Anthony Lynn: Dan Campbell provided great leadership in a tough year for the Lions

Detroit Lions Training Camp
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During the 2021 season, Lions head coach Dan Campbell stripped offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn of play calling duties. And after the season, Campbell fired Lynn. But Lynn has no hard feelings.

In fact, Lynn says Campbell proved himself a great leader in his first year as a head coach, even if the Lions’ 3-13-1 record didn’t show it.

“Great leadership. I can tell you that,” Lynn told “Dan Campbell did a hell of a job creating a culture. I know the record didn’t show it, but the foundation is being laid for future success right in Detroit. It was outstanding leadership. Those young men showed up every single day to work and get better. But I feel like they got better as the year went on. We had a long ways to go but I feel like we made some improvements.”

That’s a classy comment from Lynn about the coach who fired him. Now Campbell needs to show that he can do in 2022 what he didn’t do in 2021, and translate that leadership into wins.

14 responses to “Anthony Lynn: Dan Campbell provided great leadership in a tough year for the Lions

  1. Stellar performance Dan! That one win totally validated you.

    “Players haven’t quit on him yet” is the Joe Judge bar of success

  2. Stellar performance Dan! That one win totally validated you.
    Even the oc he fired gave it up for him but random fan knows better. Lol @ the internet.

  3. Campbell is this decades Singletary. He is a bust. Lions management just can’t see it because, well, they’re the lions.

  4. I kind of feel that Lynn has gotten a raw deal from two straight teams now, being made a bit of a scapegoat for teams with many other issues besides him. Here’s hoping his time in SF goes better.

  5. He gets this year to improve by at least a few games. By year 3 they need to have a winning record. Year 4-5 they need to be a playoff team.

  6. Nobody in Detroit knocked Lynn publicly but the team and Jared Goff especially had a lot more success with Campbell calling the plays. Lynn was very conservative in his play calling and that probably isn’t a winning formula for a team with a talent deficit. Lynn was very professional and so was Campbell in handling this. I respect Campbell for not just riding it out.

  7. Everyone laughs at the Lions of old but if you watched some of their games they I think lost maybe 4 or 5 of them with last second FG or touchdowns. They are not that far away

  8. Not such a bad thing being fired mid-year by the Lions! You still get to collect your full salary for the rest of the year, and the biggest bonus of all, you don’t have to coach for the Detroit Lions anymore!

  9. Someone should tell Flores that’s how you handle a firing if you want to coach in the NFL again.

  10. Lynn really is a class act. Watching the difference between how he and McVay related to players when the Rams and the Chargers did Hard Knocks was illustrative of that. My wife still jokes about McVay in the meetings where they are releasing players, “Ok, we’re gonna have to let you go.”

    Same exact inflection and rhythm every single time.

    I think Lynn will get another shot at HC somewhere and maybe his old-school attitude will work there, but he feels to me a bit like Forrest Gregg: he might catch lightning in a bottle once or twice, but over the long run he trends the wrong way. However, Gregg had multiple opportunities in a much different league.

  11. I’m confident the right coach is finally in the building. I can see some very different opinions voiced here but I have been convinced by the fight instilled in a team that was the less talented squad almost every week and played hard to the last game. IMO

  12. You can’t expect a terrible team to have a winning record by the third year.
    It can happen but it’s not always the typical case. If a team needs a quarterback plus many other players you can’t expect that by the end of the third year especially when you’ve wasted one year with Goff.
    It’s not the HC who brings in players it’s the general manager

  13. Jury is still out on Campbell, but what he showed in his short stint in Miami is that players are willing to listen to him and play hard for him. Best of luck in 2022.

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