Jessie Bates: I think we set a standard for Cincinnati

Super Bowl LVI
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The Bengals fell short of a Super Bowl title in Los Angeles on Sunday, but the 2021 season still marked a major step forward for the franchise.

Five straight losing seasons and six wins over the last two years were the backdrop for their run to an AFC title, so winning the AFC North and knocking off the Raiders, Titans, and Chiefs in the playoffs marked a massive change in fortunes in Cincinnati. After the 23-20 loss to the Rams, Bengals safety Jessie Bates said that he believes it can be a lasting one.

“This group is a special group,” Bates said. “We know it. It’s tough that every year there’s a new team. This group was special but next year it’s going to look different but our standard is our standard is our standard. I think we set a standard here in Cincinnati. It’s going to continue for a long time and even the guys that aren’t going to be here, that’s a standard that they can take to another team, go be a dad, whatever it is in life. That standard that we built this year was something special like I said.”

Bates isn’t the only Bengals player who feels that the future remains bright, although a look at history shows that return trips to the Super Bowl are far from guaranteed in the NFL. Holding onto core pieces from this year’s team will help any bids for success in 2022 and beyond, which should make retaining Bates a priority in the coming weeks.

Bates is set for unrestricted free agency after a standout season on the back end of the defense. Re-signing or tagging him will be a big piece of the effort to ensure the standard remains the standard for the AFC champs.

15 responses to “Jessie Bates: I think we set a standard for Cincinnati

  1. bengals didn’t fall short, it was “awarded” to the rams because their mkt is much bigger, always follow the money to ge to the whys and wheretofors

  2. Set the standard for failing to deliver a championship? The Bengals set that standard back in the 1980s….

  3. So “the standard is the standard”? Seems like I’ve heard that somewhere else before….

    You all had a good year. Now do it again. And again. Sustaining it is the tough part. That’s when you set a “standard.”

  4. It was a special year for the Bengals. Congrats to them. They were 6-6 in one score games last season. But next season they will play a first place schedule. Time will tell if they can hold up.

  5. Cut Waynes (he’s on the team?), cut Hargreaves (he can bring his flip flops with him), cut Apple or at least make sure he’s your 5th best corner. Should have plenty of cap space to bring back some key guys (Hill, Bates, Ogunjobi) and get the best 3-4 offensive lineman out there.

  6. The difference is now they won’t catch teams by surprise but let’s not forget they lost 7 games this season…. It’s not like they went 14-3 or something and there’s that little thing called not getting your qb killed

  7. Bengals are a excited and young team to watch going forward. Expect to see them in a lot of playoff games and another Super-Bowl for years to come.

  8. The best thing about the Bengals’ run is that Zac Taylor is going to be in Cincy for at least 5 more years

  9. The Pats are the standard, obviously. 2 dynasties in 20 years is incredible. That’s the standard.

    Good luck.

  10. That’s how most Super Bowls are won or lost in the last 20 years or so. It comes down to a few plays at the end. Gotta win it when they get a chance. If the Bengals had won that game on the final drive or in OT the legend of Burrow would have been born. Instead, they have to hope they can get back again at some point. The odds are incredibly low. Even assuming they make the playoffs, that’s a 1 in 7 chance to make the Super Bowl. 14% chance.
    86% chance they don’t make the Super Bowl at minimum.

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