Kyler Murray: All of this nonsense is not what I’m about

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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray caused a stir last week when he scrubbed all references of the Cardinals from his social media accounts.

But after a report from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen on Super Bowl Sunday with an anonymous source characterizing the quarterback as “self-centered, immature, and [a] finger pointer,” Murray has responded with a short statement on social media.

On both Instagram and Twitter, Murray posted a picture of himself standing on the sideline in a Cardinals uniform, ostensibly during pregame. His statement reads:

“I play this game for the love of it, my teammates, everyone who has helped me get to this position that believed in me & to win championships. All of this nonsense is not what I’m about, never has been, never will be. Anyone who has ever stepped between those lines with me knows how hard I go.

“Love me or hate me but I’m going to continue to grow and get better.”

It’s unclear exactly what Murray means by “nonsense.” After all, this became a story last week when he started actively making changes on his social media accounts.

After the ESPN report came out on Sunday, the Cardinals issued a statement saying in part, “Nothing has changed regarding our opinion and high regard for Kyler Murray.”

The first overall pick of the 2019 draft, Murray is now eligible for a contract extension. The Cardinals also must decide whether to pick up Murray’s fifth-year option this spring.

55 responses to “Kyler Murray: All of this nonsense is not what I’m about

  1. Untalented passer. Average runner. Below average mental ability – sluggish to process defenses while under pressure without running. Unless he has his blanket, Hopkins, he is nothing. The team would be better off with another QB who is a passer first with some mobility who doesn’t need just one receiver to look good. Kayla is nothing.

  2. He’s the one who started this entire thing. Now that it’s blowing up in his face he’s starting to walk back his drama.

  3. Kyler Murray is Josh Allen in a smaller package. Just pay the man and end all this drama.

  4. Trade him for a bag of footballs and some tape. He will never win in the NFL. He would probably be amazing in the CFL (no sarcasm). He is perfect for the systems they run and with the larger field you’d never touch him. In the NFL he makes a great waterboy.

  5. So, if it’s nonsense then who deleted all the items from his social media and sparked the whole speculation process? If it wasn’t him, then who set this whole thing in motion? Sounds like he’s caught up in some drama he created and now he’s trying to do some damage control. Goodluck in the MLB in your life after the NFL Murray.

  6. Kyler showed who he is over the past few weeks. Cards should make him play it out and earn a contract.

  7. They always say , “continue to grow,, “ just keep working hard”, “don’t look back”, “ just focus on my job”, etc. Only the names change

  8. To the posters who think he isn’t franchise QB..Murray could start for 25+ teams in the NFL. Imagine Murray taking over TB12 spot in Tampa..there is 5 or 6 really good young QBs right now with Burrow, Allen, Mahomes, Herbert ect..Murray is right there. U put him in SF, Tampa even Miami..he makes them a contender

  9. Speaking of divas, anybody notice how un-diva like Cooper Kupp plays? Not a huge Rams fan but you have to hand it to the guy for just being a grinder…

  10. Kyler Murray is Josh Allen in a smaller package. Just pay the man and end all this drama.

    Nope. Josh Allen has an arm.

  11. Cards want to see continued growth from Kyler before they will offer up a new contract. That seems like a tall order on such short notice.

  12. SS or 2nd base for the Oakland A’s isn’t better than this. Of course, there he wouldn’t be tied to Kliffy.

  13. Who cares what he did with his social media? Social media is not real life. When we start mistaking it for real life, that’s a problem.

  14. Really don’t get all the hate coming from people in regard to his talent and height–def not sure what his height has to do with it anyway (ie do some research on all the 6’2″, 6’4″+ QBs who have more batted passes at the line). Dude has accounted for 90 TDs snd 13,000 yds in 3 seasons. At least 20 other teams would be better off with him at quarterback.

  15. The social media battle didn’t work for an established SB QB in Wilson last year. Murray just tried the same thing and got slapped back in his place because he hasn’t even finished his rookie contract. The media battle didn’t even work for Rodgers.

