Rams GM Les Snead wears “F— them picks” shirt to Super Bowl parade

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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Rams General Manager Les Snead has been perhaps the most aggressive executive in the league about trading away draft picks to acquire players. It worked, and the Rams won Super Bowl LVI — and now Snead is gloating.

Snead wore a shirt to today’s Super Bowl parade that has a picture of himself and the words “Fuck them picks.” Snead’s wife, Kara Henderson, tweeted a picture of Snead wearing the shirt at the parade.

The Rams traded two first-round picks and a third-round pick for Matthew Stafford, two first-round picks and a fourth-round pick for Jalen Ramsey, and second- and third-round picks for Von Miller, among other trades they’ve made prioritizing veteran players over building through the draft. Snead has also drafted well — Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp are among his draft picks, and much of the Rams’ depth was built through the draft — but he hasn’t been shy about getting rid of draft picks if he likes a player he can acquire in a trade.

Eventually, the lack of draft picks could catch up to the Rams, but the Rams’ goal was to win the Super Bowl, and they’ve done it. Snead went all-in, and he has every right to gloat.

37 responses to “Rams GM Les Snead wears “F— them picks” shirt to Super Bowl parade

  1. Most teams that try this get close to the SB but don’t win it. Then they sink back into mediocrity for the next ten years. Give the Rams credit. They actually made this risky approach work.

  2. I’m with Snead. I’ll take a proven player, especially a very good player over the potential of what a pick might become. Just logical thinking to me.

  3. cant lie… Im a very jealous Bills fan. Les Snead did the right thing. if you have a window, do everything you can. those draft picks wont help you right now, like a vet would

  4. It definitely worked. But he mortgaged the future and fans often have a short memory. If the L’s start to pile up because those already-aging players that were exchanged for high draft stock are no longer performing to the level a typical 1st rounder is expected to, fans will start calling for a change in leadership. But enjoy it now either way.

  5. Real classy, Les. And it would be nice if the networks rotating the Super Bowl coverage and the NFL considered the huge number of children watching the game when planning halftime entertainment.

  6. Thats pretty funny. Might be years of misery, but they got their trophy. It also means they win LA, which is huge. Whatever foothold the Chargers were going to get is very likely now completely gone.

  7. How many of us would sacrifice years of futility because we traded away draft picks to win just one Super Bowl?

  8. What a class act. He should have been fired years ago and now think he’s king after backing into a Super Bowl on Stafford and Donald’s coattails.

  9. Doesn’t matter if the Rams win 5 games over the next five years, they’ve got another one in the case now, bottom line. Worth it.

  10. I like the idea of building a team with veterans, but I would rather target a slightly lower tier of guys and not give up so much draft capital. I guess it’s OK with Snead to throw away all that future value for one Super Bowl. I don’t think it will be so OK with the fickle LA fans in the long run.

  11. puts other GM’s on the hot seat for not doing the same thing….im sure he didnt get alot of xmas cards

  12. It turned out to work, but the Rams were also very close to losing the Superbowl and if they had, I believe the narrative on those picks would definitely be different.

  13. It’s only worth it if you win the Super Bowl, and they did. Two or three years from now though, him and McVay will both step away “for family” and then eventually go to a new team that doesn’t have bare cupboards.

  14. It really is a calculated risk. The legalization of sports gambling is going to mean an expanding salary cap for the foreseeable future. The pandemic has delayed the true impact of legalization that we will soon see.

  15. Classy. That will surely rally the 12 actual Ram fans that exist. Only bigger joke of a fan base is the other Los Angeles team.

  16. Based on the comments, even after a SB win, there’s less LA fans than I thought. Why did the NFL think their LA market needed a SB? The rams still appeal to less than 200 diehards. Miami, Detroit and Houston all have more than that.

  17. It has been just a couple of days, and I already forgot who won the super bowl. You know the playoffs were that bad when this happens, especially if you’re a die-hard fan.

  18. Draft picks are valuable ONLY if you have competent people evaluating the talent and ensuring the coaching staff uses the guys at their strengths and not trying to prove a system is better than the player

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