Pete Carmichael to remain Saints’ offensive coordinator

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The Saints have lost Sean Payton, but they won’t be making wholesale changes to their offense.

Pete Carmichael, who has been the Saints’ offensive coordinator since 2009, will remain in that role under new head coach Dennis Allen, according to multiple reports.

Carmichael had declined an opportunity to interview for the head-coaching job after Payton stepped away, and it had previously been expected that Allen would find a new offensive coordinator. But Allen and Carmichael have agreed to stay the course with the offensive system that Carmichael and Payton have developed together since Payton first hired Carmichael as quarterbacks coach in 2006.

With Carmichael now back as coordinator, the Saints will have about as much stability on their coaching staff as they could possibly have without Payton.

8 responses to “Pete Carmichael to remain Saints’ offensive coordinator

  1. guy is a nerd, but knows Peyton’s offense better than Peyton….now who’s the QB??

  2. Goodbye Hill. No Kamara. Thomas? Who knows what he has in him. Yikes. Good luck with that.

  3. Bit of an unexpected development…that lends itself to continuity on the field. If Jameis Winston has the heart I believe he does, he’ll be on the field giving my Buc’s hell. Never was his biggest fan, but that football fans, is how you say something about an opponent or competitor…

  4. Wait a minute. What’s this committee offensive system. It was all Payton.
    As for Pete he only called plays when Sean was suspended and everyone saw how bad the offense was.
    I am glad that I don’t have season tickets. I would not be happy right now.
    Besides what’s up with this “changing too many things”. Things need to be changed. Especially on the offensive side
    It’s slice and dice time.
    Kamara and Thomas are the first two.

  5. I’m not a happy camper. Sometimes you need change. People are romantacizing the Sean Payton offense, but have forgotten, the Saints haven’t been in the Super Bowl since 2010! If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting. When the Rams and Bengals fired Jeff Fisher and Marvin Lewis, they didn’t fall in love with their old systems. They hired new blood; people who were hungry and even more innovative. The Rams have gone to 2 Super Bowls since Fisher left, and the Bengals 1 since Lewis left. Change can be a beautiful thing! That’s why Sean Payton left. He wanted change! And could end up changing addresses to Dallas. For the Saints, it’s like breaking up with a girl, but still hanging on to the memories, although she’s moved on and is with another dude! I would have loved having Eric Bienemy with that high-powered KC offense in NO. One of the main reasons I wanted change was because a new OC would not feel an allegiance to Taysom Hill as a QB. I’m afraid the Saints will be 5-12 next year if they depend on that dude! Every team in the NFL playoffs had a great or a good QB. There was no mediocre, run-of-the-mill “Taysom Hills” there. And there’s a reason for it.

  6. The two commenters above about changing things up do not know what they are talking about. The Saints have the 4th highest win total since 2006. A major reason for that is continuity and not blowing things up every other year. You do not change things up that are working just for the sake of change. You change things up when your team is crap.

    Thank goodness you two aren’t running the team.

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