Report: Adrian Peterson will not face felony domestic violence charges

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NFL running back Adrian Peterson will not face felony domestic violence charges, TMZ Sports reports.

The case now will be sent to the Los Angeles City Attorney, who still could bring misdemeanor domestic charges against Peterson.

Peterson’s wife, Ashley, defended him after Peterson’s arrest Sunday, telling TMZ that at “no point” did he hit her.

Peterson also professed his innocence, allowing that he got into an argument with his wife after their plane left the gate at Los Angeles International Airport on the couple’s trip home to Houston. The plane returned to the gate, so police could remove Peterson from the plane.

“It’s blown out of proportion,” Peterson told Mark Berman of Fox 26. “Me and the wife got into an argument on the plane. That was pretty much the gist of it. I ended up grabbing her hand and taking her ring off her finger. She didn’t press any charges. The state of California pressed charges because there was a scratch on her hand. Literally that’s why I went to jail, because the ring left a scratch on her finger. We just had a disagreement. I know the headlines: Domestic violence. You’d think I beat her up or something. It was nothing like that.”

Peterson played in three games for the Titans and one for the Seahawks this season. He has previously played for the Lions, Commanders, Saints, Cardinals and Vikings. He was ineffective in limited action in 2021 and his NFL career likely has come to an end.

16 responses to “Report: Adrian Peterson will not face felony domestic violence charges

  1. “I didn’t physically torture my 4-year-old, if he wouldn’t have been bad, I wouldn’t have to do it.

    “I don’t know how all that money was embezzled out of my charity, it certainly wasn’t all the hotels and hookers.”

    And finally, “The ring caused the scratch on my wife’s finger, it obviously had nothing to do with me invading her personal space and yanking it off her finger.”

    The sad part is, this tool has used variations of these excuses throughout his lifetime.
    It’s always a sad, sorry excuse.

  2. Hopefully, this STOPS here and doesn’t give Peterson a false sense that he cannot be held accountable no matter wgat he does because it could lead to something worse down the road. He needs to get help.

  3. The wife of popular televangelist Joel Osteen had a somewhat similar occurrence a number of years ago. The airlines are hypersensitive to any slight behavioral activity above quiet and seated. Any hint of agitation will result in the individual being removed from the plane,even if it means turning back or diverting to the nearest airport without warning or attempt to resolve the situation.

  4. Gee this is a big shocker a battered wife says , oh no its nothing I don’t want to press any charges. Heard it a million times, money can solve a lot of issues.

  5. Dude has to mature up. How old is he acting when arguing over something minor, as he and his wife state, to yank the ring off his wife. Even if it was a big fight, what the hell is he doing? Are you in high school A.P.? Grown men dont or shouldnt act this way.

  6. The guy has always been an idiot. The fans that support him and wear his jersey are about as foolish as the bozos who out Mark Chmura in the teams hall of fame and listen to his radio show as if it were gospel.

  7. Women who are battered usually change their minds when the perpetrators say they are sorry and it won’t happen again but it always does. It’s such a vicious cycle. People down voting are most likely the same one who have anger issues and like to beat their wives.

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