Mary Jo White will conduct NFL’s investigation into new allegations against Commanders

House Financial Services Committee holds hearing examining the SEC's Agenda, Operations, and FY 2018 Budget Request
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The NFL informed the House Oversight Committee on Friday that it has selected Mary Jo White to investigate the latest allegations against Daniel Snyder and the Commanders.

The new allegations arose from the House Committee roundtable hearing. Since they came by individuals in an open forum, with no expectation of anonymity, the NFL will make the findings public at the conclusion of the investigation, a league spokesman confirmed.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will determine any further sanctions, which will be made public, and the league also will release a written report of the investigator’s findings.

The most recent claims made against Snyder and the Commanders came from a former employee who didn’t participate in attorney Beth Wilkinson’s 10-month probe.

White is a former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York and a former chair of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. She previously conducted the NFL’s investigation into allegations against former Panthers owner Jerry Richardson.

White now is a partner in the Debevoise & Plimpton law firm in New York.

26 responses to “Mary Jo White will conduct NFL’s investigation into new allegations against Commanders

  1. I think the NFL will end up using this to force him out of ownership, finally. Washington fans deserve better than this guy.

  2. NFL knows how to pick em. Hire a female to investigate this and hired a black female to defend against Flores racial allegation.

  3. Call me crazy but i have a hunch the NFL is finally finished with Snyder and they just have to go through these final mechanics to establish the grounds for it. How many people can make their company the subject of a Congressional investigation and keep their position? If anyone can, a billionaire can, but I highly suspect those other billionaires are liking the prospect of getting their laundry aired all because of Snyder.

  4. Please NFL, Washington fans are begging you to help us get rid of Snyder. He has ruined this once proud franchise!

  5. Lol, went and checked the web site for Debevois and Plimpton and the first page was advising how they are appointing a Kristin Snyder to an important position. Hope there is no connection running through this firm back to the Snyder we all love to hate.

  6. Loretta Lynch and Mary Jo White are experts with tons of expertise in burying evidence based on their prior work records. Perfect hires for the NFL.

  7. . Come this time in 2023 she’ll have Snyders head stuffed and mounted next to Jerry Richardson in her den.

  8. Dan Snyder sees the writing on the wall. He just paid cash for a $48 million dollar home in VA. He knows he is going to be forced out and is set to make a substantial profit off of the team he has run into the ground over the last 20 years.

  9. When Snyder is dumped as an owner, will the new owner please be required to once again change the team name. Commanders is horrible.

  10. “ Loretta Lynch and Mary Jo White are experts with tons of expertise in burying evidence based on their prior work records.”

    White got Richardson ousted.

  11. Does anyone know—or can Florio do a post on it—can Mary Joe White connect with and interview Beth Wilkinson?

    Seems like a great place to start would be to ask the investigator who spent 10 months looking into it, “hey, what’s your take? What did you find?”

    But can Mary Joe do that legally?

  12. Sanctions? Like Richardson and Gruden got? That doesn’t sound like having to sell the team..

  13. Bottom line NFL wants to make money. It is my impression that a losing team gets more scrutiny than a winning, profitable team. The league may use allegations of sexual impropriety, provable or not, to kick Snyder to the curb.

  14. Let’s get it right, it’s not Washington but Snyder…and what’s with boys club, why haven’t they gotten rid of him yet? Does he have dirt on the other 31 owners?

  15. Richardson did not get ousted, he sold on his own. Every team has skeletons, just they haven’t been uncovered yet.

  16. Just remember, gang: Let Snyder serve as an example, just because you’ve got money, doesn’t mean you have class. Usually quite the opposite. These people don’t get filthy rich by being nice little pushovers. They’ve usually stepped on a lot of necks along the way.

  17. Commander Snyder, a little man in a little little body (a Half-of-Man), announce he will investigate himself..again.

  18. First the Gruden fiasco, now the Cowboys scandal. When are people going to realize that Lil’Danny holds stronger cards than people are willing to admit, AND is willing to burn the entire house down in order to protect himself (I know that this does not make sense at a certain level, but Snyder has already destroyed about half of the value of his franchise, and is willing to gamble that the NFL will fold its hand before allowing him to destroy the rest of the league with his own franchise).

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