Aaron Donald: If we bring everybody back, then I’ll come back

NFL: FEB 16 Rams Super Bowl LVI Championship Parade
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Despite talk before the Super Bowl that Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald could ride off into the sunset and retire as a champion, Donald is indicating that he will play in 2022.

Donald said during the Rams’ victory celebration that he plans to “run it back,” and afterward he said he wants to remain with the Rams as long as they bring back the whole core group of players who won Super Bowl LVI.

“If we bring everybody back, I’m back,” Donald told TMZ.com. “Odell Beckham, Von Miller, we bring them guys back, let’s make it happen.”

Beckham and Miller are the Rams’ two highest-profile free agents. The Rams certainly can make enough salary cap space to re-sign both of them, although Beckham’s torn ACL may knock him out for the entire 2022 season regardless of whether he re-signs with the Rams. There’s every reason to believe the Rams will bring back a roster very similar to the one that just won the Super Bowl.

49 responses to “Aaron Donald: If we bring everybody back, then I’ll come back

  1. I’ve been hearing that they really can’t afford to keep the current team together. And the likelihood of Beckham giving them any kind of “hometown discount” seems pretty slim.

  2. As someone whose team faces Donald twice a year, I’m rooting against that happening. But that being said, if the Rams do bring everyone back… that has some scary potential for a repeat.

  3. Yes. Please Bring all these old men back. McVay too. The Rams will barely sniff the playoffs next year let alone the Super Bowl.

  4. Vegas and the networks love playoff upsets … there will never be another back-to-back champion.

  5. With Woods healthy it would make no sense to bring a hobbled Beckham back.
    Beckham has had consecutive ACL tears. What team is going to bet millions on him?

  6. Von Miller already made clear that he wants to be a Denver Bronco. He gone! No Von Miller? No Aaron Donald.

  7. I believe they will bring back most of the big names. Where they’ll likely take a blow is losing some of those starter-but-not-star level guys in order to afford the star guys. The more the stars are willing to restructure or provide hometown discounts, the more glue guys they can keep.

  8. Everyone so envious of ehe Rams. So much talent. Such a great culture. Such an amazing multicultural, sophisticate city. How can the rest of the NFL compete? They can’t. Think Aaron Rodgers doesn’t wish he had figured out a way to get there? He could have just driven from his beach house in Malibu to the facility in agoura hills in 20 minutes on kanan dume. But we don’t need his anti vaxxer ignorance. We got Stafford, who’s even better A dawning of a dynasty.

  9. I’d take the AFC over that rams team every time. Unless they force Cinci to be there again….

  10. Problem is it doesn’t work that way and Donald should know that. Also, unless he is now the GM he should just worry about himself – this ain’t the NBA.

  11. Odell and Von’s agents are sending gift baskets to AD’s house right now for the leverage.

  12. OBJ, even if he returns, likely won’t play … so OBJ essentially won’t be back no matter what. Donald is done, what he’s saying is nothing more than him trying to keep the fans and the media talking about him.

  13. The rams can’t afford this roster another year so there’s Donald’s excuse to quit after he gets what he wants. Besides, the rams don’t need him they’ll do fine without him .

  14. The Rams are the perfect team for LA! It’s a transplant team with high priced transplant players that love the spotlight

  15. This team was only in the Superbowl because two defensive backs dropped easy interceptions. This is not some all time team. I give them a 5% chance of getting back to the superbowl. And that’s if everything goes right and they have health luck. If Brady goes to the 49ers they won’t even be the best team I their division.

  16. Well when was the last time we had a repeat SB champion huh … as would be a nice thought n gesture to bring the olde gang back but hey look wot happened to TB .. as a few mistimed injuries in just the right place n it all goes away .. sometimes on the very last play.

  17. As a fan of a rival team and watching him destroy our offensive line, I hope he goes. As a fan of the game of football, I hope he stays in the league and continues to play and build his legacy. He is a wonder to watch and the best defensive player since Lawrence Taylor and prime JJ Watt to a lesser extent.

