Dak Prescott wants to “help the team make decisions” this offseason

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Dak Prescott enters an offseason with contract certainty for the first time in four years. The Cowboys quarterback signed a four-year, $160 million deal last March.

“I didn’t think about it until you said it,” Prescott told Jori Epstein of USA Today. “But it just allows you to be fresh and be certain on everything and know obviously you’re here. There’s no questions. You can help the team make decisions.”

The Cowboys have 20 players scheduled for unrestricted free agency next month, including three starters on offense. They also have a decision to make on Amari Cooper‘s future.

Prescott has a vested interest in many of the decisions they will make this offseason, so he hopes the decision-makers consult him for his opinion.

“I think that just depends on whether they ask me,” Prescott told Epstein. “I’m not going in and knocking on doors saying, ‘Hey, I want this done, I want that done.’ But I’m pretty sure that my opinion will be valued in certain decisions, as I hope. So with that being said, just plan on helping this team get better in every which way I can.”

The Cowboys were the league’s No. 1 offense and No. 1 scoring offense this season.

38 responses to “Dak Prescott wants to “help the team make decisions” this offseason

  1. Oh, please allow him to impact the rosters, GM Jerruh! We’ve seen his decision-making and common-sense levels this past year and it would be a great benefit to the rest of the league that he has say on who stays and who goes! Do it! BRAVO! (tongue in cheek)

  2. People getting crazy because he wants to help. Read the article not just the headline, he stated he would gladly help if they asked. Who wouldn’t want to help if you are trying to win.

  3. Going forward, not doing this to some degree seems like a good way to create bad blood with someone you’ve guaranteed nearly $100 million. It could be as simple as asking Dak if he has a preference between two players, like holding up flash cards. If management happens to go the other way they can always say they just couldn’t work out a deal financially. If I were in management or ownership paying someone what they pay him and believing they were capable, why not give someone more responsibility and accountability? Its not like he gets sole discretion and you tell him that upfront. There are considerations that he may not have any expertise in that Dak has to understand. I guess I just don’t get all the push back on this.

  4. The real reason they lost, aside from the refs, the league, cheating opponents, Godell, the sun in his eyes from a badly situated stadium, the ball being under/over inflated, poor coaching, under performing teammates…was that Dak didn’t have enough input in management, ie it was their fault too. Delusional cowfans aside, no one buys the latest excuse

  5. Is one of those decisions one where he takes a massive paycut from his ridiculously overpriced contract?

  6. Stay in your lane. Though he should suggest getting a competent head coach that even though his team is constantly jumping offside which to him is something to look at in training camp and not deal with on the spot.

    And, if he really wanted to help cutting his pay by a lot so they can keep a few of those FA’s.

  7. Laughable but let’s face it, how much worse could his personnel decisions be than the jerry and junior track record?

  8. Not that Prescott would have been making piles of money his rookie season. But if memory serves with Dak starting, the Cowboys went 13-3 won the division and he made less than 600 thousand. Seems to me the Cowboys owed him some of that fat contract for services rendered.

  9. He spent two or three offseasons holding the team hostage over his contract, undermining their ability to make decisions on short- and long-term roster questions, and now he wants to be a help?

  10. Check out Dak’s splits outside the NFC East. He’s nothing special. I’m not sure that adding him an additional role as worst assistant GM in the NFL will help.

  11. QB’s rarely get to call their own plays on the field. What makes them think they’re going to get “decision making” power inside the building?

  12. The first decision he can make should be to throw the ball downfield before desperation time forces him to.

  13. Know what would help the team make decisions? Give back some of that bloated contract so the team can actually afford to decide to keep the supporting cast you obviously need.

  14. He signs a bloated contract and now all of a sudden he wants to be the GM? LOL. This from a guy who doesn’t realize how to manage the clock. Some jokes just tell themselves. Thanks for the laugh Dak.

  15. Dak should offer a pay cut. When he’s taking so much money and cowboys have bad contracts, watch them to get worse next year.

  16. “help the team.” (:D).

    So slick, Dak. Surely they’ll ask for your input now!


  17. Jerry says thanks for the offer Dak but don’t worry, he’s got it. See how well everything’s working.

  18. Ok, I’m a Lions fan not a Cowboys fan so that being said, uh Dak, thanks for the opinion but no we don’t require input from you at this time on these matters. Different sports, players, one player, can stir the drink as a whole to different degrees. In football I can think of about 5 guys in any given year who might have the juice, or the resume, to ask for this type of seat at the table. Frankly Dak isn’t at that table, nor the kiddie cardboard table next to that where the kids eat thanksgiving. He’s the QB1 of the Dallas Cowboys and that leads to lots of eyeballs lots of microphones. But you havent approached the threshold for being part of those matters based on what’s been won in Dallas in these years. So thanks for the interest but we’re not interested.

  19. logicalone says:
    February 17, 2022 at 2:37 pm
    People getting crazy because he wants to help. Read the article not just the headline, he stated he would gladly help if they asked. Who wouldn’t want to help if you are trying to win.
    If he’s truly concerned about winning then he needs to focus on making better decisions on the field to improve his own game which again was lacking in key moments in big games . Prescott seems to think he’s an elite QB because he’s being paid like one but he’s not . Elite QBs win playoff games and SBs something Prescott has failed to accomplish .

  20. It is the height of credulity to suggest, as some have, that it was Prescott who initiated interest in “having a say”. Put down the Kool-aid and step away from the keyboard. He was asked a question and his response was. “I didn’t think about it until you said it,” Prescott told Jori Epstein of USA Today.

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