Report: Odell Beckham Jr. is believed to have torn ACL

Super Bowl: Rams vs Bengals
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When Odell Beckham Jr. suffered his injury in the second quarter of Super Bowl LVI, it didn’t look good. Now it’s sounding more and more serious.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, Beckham is feared to have torn his ACL.

It’s the same ACL Beckham tore when he was playing for the Browns in Week Seven of the 2020 season. And it happened against the same opponent in the Bengals.

Beckham, who was released by Cleveland and signed with Los Angeles in November, is a pending free agent.

He suffered the non-contact knee injury with 3:54 left in the second quarter. Beckham was trying to catch a short pass over the middle when he went down and immediately grabbed his left knee.

Beckham caught 27 passes for 305 yards with five touchdowns for the Rams in eight regular-season games. He had 21 receptions for 288 yards with two TDs in four postseason games.

30 responses to “Report: Odell Beckham Jr. is believed to have torn ACL

  1. If the NFL is going to keep adding games to the season, they should be investing big money into both ACL injury prevention and ways to improve recovery.

  2. This is why everybody hates artificial turf. The snagging is why non contact injuries are more prevalent. A lot of NFL players were tweeting their displeasure with it last night; former and current. And Kittle and some others are on a petition campaign to get rid of it altogether for grass.

  3. Fortunately OBJ has a huge reserve of good will built up within the league, so teams won’t hesitate to sign him to a big contract.

  4. Not wishing him any bad luck but this was his problem with the Giants and Browns could not stay healthy. My guess is he will not be with the Rams next year anyway. also, I’m not sure in football if there is a way to prevent ACL injuries, after all it a contact sport and bodies are twisting all different directions. I guess some players are more prone to certain injuries.

  5. Woulda been more points if OBJ doesn’t get hurt. If that pass is in front of him, it prob. doesn’t happen. Fake Turf is bad news!

  6. All these negative comments are terrible. You never want to see that on the same leg as before. Get well soon OBJ even though I wanted the Bengals to win

  7. Really tough break for him. He was looking at a decent payday, but now it’s probably a 1 year prove it deal for small money. Will have to start the season on the PUP. However. I assume most high-profile players have purchased insurance policies during their contract years.

  8. You have to be a real coward to wish injury on someone just because you don’t like the fact they have fun and take control of their career

  9. NFL doesn’t want to go all grass – a bit slower games, less points/action. Less, in their mind, revenue.

  10. Health-wise, I feel terrible for him, or anyone that tears their acl. But he burned his bridges over the years to get here. I hope he recovers and leads a happy life, but I don’t care if he plays anymore.

  11. I felt bad for OBJ when that happened. I hope rehab goes well for him. You never want to see that in a game.

  12. OBJ said before the game he was willing to re-sign with the Rams next year for a low money deal, now it looks certain he will.

  13. Odell Beckham was seen as the problem in New York.

    Since then he’s won a Super Bowl, and the Giant’s coach, GM, and replacement coach have all been fired.

  14. He’ll be rehabbing hard this whole off season just to get back to 109%. When he plays to play and focuses on the game he is fun to watch.

  15. I feel bad for the guy getting injured, but talk about him missing a payday is disgusting. His net worth is estimated to be between $30-40 Million. Most Americans wouldn’t make that much money working nearly 1000 years! Think about it. The average American would have to work for 1000 years to earn what he has already earned playing football.

  16. I never cared for OBJ, but I wouldn’t wish that injury on anyone. Terrible. But if he doesn’t play again, he scored a touchdown in a Super Bowl for the winning team. Any ballplayer would want that as part of their legacy. Get well soon OBJ.

  17. I’d like to know why the media spun the narrative defending OBJ?
    He became a problem in NY and Cleveland. I’d like to see balanced reporting . Let’s ask NY AND CLEVELAND media.

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