  18. Cheap ploy to get what He wants and maybe squeeze some more money out of the Rams , He will be back regardless, along with Mcvay and that nonsense that He is retiring . they both love Money and fame too much.

  19. Donald should retire. The NFC West is arguably the strongest division in the NFL. The chance of winning 2 superbowls in a row is almost non-existent.

  20. The narratives from people who don’t know my team have been proven wrong, but folks just keep on posting it: 1) OBJ sucks 2) the Rams are in Cap Hell 3) the Rams have no draft picks 4) Donald disappears in big games 5) Stafford can’t win a playoff game 6) The Rams are top heavy and have no depth. 7) The Rams have no fans.

    Keep on saying it, folks. Ain’t gonna make it true.

  21. Chiefs bring everyone back. Lose the SB
    Bucs bring everyone back. Lose in the playoffs.
    Seems like bringing everyone back doesn’t give the results everyone thinks it will.

  22. Donald, Beckham, Miller, need to all agree to lower their salary expectations if they want to stay together in LA. Hometown, championship discount.

  23. Looking on Spotrac,… the Rams might be $10 mil over the cap,.. but some creative contract with a few players should allow for just about all the starters to return. Miller and Beckham need new deals as they are FA’s.
    I don’t see a huge salary cap issue there.

  24. Tough as heck to repeat. Didn’t work for the Bucs and basically all the last several SB winners.

  25. This is the “new speak” that agents are getting there people to do. Lets get everyone new contracts so I the agent make out like a bandit.
    Rodgers already told the Packers, he is coming back but wants Adams back too.

    My guess and I bet its right on, Rodgers gal was told, no I’m not coming to Denver to play, I’m staying with the Pack for a couple more years and she said, thanks a lot pal, all about you right?
    He and she sold their house they both paid half on a while ago so there has been no real attachment for a while.

  26. infectorman says:
    February 17, 2022 at 1:09 pm
    Why not come back because you get to play football for absurd $
    Because he already has absurd $. He doesn’t need more.

  27. inozwetrust says:
    February 17, 2022 at 2:24 pm
    infectorman says:
    February 17, 2022 at 1:09 pm
    Why not come back because you get to play football for absurd $
    Because he already has absurd $. He doesn’t need more.
    Really? I guess Matt Stafford will give a huge discount to the Rams then since he’s in the final year of his contract and has made over $100 million on the field alone. Von Miller will probably play for the veteran minimum since he has made absurd money as well. Right? They don’t need more either if we use your thinking.

  28. Is he offering to take a pay cut so they can bring everyone back. Seems like they may be running up to the salary cap wall before long

  29. Von Miller said playing for the Rams was like being in the Pro Bowl. AD wants Von to stay. I think they both want OBJ on the team. If the Rams work out something with OBJ, Von stays and AD stays.

    All of that makes it important to sign OBJ. I don’t know anything about ACL injuries, but if OBJ can’t play next year they’ll need to work it into his contract.

    I didn’t think we could get Stafford last year. I was blown away when we signed OBJ and blown away again when we signed Von. It’s foolish to doubt Les Snead’s cap management skills.

  30. I don’t think I’d call them the kind of dominant SB winner that is likely to repeat. They barely squeaked past the Bengals thanks to some highly unlikely flags at the end. That’s after barely squeaking past a 49ers team with an injured QB and playing the stumbling Cardinals in the first round.

    I see a lot of luck and balls bouncing their way that aren’t likely to happen again. They’re far less dominant than past SB winners who have then had a hard time repeating. Bucs, Chiefs, Pats, Seahawks, Eagles, all looked like they could easily win again but didn’t.

    It’s likely that all of their division rivals will be better next season, the other leading conference competitors will likely be about as good as this year, and the leading AFC teams should be even better next year.

  31. Since OBJ’s only flaw is this recurring knee injury, and nothing else, why not bring him back? Seems silly to hold only injuries against him. He’s such a team player. Makes everyone around him better. Really humble. Always has your back. Definitely a guy you can depend on, besides those injuries of course.

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