Les Snead: “F them picks, we’ll use them to win more Super Bowls”


Rams General Manager Les Snead showed up to the Rams Super Bowl LVI championship parade and rally on Wednesday wearing a shirt of the famed “F— them picks” meme.

Snead and the Rams, of course, have been the most aggressive team in utilizing first-round picks to build a championship roster. Los Angeles hasn’t had a first-round pick since trading up to select Jared Goff in 2016. They’re not scheduled to have another one until 2024 after making trades for cornerback Jalen Ramsey and quarterback Matthew Stafford.

So during his victory speech at the Los Angeles Coliseum on Wednesday, Snead referenced the now-famous meme.

“Here’s what I know: The late John Madden said winning the Super Bowl was the highest of high,” Snead said. “So you know what? Our players, our coaches, [team owner] Stan [Kroenke] and his family, everyone in this organization who supports them on that mission, and everyone out there, you know what? We know what that highest high feels like today.

“So in honor of the shirt, F them picks — we’ll use them to go win more Super Bowls.”

The Rams currently have three picks in the 2022 draft, starting in the fifth round. But they’re slated to receive a few compensatory picks as well, one of which will come from Detroit hiring former Rams director of college scouting Brad Holmes as G.M. last year.

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  1. If the Bengals had had a better o-line, the Rams would have been on the losing end, so despite it being a copycat League, I don’t think most teams are going to trip over themselves to trade away their first-round picks or try to buy a championship.

  2. I wonder if he’ll have that same opinion when it comes time to sign those guys they traded for with the salary cap. It works for an immediate time frame but for the long haul, it’s still up for debate.

  3. Yeah it is the highest of highs!!!
    They did it – so celebrate the accomplishment.

    There are at least eight teams in the league that have never even been to the super bowl.

  4. I remember the eagles saying that after they won lol dynasty but for 1 ring I say it’s worth it especially for like Goff,OBJ and AD….

  5. This statement won’t age well. Just ask the Bucaneers fans if you can find any left. They all fell off the bandwagon when the Tom Brady and Free Agent spending spree came to a screeching halt. Yes, congrats on the recipe for a 1 year “Dynasty”

  6. I would say the same thing if I had a coach who can only diagram plays and can’t develop players,

    Draft picks are only good when you know how to motivate and develop players into their full potential:

  7. He can talk it now because he walked it, now let’s see if Brad Holmes can win on his end of the deal.

  8. Humility and dignity have taken a back seat to self promotion and woofing. That makes the Rams a fitting champion in 2022 America. They’ll be another one hit wonder.

  9. The Rams might not have many draft picks the next couple years,…but in all honesty if you look at their salary cap situation,… it’s not all that bad. $10 mil over the 2022 cap which can be fixed easily with a few deals redone and converted into signing bonuses to spread it out. They have a couple free agents that need to be signed,.. Vonn Miller at the top of the list. The Rams should be solid for 2022.

  10. Snead was speaking to all of you doubters who don’t like the way the Rams look for coachable players in the later rounds and trade away first round picks for proven talent. The Snead/McVay way puts less pressure on draft picks to perform immediately. They can ride the pine while learning their role. If those players are asked to step up, because of injury or whatever, they’ve had time to learn the game. Those guys – the guys who aren’t big name superstars, were essential to us winning the Lombardi trophy.

    Be present. Be in the moment. One play at a time. We not me.

    We just had our Super Bowl parade in sunny LA. Feel free to be jealous!

  11. I believe the Rams winning the Super Bowl was more of an indictment of foolish late game pass coverage by the Bucs, Tartt’s drop of a guaranteed pick in the NFCCG and a bogus holding call on Cincinnati’s Logan Wilson.

    But whatever. Good for them. It’s hard to hate the Rams and their 12 fans

  12. Its a fun soundbite as they celebrate winning the SB…and Les Snead will always be known as the guy who bet the future in order to win it all THIS year…and then did it…so Good for him and the Rams.

    Is that approach sustainable? Nah…but let them celebrate…

  13. I have gone from feeling blah about the Rams to now putting them on top of my dislike list below the Dallas football team. Good job, Snead. Let’s see how many Snoopy Bowls you win before you are fired.

  14. Well, he’ll be out of a job in 2 – 3 years when the Rams are losing and all the high priced guys are gone or old and not worth the $$$….and will have ZERO depth because of lost picks.

    But hey, you won a Chip! Congrats.

  15. fanfrommontreal says:
    February 16, 2022 at 3:39 pm
    “No Sir, what you did is the recipe for a one year dynasty and many years of purgatory.”

    I have seen similar comments posted here every year since Jeff Fisher was shown the door and Sean McVay & Les Snead started running the show their way. These predictions may well be proven right some day (as my broken clock is proven right twice per day), but until that day comes, so far Rams fans have enjoyed a Super Bowl victory, 2 Super Bowl appearances, 2 NFC West championships, and 4 playoff appearance in 5 years.

