Tom Brady is “super content” with decision, will “take it day by day”

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Last week, Tom Brady lit the fuse on a potential unretirement by uttering three magic words: “Never say never.”

This week, in the final episode of his Let’s Go! podcast for the 2021 season, Brady and host Jim Gray seemed to be acting as if Brady never said “never say never.”

“Tom, there’s gonna be a lot of interest in what you do next,” Gray said, via quotes distributed by SiriusXM. “You stay close to the fans by doing this program. This is our last show. We won’t be talking to you on a weekly basis until next August. People can follow you on your social media handles, but how are you gonna go about your life? And if somebody sees you out working out because you’re staying in shape that’s going to lead to all kinds of rumors. So what will you be doing next with yourself? And will you stay in shape or are you gonna start running over to eat a few key lime pies?”

“You know I love those key lime pies, too,” Brady said. “That’s my dessert of choice. So there’ll definitely be a few more of those and I’m super content and happy with how I feel in my decision. All you can do is take it day by day, nothing’s promised for us. I’m gonna do things I really enjoy and spend time with people that I really enjoy spending time with. So the future is bright. I look forward to the opportunities that are ahead and I look forward to speaking with everyone again next year. So I’ve had a great time doing the show. We’ll keep it going and thank you to everyone for their amazing support, thanks for another great NFL football season. And I hope it just keeps getting better and better from here.”

In addition to saying “never say never” last Monday, Brady also said that he won’t know how he feels until training camp comes around. Now, Gray’s question framed the entire topic in a different light, preemptively downplaying any reason for Brady staying in shape to spark “all kinds of rumors” regarding a potential return.

It’s too late for that. Brady started it last week. Some think he’ll be back as soon as this year. Others (like me) suspect he’s looking for a graceful way out of Tampa — and into San Francisco.

42 responses to “Tom Brady is “super content” with decision, will “take it day by day”

  1. I remember when Charles Barkley was playing basketball. Every year he talked about retiring. Kept his name in the papers constantly. This went on for years. Then he finally retired. But then he kept talking about a comeback. This also went on for years. Kept his name in the papers. Did Tom Brady read Charles Barkley’s book?

  2. I’m sad that I might not ever get to see Tom Brady crush the spirits of opposing fans on a weekly basis.

    -Eagles fan

  3. It’s one upmanship,between 12 and TB. You don’t think they’re gonna both retire in the same yr?

  4. There is only one team that Tom Brady would “unretire” for, and that is the San Francisco 49ers…the team he has always dreamed of playing for. It’s a long shot for sure, but you can’t discount the possibility.

  5. Or he’s comfortable with his decision and answered a question honestly that he doesn’t know how he’ll feel in 6 months.

  6. Nothing has changed. He’s open to a situation that presents itself that enhances his prospects, that doesn’t include Arians/Licht.

  7. If he comes to SF, the Niners would have had the GOAT Montana and second GOAT Brady on their team…

  8. We all know that Brady was the greatest QB of all time. We all know he will be a first ballot hall of famer and we all know about every aspect of his charmed life. Can we please give it a rest already. He will stay in the news forever……

  9. No way this guy doesn’t come back. He is going to sit back and watch to see if a starting situation arises that suits him. When you say “taking it day by day”, does that sound content?

  10. “Super content,” eh? As Shakespeare might say, “he doth protest too much, methinks.”

  11. I don’t suspect he plays, but this will be the story that won’t go away until after the trade deadline unless Tampa releases his rights, which there is no reason for them to do…

  12. People say, “Why retire? He can still play at a high level?”
    But, isn’t that all the more reason to retire? Why wait until his play drops off? Why not leave on top?

  13. I really don’t think it was so calculated in this case. He’s just talking to Jim Gray and saying what he thinks.

  14. Would be great if people mean what they say, and say what they mean. These retirements are just marketing gimmicks for the brand. Must be a lucrative strategy.

  15. Just go away enjoy your life, your money, your life and leave us along. Were moving on to people who actually play football.

  16. Rodgers isnt like Brady, he wants to stay in GB because they are catering to him. He has them on the ropes, he knows it , he knows that MGMT understands that without him the team starts looing up at the Lions in the standings for years to come and Murphy et al, lose their jobs.

  17. He’s not “super content”. He never wanted to stop playing. He only made that announcement to appease Giselle, for now. Brady is addicted to football and winning. He’s probably not capable of quitting it cold turkey.

  18. I can see coming out of retirement to try and get to the 49ers. The 49ers can’t win next season with Trey Lance. He still needs more time to develop. If Brady comes in for 1 season, he can give the 49ers a legitimate shot at winning a Super Bowl. Brady is today’s Brett Favre. I’ll lose all respect for him if this is a phony retirement to try and get to San Fran or another team.

  19. …and I’m super content and happy with how I feel in my decision”. After last week’s interview, Giselle must have given him a stern talking to.

  20. Sounds to me like Brady wants to leave Tampa Bay because he doesn’t think they’ll be a Super Bowl contender in 2022. Talk about a team player…

  21. Brady is not going to San Francisco. They need to move on with a young QB, and that is Lance. Brady would also not want to learn a new offence…and the SF offense is completely different than what he had in TB or NE

  22. Well if this is any indication, the Florida fan who received Tommy’s “final touchdown pass” after Mike Evans tossed it in the stands, already has it up for auction. That’s a ball that will only increase in value if it’s Tom’s last — but is much less valuable if isn’t. Dude is a smart man striking while the iron is hot…

  23. Didn’t the 49ers already turn Brady down when he was trying to get out of New England? I’ll be surprised if he winds up there, but this is the NFL, where anything is possible.

  24. Today TB is super content, but tomorrow is a brand new day, so come back tomorrow to ask the same question. Please keep all attention on me.

  25. No one’s ever quarterbacked three different franchises to Super Bowl victories! It can’t be done, Tom Brady! Forget it!!

  26. montanaGOAT says: If he comes to SF, the Niners would have had the GOAT Montana and second GOAT Brady on their team…

    Yup, the one they kicked out and the one they didn’t draft 😉 They could have SB wins in the double digits by now lol

  27. rainer8135 says: Sounds to me like Brady wants to leave Tampa Bay because he doesn’t think they’ll be a Super Bowl contender in 2022. Talk about a team player…

    Do you mean like Stafford? Or Wilson and Rodgers, at least in their intentions? When one has been a tean player his whole life, and given to those teams all Brady did, one has earned all the rights to play wherever he is wanted that results in the best chances to win. Granted, most would chase the money, Brady chases the wins

  28. 0-2 against Eli Manning when it mattered most
    Suspended for cheating

    Nice legacy for the Cheatin’ Tom Fan club. 😀

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