Lawyers will discuss with Tiffani Johnston her potential cooperation with Washington investigation

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The NFL has decided not to hire Beth Wilkinson but to appoint Mary Jo White to conduct the latest investigation of Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder. The former employee whose allegations sparked the probe has not yet decided to cooperate.

In a statement issued by her lawyers, Tiffani Johnston’s preference is clear. She wants Beth Wilkinson, who conducted the original investigation, to conduct the new one.

“Beth Wilkinson conducted a long and comprehensive investigation of the Washington Commanders, and earned the trust of dozens of victims and witnesses who provided her with evidence of pervasive sexual harassment and abuse,” attorney Lisa Banks said in a statement. “We understood that Ms. Wilkinson would also conduct the investigation into Tiffani Johnston’s allegations about Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder, given her unique knowledge of the Commanders organization, its culture of sexual harassment, and Dan Snyder’s credibility. Having a new investigator, with no such prior knowledge, assess Ms. Johnson’s allegations and Mr. Snyder’s denials in a vacuum makes no sense at all. That said, we will discuss with Ms. Johnston her willingness to participate, and are pleased that the NFL has agreed to make the results public. On behalf of our many other clients, we urge Commissioner Goodell to make the same decision with respect to Ms. Wilkinson’s investigation. Certainly the results of that comprehensive investigation would provide an important blueprint for the new investigator to conduct her work.”

Wilkinson, as PFT has reported, would have recommended that Snyder be forced to sell, if the NFL had requested a written report upon conclusion of her 10-month review of workplace misconduct allegations. To the extent Johnston wanted Wilkinson to handle the investigation of Johnston’s claims, Snyder undoubtedly didn’t want Wilkinson. Indeed, it’s fair to conclude that the team’s decision to abandon plans for its own investigation and to welcome White’s involvement represented a concession made when the NFL didn’t retain Wilkinson for the Johnston investigation.

Whether White was the right choice for the investigation is a separate issue, one that we’ll address in a subsequent post.

15 responses to “Lawyers will discuss with Tiffani Johnston her potential cooperation with Washington investigation

  1. Ironic that Johnston thinks so highly of Wilkinson now when she wouldn’t cooperate with the Wilkinson investigation when it occurred.

  2. I hope Dannie sells the team tomorrow, but I’m not hanging my hopes on 15-16 year old, he said- she said accusation.

  3. Thanks Mr Florio for the continued reporting on this.
    It looks like Synder is boxed in and he no longer can expect Roger to keep protecting him. The NFL has no way to keep this from the public. The clock is ticking on Synder’s ownership

  4. If Snyder ends up selling the team, it would be the best thing to happen for that fan base in the past 20 years.

  5. We have just moved into waters deep enough that Mr Snyder might just be close to being marooned by his fellow owners as opposed to them choosing to stay in his boat further. NFL doesn’t like to admit wrongdoing by itself or it’s clubs but it equally hates bad PR. And more than that the threat of oversight is the thing they want the least and the situation going away turns down the heat on that. We’ll see what the owners really think of him is he worth it or not to them.

  6. If I understand, there already was an investigation, the NFL did not like the result so they buried it, and are now planning a new investigation with a different investigator. Is that all this in a nutshell?

  7. Such a sham. The NFL covered up the first investigation, they will do the same again. Dan Snyder’s wife “running the team” is equally a huge sham, the equivalent of the Russian “ROC” Olympic team..

  8. History has showed us that Danny Boy will go out with a scorched earth approach. I am sure that some owners are not too fond of what he can unleash.

    I also highly doubt that the NFL as a whole wants two wars with owners. Taking on Stephen Ross and Danny Snyder at the same time is not so great for business. Claims that an owner gave a bonus for a loss is not good for business, especially with the amount of revenue generated from the sponsorship of the “tri-exclusive” gambling industry.

  9. Face it Commanders fans, the Cowboys sexual harassment story effectively means we are suck with Dan Snyder for at least 30-40 years. The NFL will not also force Jerry Jones to sell. Remember, Richardson wasn’t forced out because of sexual harassment; he was forced out over racism largely.

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