Vikings announce Kevin O’Connell as next head coach

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The Vikings have announced that Kevin O’Connell is their next head coach.

O’Connell, who was the Rams’ offensive coordinator the last two seasons, was widely expected to be the head coach of the Vikings, and the team said today that it is now official.

“We are ecstatic to add Kevin as our head coach,” Vikings owner Mark Wilf said in a statement. “He is a strong leader, an innovative coach and an excellent communicator. Kevin played the game at all levels, which gives him a unique connection to players, and he is highly respected throughout the league. Vikings fans should be excited for the future of this team under Kevin’s direction.”

The 36-year-old O’Connell had a brief career as an NFL quarterback after the Patriots chose him out of San Diego State in the third round of the 2008 NFL draft. He spent time with the Patriots, Lions, Jets, Dolphins and Chargers before becoming the quarterbacks coach of the Browns in 2015. He has also been on the coaching staffs in San Francisco and Washington.

O’Connell spent a year as Kirk Cousins‘ quarterbacks coach in Washington, and he’ll be tasked with getting more out of the Vikings’ offense than it has shown in Cousins’ four seasons at the helm.

31 responses to “Vikings announce Kevin O’Connell as next head coach

  1. Just has to be a step up from the old school, stale football Zimmer had the Vikings at. Good luck.

  2. A familiar face for Cousins. Maybe he’ll flourish in his offense maybe not.. this is Kirk Cousins after all.

  3. Next McVay retires and Raheem Morris is named the new HC of the Rams. I give it two weeks tops.

  4. Lots of Vikings fans nervous these past few days. Just took a little longer than usual. SKOL, Baby!

  5. The future of the NFL begins NOW!! O’Connell is about to take over the most talented team in the NFL!!! This team is absolutely STACKED on both sides of the ball, and O’Connell will get the most out of each and every player!!

    Let the DYNASTY begin!! SKOL!!!!

  6. Kirk Cousins has no excuse now to not have his best season ever. Final year of his contract, has offensive weapons, and an offensive coach that he already knows.

  7. At his press conference, O’Connell will praise Kirk Cousins up and down.

    The next thing you hear about the Vikings will be that Kirk Cousins has been traded.

  8. I for one think the Vikings brain trust made a horrible mistake not getting Harbaugh. The GM wanted him but apparently someone in the front office who has been part of this franchises mediocrity that apparently knows better. Even with his very short resume I wish O’Connell well and I hope I’m 100% wrong.

  9. They’ll keep Kurt’s Cousin for another year before they send him packing. Next year’s QB crop is loaded with talent while this year is weak.

    Good times.

  10. One foot in the grave. All we’re asking for is just ONE! From Grant to Zimmer and nothing yet. Get it done soon boys and welcome to Minnesota Kevin!

  11. He was a interesting prospect coming out of college had dual threat abilities and was very smart I’m glad he found his calling.

  12. Not sure what “get more out of the offense” means. It was actually pretty good.
    Just didn’t win some key games.
    I really don’t get this narrative that the Vikings offense was so lacking. It was just RUN centered.

    Actually 10th in Passing in the league and 17th in Rushing.

    The only teams above them in passing were all Playoff teams.

  13. Great HC hire and great GM hire. OConnell comes from an organization which has revamped it’s culture into one of the best in the NFL. He’s learned plenty of lessons both as an offensive coach and an organizer. Looking good Vikes.

  14. “Well,Kevin we really wanted Jim Harbaugh and went all out to get him, but we couldn’t. So….we had to settle for you. Sign here on the dotted line.”

  15. Would have been thrilled to land Harbaugh. Especially knowing that he wanted to coach the Vikings. 90-100% chance he would’ve worked out. Kevin has a 50-50 chance Of working out. Yawn. But, good luck Kev.

  16. In other news, Brian Flores has amended his lawsuit to include the Wilfs and the Minnesota Vikings organization in his lawsuit.

  17. Wow that’s 3 head coaches now that came through the Jay Gruden coaching tree while with Washington with one just winning a Super Bowl … who knew maybe teams should give Jay a call 😀

  18. I’m more worried about the defense. But hopefully a more explosive offense will help. Put more pressure on the opponent.
    Have to win more of the close ones. Mostly defense in the draft! Skol

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