’s better for the $13.29 million they would save? Nobody. Wentz is a top 20 QB. Even the free agents aren’t in this range (27 TDs/7 INTs). He’s actually a bargain. The Colts need another wide receiver as Hilton has gone over the hill.

    This is exactly right, and how it should be viewed. Jettison Wentz, sure, but then what? $32 million for a veteran QB isn’t bad, and it would be entirely stupid to cut him if they still will be on the hook for $15 million – so that needs to be added to the expense of whatever replacement they get.

    Can we also just lose the totally unrealistic expectation that a QB shows up in a new city and magically saves the franchise? These things take time. Brady didn’t look great for the first half of last season, but then things came together (and Wentz ain’t Brady, by any means). Wentz could improve if given the chance.

  44. The problem with Wentz is not his stats, but that he has demonstrated a consistent ability to make bad football decisions AND to be truculent and immature when his coaches try to address his bad on the field habits. There’s a reason why FitzMagic continues to get chances at age 40+. His QB stats are just OK but he is by all accounts easy to get along with, a team guy, very intelligent, and takes coaching well. That goes a long way in the NFL

  45. Why do I keep thinking about RGIII when I look at Carson Wentz? They were both drafted 2nd by teams willing to give up draft picks to get them. They both played great their first year and helped their team make the playoffs until they got injured. When they came back, both were never the same player and were discarded. That’s football for you!

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