It’s way too early to debate whether Matthew Stafford is a Hall of Famer

Super Bowl: Rams vs Bengals
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A bizarre debate has emerged in the aftermath of Super Bowl LVI. It’s bizarre because the subject of it is: (1) not retired; and (2) still alive.

Is Matthew Stafford a Hall of Famer? It’s a question that Richard Sherman, who is making the transition from shutdown corner to hot-take artist, raised after the Rams’ 23-20 win over the Bengals.

“The HOF bar is incredibly low now,” Sherman said on Twitter. “Like a participation trophy. No all decade team. No All Pro. No MVP. One Pro Bowl. Not even MVP of the Super Bowl. Never considered the best in any year he played. At least [Matt] Ryan has an MVP.”

Setting aside the question of whether the bar is too low (and whether that low bar will help get Sherman in), Stafford’s career isn’t over. He has a Super Bowl win. He led the game-winning drive, making multiple key throws to secure the victory.

Before this season, Stafford had 12 underrated and largely overlooked years with a bad Lions franchise. Through it all, he did his job to the best of his ability, quietly racking up tremendous numbers.

He recently turned 34, and he’s already at No. 12 on the all-time passing yardage list, with 49,995, and at No. 12 in career touchdown passes, with 323. He’ll keep climbing the lists, and he could still win more Super Bowls.

How much longer will he play? Five years? Seven? That’s not yet known.

Thus, it’s way too early to have the debate. Eventually, it’ll happen. Inevitably, the voters will scrutinize his full career accomplishments. History could look kindly on what he was able to achieve with a chronically inept franchise.

45 responses to “It’s way too early to debate whether Matthew Stafford is a Hall of Famer

  1. Richard Sherman should stick to screaming at Erin and drunkedly assaulting his family. He’s better at that.

  2. One ref assisted win gets you HOF consideration? Isn’t the measure for a Qb did he win games he should have lost?

  3. If Stafford is a HoF’er based on his Super Bowl win then Trent Dilfer should be too. Stafford has 323 passing TD and 161 INTs in his thirteen year career. He has almost 50k passing yards though. Still, I don’t look at Stafford as anything more than a better than average QB on a really good team. He has only had two years with a passer rating of over 100. Aaron Rodgers has ten along with 449 passing TDs and only 93 INTs. In four years as a starter Mahomes has 151 TDs and only 37 INTs and three passer ratings over 100 (the other year was 98.5).

    I just don’t look at Stafford as being an elite QB.

  4. NFL HOF is like the Rock & Roll HOF; Don’t understand the criteria and I’m not interested in either. Love football, but this is where MLB kicks butt.

  5. Stafford is somewhere between Kirk Cousins and Aaron Rodgers. He’s a good QB, makes all the throws, but he can’t take otherwise mediocre teams to the next level. Where Cousins sinks with greatness around him, at least Stafford can shine. But unlike Rodgers, he does require greatness around him to be great.

  6. otheirony says:
    February 15, 2022 at 8:58 pm
    If Eli Manning is a HOF’er than so is Stafford!!


  7. Is Matthew Stafford a Hall of Famer? NO!!!!

    Should Eli Manning be in the Hall of Fame? NO!!!!

    Will Eli Manning be voted in to the Hall of Fame? Yes, sadly because a helmet catch, playing for the Giants and being a Manning mean more than actual ability…

    Will Stafford be voted in…sadly Yes, because years of padding stats with meantingless throws in meaningless games leading to many, many losses means added with sharing a hot tub in Cabo with the “hot” coach leads to being traded to the Rams…

    Stafford, Eli Manning Terrill Davis, Kurt Warner and Dick Vermeil will be the headliners in the Hall of Very Good…

  8. No Stafford is not a HOFer.

    Yeah he won a ring with a loaded team on defense. So did Trent Dilfer.

    Not like he took the Lions to the championship.

  9. otheirony says:
    February 15, 2022 at 8:58 pm
    If Eli Manning is a HOF’er than so is Stafford!!
    At least Eli beat the premier dynasty team of this century in the NFL twice when it mattered most.

    Stafford beat the Bengals thanks to his defense. That doesn’t put him in the HOF.

  10. The NFL record for the most receiving yards in one season is owned by Calvin Johnson with 1967 yards, Cooper Kupp is 2nd with 1945 yards. Matthew Stafford was the QB for both.

  11. Sherman better hope the HOF bar is low. Otherwise the only way hes getting in is by buying a ticket.

    Legion of Boom, too funny.

    Long live the greatest one year dynasty of all time.

  12. In the comparison between Stafford & Goff, why is it rarely mentioned that Goff’s Cooper Kupp was out hurt when Goff faced the Brady/Belichick in the SB.

    Does anyone think that Goff may have fared better if Kupp had been in the game?
    Does anyone think that Stafford wins without Kupp & against the dynamic BB duo?

