Report: Cowboys paid $2.4 million to settle allegations of locker-room voyeurism

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Why is the NFL keeping the results of the Washington investigation so secret? Because other owners fear that they could find themselves in a similar mess.

Case in point — the Dallas Cowboys. While owner Jerry Jones faces no specific allegations against him (for now), a new report from Don Van Natta, Jr. of contends that the team owned and operated by Jones paid $2.4 million to settle claims made by four members of the team’s cheerleading squad. They claimed that former P.R. executive Rich Dalrymple secretly recorded them with an iPhone while they changed clothes in connection with a 2015 event at AT&T Stadium.

Dalrymple, per the report, also was accused by a fan who watched an online stream from the team’s draft room in 2015 of taking “upskirt” photos of Charlotte Jones Anderson, the daughter of Jerry Jones and an executive with the Cowboys.

“People who know me, co-workers, the media and colleagues, know who I am and what I’m about,” Dalrymple said in a statement issued to “I understand the very serious nature of these claims and do not take them lightly. The accusations are, however, false. One was accidental and the other simply did not happen. Everything that was alleged was thoroughly investigated years ago, and I cooperated fully.”

The team issued a statement to as well, from communications consultant Jim Wilkinson.

“The organization took these allegations extremely seriously and moved immediately to thoroughly investigate this matter,” Wilkinson said. “The investigation was handled consistent with best legal and HR practices and the investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing. . . . If any wrongdoing had been found, Rich would have been terminated immediately. Everyone involved felt just terrible about this unfortunate incident.”

But, obviously, enough of something was found to result in $2.4 million changing hands. The money was paid pursuant to non-disclosure agreements. And someone disclosed at least one of the agreements; Van Natta obtained it.

Dalrymple recently retired. Van Natta writes that the move came “several weeks after ESPN began interviewing people about the alleged incidents and just days after ESPN contacted attorneys involved in the settlement.” Dalrymple, in his statement, said that the allegations “had nothing to do with my retirement from a long and fulfilling career, and I was only contacted about this story after I had retired.”

We’ll see whether and to what extent this mushrooms for the Cowboys. The timeline is curious, to say the least. And with Congress currently pressuring the league over the Washington Commanders situation, it could be a matter of time before the House Committee on Oversight & Reform targets the Cowboys, too.

41 responses to “Report: Cowboys paid $2.4 million to settle allegations of locker-room voyeurism

  1. That’s a pretty light settlement for what occurred. Only 600k per victim. They could have easily got 2.4m per victim. Can’t wait to hear what Jerruh has to say on this.

  2. Well, not commenting to his innocence or guilt, there is simply too liitle info yet, but, generally speaking, secretly recording women or sneaking upskirt photos is way more creepy and pathetic than putting your hand on a woman’s leg and propositioning her for sex.

  3. You don’t accidentally take an up skirt photo.

    He was caught on a live stream hence he couldn’t deny it.

    Complete scumbag.

  4. The NFL reminds me of my grandmother’s pressure cooker that starts to whistle when the heat rises….

  5. The NFL has become a cesspool where sleazy owners are protected by a sleazy commissioner.Sooner or later this house of cards is going to collapse.

  6. Hmmm… if “they found no evidence of wrongdoing”,why a 2.4 million dollar settlement? Come clean,Jerry.

  7. And just like that, any chance of ousting Dan Snyder disappears into thin air. A well-timed leak of info here as the heat was turned up.

  8. touchback6 says:
    February 16, 2022 at 1:02 pm
    Jerry Jones is a creepy man.


    He is!!!
    Just like Robert Kraft.

  9. I gaurantee this is just the tip of the iceberg of what goes on behind the scenes in the NFL. I’d bet everything it’s far more creepy, corrupt and shady than any of us can imagine.

  10. Rich, old white guys who condone and/or engage in the stupid mistreatment of people…..because they feel they can.

  11. Is anybody really surprised? Jones, like many of his fellow owners, is a vile narcissist who the rules don’t apply to.

  12. This disgusting behavior exists everywhere. I’m glad when it’s found out and the perpetrators are brought to justice.

    It’s worst wherever $$ and power are concentrated (NFL big wigs, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Washington…)

  13. I have a pretty young daughter about the right age to be a cheerleader. I can’t imagine how I would react if she worked with a creepy old pervert who took pictures up her skirt. These girls are somebodies wife and somebodies daughter and this is way to creepy to not be addressed.

  14. Stephen Ross, and Daniel Snyder will eventually be forced to sell their teams, but Jerry Jones never will be forced to do so.

  15. This is just the tip of the iceberg in what goes on in Dallas and I’d bet any amount of money (I had) on that.

  16. No evidence of wrongdoing paid out 2.4 million? I’d like the number for the plaintiff lawyers please…

  17. Yikes, this may be rampant among other NFL teams too. His job is to defend the owners for smaller things, but if Goodell doesn’t hold the owners accountable, he needs to go

  18. If more information comes out about this disgusting situation, Jerry Jones’ Super Bowl window may just slam shut.

  19. I see Charles Haley still has a lasting effect on the Cowboys locker room.. long after his playing days finished up

  20. “The organization took these allegations extremely seriously and moved immediately to thoroughly investigate this matter,” Wilkinson said. “The investigation was handled consistent with best legal and HR practices and the investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing …
    Am I the only one who looked at this wording and thinks it sounds like total horse-puckey?

  21. Does anyone believe that this type of thing has only happened in Washington and Dallas organizations ?

    There are still plenty of shoes to drop for sure !!

  22. I wonder if Jerruh actually installed spy cameras in HC office to determine if the HC is actually Rich Kotite wearing a Mike McCarthy mask…??

  23. The commissioner works for the 32 owners of course his J O B is to make money and protect the owners investments

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