    Somebody needs to tell this kid to establish some credibility before becoming a prime donna. He just failed spectacularly in the playoffs, and wants to start being a distraction?

    Please. No one cares about your college career anymore. No one cares if you made the pro bowl. Your value was shown in the playoffs. It wasn’t much. Lamar Jackson did the same thing, twice, and still got his pay day. He didn’t throw a social media hissy fit to get it. I’d trade Murray this offseason. That ego clearly has very few rivals.

  16. I’m not s Cards fan but I admit I like watching Murray play. I don’t understand the hate for this kid. He’s exciting to watch, he has above average arm, he runs as well as Lamar Jackson, and he’s accurate. Why all the hate? He finished as the #7 QB and he missed 3 games. He was the MVP favorite before he was hurt.

  17. Despite Hopkins being out I truthfully believe Kyler should’ve been above average with kirk green rondale ertz etc or at least I thought he would’ve. Maybe he should get some pointers from Russell Wilson?

  18. All athletes should either A) not have a social media account or B) state early on, your social media account is run by your marketing/PR folks to generate excitement/clicks/ etc and you are not solely responsible for its content.

    Then move along

  19. Gonna end up in the RG3, Lamar Jax, heap – wind up toys who run too much. But hey, knock yourself out drafting him to your team fantasy fans.

  20. Ranked 14 out of 32 starters just below Mac Jones. He’s fun to watch but as you see in big games against better teams. It’s almost like he can’t read defenses and site throws which only get you so far in NFL🏈

  21. running after the “first read” QB’s usually get hurt sometime during the season..he is important to his team but not being in the lineup for all games is going to be his downfall…small guys do better in baseball..

  22. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    February 14, 2022 at 7:39 pm
    Kyler Murray is Josh Allen in a smaller package. Just pay the man and end all this drama
    I have seen Allen make more difficult throws in one game then Murray has in his entire career. Murray can’t read defenses , has poor footwork that causes inaccuracy and makes poor decisions on when to stay in the pocket or run . The only thing he has in common with Allen is they both play QB .

  23. So basically Murray wants to be there when practice starts, and he is leaving at the conclusion of practice. Same for the games. If you think Kyler is gonna put an extra 7 minutes of his time into the game, you got another thing coming. All he did was confirm what the Cardinals are saying. Sure he gives 100% when he is on the field, but they need him to give 100% when he is off the field as well. Imagine Tom Brady telling Coach Belichick “if practice starts at 10:00 am I’ll be there at 9:59 am”. Or maybe Peyton saying to Coach Dungy “yeah, I wont be needing that game film to study, on the flight home, I’m just gonna relax and I’ll get to it on Wednesday”. QB in the NFL is not a 9-5 job. You need to be all in 24 hours a day.

  24. Murray scrubbed his social media accounts of all team-related content, which detracted from the NFL’s biggest week by making himself a story. Firestorm follows. He responds by stating that this nonsense- which he himself initiated- is not what he is about. He claimed that he is all go once he steps between the lines to winning championships. But championships are also won in part by what one does off of the field. His off-field actions are not conducive to helping his team progress towards a championship. He had the opportunity to explain why he altered his social media accounts in the first place, to clarify things, yet he failed to do so. Instead, he chose to let his off-field actions stay out there. That is HIS nonsense. That IS what he is about.

  25. I don’t think that Murray removing social media posts is something he did. Most likely someone involved with the agency that represents him did it. It’s pretty standard operating procedure to use that as leverage in contract situations. Social media is WAY different for public figures with millions of followers than it is for most of us.

  26. I think what we learn most from watching the Cardinals is that Hopkins is an amazing receiver. Best hands in the league, maybe of his generation. Personally I think he just makes any QB he works with look elite. Now imagine if he actually was on a team with a QB that actually was elite to begin with. How unstoppable they would be!

  27. Good QBs don’t make the hard throws..they make throws to the most open WR by making good reads…just like great billiards players don’t make triple bank shots, they set up their next shot to be easy shots by reading the table and leaving themselves the most markable shot.

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