  13. otheirony says:
    February 15, 2022 at 8:58 pm
    If Eli Manning is a HOF’er than so is Stafford!!

    Eli beat the Patriots two times in the SB, admittedly with a great defense but still.
    The first time Eli beat arguably the best team that’s ever played; the 18-1 Patriots won almost every game in a rout.

    And in case you’ve forgotten, I’m a Brady homer.

  14. He isn’t one. Sorry but winning a Super Bowl can’t be the only precursor. He was a good QB but not never considered a great one.

  15. He has a losing record. No way a below .500 QB should be in the hall. If he can string together a few more seasons like this past one and maybe another SB he has a shot.

  16. Not even close, no way. Played like he always does, turns it over, makes some really good throws. Same guy, just on a loaded team.

  17. While I do not disagree with Sherman’s take that the HOF is perilously close to being a participation trophy I really don’t see anything in Stafford’s career (and I have always thought he was better than most people did and liked that he labored in silence in Detroit) that is HOF worth.

    If it is just for winning a SB then there are number of QBs who need to be inducted next year.

  18. Totally agree with Florio! It’s way too early to be having HOF discussions. Let Stafford enjoy his Super Bowl victory and i just do not understand all the hate towards him…he spent 12 years playing for the dysfunctional Lions…let the man have his moment!!

  19. Let’s not kid ourselves- the bar was lowered in 1985 when Joe Namath was inducted.

  20. He’s not. He does have a few more years but the reason they won the superbowl was not him (mainly). It was that D.

  21. He wasnt a leader in Detroit but he took the responsibility in LA but it helped he had an all-star supporting cast.

  22. With his current accomplishments, he shouldn’t get in.

    A QB wins the MVP almost every single year, and they get far more votes than any other position. Even in this QB friendly environment, Stafford has never received a single MVP vote. Not one! During the course of Stafford’s career, David Carr, Carson Palmer, Tony Romo, Carson Wentz, and even Chad Pennington have all received votes.

    You don’t have to win an MVP to get to Canton. But it’s a bad sign if you can’t get a single vote.

  23. Way too early?

    Dude, we have 13 season of professional football from Stafford.

    Short answer: No
    He needed an ALL STAR ALL WORLD supporting cast to even get a single playoff victory.

  24. Sherman is correct.

    I’m surprised Jason Campbell, Kevin kolb, and Jim Druckenmiller aren’t up for discussion as well

  25. Stafford in the Hall? Nobody’s talking about that except Sherman.

    And it’s easy to be right when you’re arguing against a point that nobody’s making. But it does arouse suspicion.

    And in this case, the suspicion is warranted. This isn’t about Stafford. This is about Sherman leveraging his “ legacy” against another player’s resume, which he thinks pales in comparison to his own. Richard, you’re not as slick as you think you are, but you are the egomaniac we thought you were, that’s all.

  26. Sherman is right the bar is too low in every hall of fame. How do you debate about a hall of famer for 10 years before he gets in? You should be able to look at someone and know instantly. What did the stats change over time? They’ve become the Hall of Better Than Average.

  27. Kurt Warner is in the Hall of Fame, guys. Terrel Davis, too. Isn’t it a little late to start debating the level of excellence it requires to enter Canton? That ship has sailed.

  28. jrterrier5 says:
    February 15, 2022 at 10:27 pm
    otheirony says:
    February 15, 2022 at 8:58 pm
    If Eli Manning is a HOF’er than so is Stafford!!

    Eli beat the Patriots two times in the SB, admittedly with a great defense but still.
    The first time Eli beat arguably the best team that’s ever played; the 18-1 Patriots won almost every game in a rout.

    And in case you’ve forgotten, I’m a Brady homer.
    Yeah. Being inducted to the HOF is about the story as much as the stats. Eli beating the Pats twice when it mattered most, once to stop the undefeated season is a compelling story and that’s why he’ll get in. Kurt Warner is a compelling story. So is Davis.

    Stafford winning a ring with a loaded defense isn’t at that level. Now if Stafford took the sad sack Lions to a championship – now THAT would be a really compelling story that could get him in the HOF.

    As it is he needs to do a lot more than he’s done so far.

  29. Let him play another 3-5 years and discuss the topic when he finished playing. His passing numbers look great and he was the QB for two of the best wide receiver seasons in NFL history (Megatron, Kupp). So far, he has done what he was able to do on his teams. It‘s not his fault he was playing the majority of his season on bad Lions teams. He had Megatron there, but who else? It‘s not like Mahomes, Rodgers and other QBs are playing with stiffs.
    The AFC is loaded, but if the Rams don‘t fold completely they could be the NFC representative in the Super Bowl more than once in the next 3-5 years and we‘ll see what people think of Stafford after a successful 3 or 4-year run. HOF discussions about Stafford are premature at this time.

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