  16. He’s playing off the narrative. He knows the fact is only one team has had more picks in Rounds 2-7 than the Rams the past 5 years. One team.

  17. If ever there is a candidate for “one year wonder” it is this team. Those lost picks and their salary cap is going to bite them real soon…and bad!

  18. It worked out, even if they are bad for the next 10 years. Most every other team would love to have a single Lombardi even if it meant several down years.

  19. Man are these guys lucky they played the Bengals. And they barely won on top of that.

    This narrative would’ve been a lot different had they played the Chiefs or Bills.

  20. Tom Brady says:
    February 16, 2022 at 3:43 pm
    It’ll be fun to revisit this in a couple years
    You all act like we haven’t been already doing this for several years…

  21. billzondarise says:
    February 16, 2022 at 6:45 pm
    Man are these guys lucky they played the Bengals. And they barely won on top of that.

    This narrative would’ve been a lot different had they played the Chiefs or Bills


    Yeah, the Rams would have won by 20

  22. Bills coach Sean McDermott likes to use the phrase, “Stay humble and hungry.” So does Les Snead……minus the humble part.

  23. The anti-Patriot way……..of course a one year dynasty….vs 20 years of dominance

  24. I didn’t read all the comments but did see a few one hit wonder comments from the haters. Hey people I hate to tell you this but this is the fifth year they’ve been doing this. Every year a winning record, four playoff appearances 7-3 record in playoff games, two NFC titles, and of course the super bowl championship. Gee looks like it’s been a disaster

  25. 20 of the 32 teams in the league haven’t won a Super Bowl in over 25 years. I’m sure many of those fan bases would take a Super Bowl win even if it meant 5 years of mediocrity to follow.

  26. I can’t argue with the results…at least this year. On paper it seems like another method of team building. Vermeil did something similar with the Chiefs in the early 2000’s and fell short for KC. But you have to hit on all your vereran players just like you would a draft and sort out the ones that actually want to win vs the ones that just want a paycheck. Equally as tough. We’ll see if he can keep it up for the long haul.

  27. So true. What’s the point of picks? Hoping you hit on actual first round talent. Why not just trade for proven first round talent

  28. Why does quote remind me of Jeff Fisher’s quote on Hard Knocks when he was still the Rams coach?

    I don’t think that one worked out well either.

  29. billzondarise says:
    February 16, 2022 at 6:45 pm
    Man are these guys lucky they played the Bengals. And they barely won on top of that.

    This narrative would’ve been a lot different had they played the Chiefs or Bills

    I guess they woulda been playing in some weird 3rd or 5th place game because the Bengals beat the Chiefs and the Chiefs beat the Bills if my memory serves.

  30. Well worth it for Snead to say that just to bring about al of the whining and moaning here. Funny how the same people that like to see hard-nosed hitting and complain about the game becoming soft can be so easily offended by a t-shirt.

  31. Calm down everyone. Every team talks smack at their parade. It’s a victory lap, not a press conference.

  32. I believe the Rams are fully aware of the pros and cons of this approach.

    Pro: Won the Super Bowl
    Cons: Harder to sustain in the long run

    The reality is that Aaron Donald will retire some day. At that point, they will have to reset anyway.

    But for now, the Rams are Super Bowl Champions!

  33. People can snivel all they want about how the Rams were lucky and about how they have mortgaged their future but I’d simply remind them that the overwhelming majority of NFL teams who have kept and used all or (at the very least) most of their first round picks for the last several years didn’t win the Super Bowl this season, last season or the season before that or the season before that or the season before that. For each and every one of those teams who have kept and used their first round picks but still didn’t win even one of the last five Super Bowls, what do you think of the “future” that they had back in 2017 and 2018? We’re talking about teams like the Browns, Panthers, Giants, Texans, Lions and several other teams. Do you think that their fan bases are as happy with their teams as Rams fans currently are with theirs? And there’s no guarantee that any of those teams will be winning Super Bowl next year or the year after that or the year after that, neither. They might. But so might the Rams. And by the way, the Rams still needed to draft well in the mid and later rounds in order to win this Super Bowl and that’s exactly what they did. Their trades for Stafford, Ramsey and Miller wouldn’t have resulted in their winning this Super Bowl if they hadn’t drafted well in the mid and later rounds over the last few years. So, no, no Super Bowl was bought.

  34. Good for them. Look at Aaron Rodgers, he has tried for over 10 years to win another SB and failed with traditional methods. Look at most teams in the NFL that do it through sound drafting and few FA signings. They make it close, but rarely do they ever repeat if they win the SB. Most teams do not even making it to the championship game let alone the SB. Is the Rams model wise for sustained success? No. But can it work? Yes, as seen with the Rams and the Bucs. The ultimate goal is winning the SB, and the Rams succeeded for 2021, albeit for one year, which is more than what 12 teams in the league can say.

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