NFL could create “one-time exception” to rules to promote Black ownership of the Broncos

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The NFL has never had a Black owner. With franchise values skyrocketing, and with NFL rules requiring the controlling owner to hold 30 percent of the equity and to have less than $1 billion in debt associated with the team, it’s difficult to find many people (regardless of race) with the money to purchase majority interest in a team.

Via Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal, the league could waive that rule for the purposes of facilitating Black ownership of the Broncos. It would be, as Fischer explains it, a one-time exception that would allow someone like Byron Allen, who apparently lacks the financial standing to secure the winning bid in the traditional way, to purchase a team.

Black ownership of one team would hardly solve the league’s deeper issues in this regard. Yes, it’s necessary. As Al Sharpton explained on Friday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC, it’s one of the issues that came up during Thursday’s meeting between Commissioner Roger Goodell, a handful of owners, other team representatives, and various civil-rights leaders. Still, thinking that having one Black owner solves the chronic failure of white owners to hire sufficient numbers of Black coaches is no different from thinking that racism ended when America elected Barack Obama.

It’s a long-overdue start, with no guarantee it will lead anywhere other than to move from zero Black NFL owners to one Black NFL owner. Still, one is better than zero. And the NFL can’t get to two (or more) without first getting to one.

Meanwhile, the one-time exception eventually may need to swallow the rule. Current procedures hinge ownership solely on financial resources, not on whether the owner will be a good partner or, more importantly, a good person. With so many different ways to skin the financial cat, it may be time to get rid of the idea that whoever wants to buy the team must be able to show up with a sack full of cash in the amount of 30 percent of the purchase price. There’s a good chance that, as the bar gets higher and higher, the only people with the money to buy a team will be people that no one really wants to do business with — and no one who should be the steward of a sports organization in which so many fans are financially and emotionally invested.

30 responses to “NFL could create “one-time exception” to rules to promote Black ownership of the Broncos

  1. The biggest problem with the NFL essentially just giving a franchise to somebody, is that it would only be a matter of time before the NFL gave them a super bowl too.

  2. Forcing it isn’t the progress you want to make. They tried that with the Rooney rule and things got worse.

  3. This is ridiculous, if you don’t have the funds to purchase a team than you don’t get to purchase the team, black, white or blue, simple as that

  4. What????????????? How??????????? You change the rule for one, you have to change it for all. So if another race wants to get in, will the same rule apply? I just can’t see how having different rules for different people is moving in the right direction. I am sure Mr. Allen would make a wonderful owner. You do it like this, all you are doing is making him become a token owner. Change the rule period and then it becomes more meaningful.

  5. Affirmative action implemented in the buying of a NFL Football team ? Really?…..So were clear a white person who also wants to buy a NFL team wont have the same opportunity to purchase a team under this one time exemption in total funds based on his skin not being black? How is this progress when you are using race to exclude.

  6. I walked into a bank of america once to a poster on the wall saying, “Small Business loans- special loans and lines for women and minorities”. I’m a white guy and like most white guys, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I didn’t appreciate being singled out to not get something because of my race or gender. Discrimination is discrimination no matter who is discriminating against who. It is wrong.

  7. Because treating one group of people differently than everyone else has worked so well in the past

  8. “the rules are there for a reason”

    so we can continue this culture of the “good ole boys club?” OK – check.. whatever happened to the “rules are meant to be broken thinking? lol

    lots of gun owners here, so I’ll sit back and laugh to myself. where arrogance meets ignorance!

  9. One black man (or woman) fronting a ownership group in the NFL would be an empty token, in my opinion. But as long as the folks in Denver are good with that owner, I hope it happens though. I don’t think the rules should change to make it happen because I don’t think black people need a different set of rules to compete (especially not for a billionaire). Also, what possible benefit does having Al Sharpton’s corpse involved with this matter provide?

  10. Can we stop calling cyclical poverty racism? Black people are generally poor today because their ancestors were generally poor. Their ancestors were generally poor because of racism. I’m not saying this cyclical poverty is not a problem or that we shouldn’t do anything about it. I’m just saying if we’re not willing to call the problem TODAY what it actually is, we’re probably not going to solve it.

    Now if there were a minority who outbid a non-minority and their bid was not accepted due to race, THAT would be racism. See the difference? BTW go ahead and downvote, tell yourself you’re a better person than me for doing so, whatever. But maybe just maybe be more aware that you’re not really helping by doing so.

  11. So we’re trying to force a black owner because we think he’s going to hire a black coach? That kind of thinking doesn’t seem right.

  12. “Lowering the bar” for black owners is reinforcing the stereotype that black people aren’t as talented or smart as white people, thus our expectations need to be lowered for the black community. It is insulting and untrue.

  13. When will people grasp that the color of your skin should have zero bearing on anything other then how much sunblock you need to use. It’s moronic to think that offering an exemption to a Black person will somehow improve anything and quite frankly not make things worse. When you have White, Latino & Asian people that could likely match the finances needed for the lowered, one time only standard that is currently used but would not be eligible for this opportunity based on race. Would you then have those same extremely wealthy, most likely employers themselves attempt to right the wrongs perpetuated on them in how they hire afterwards? Hence then take care of there own . How many times is it said ..I want to better something and make it so no one has to deal with what I dealt with ? This is not an answer or solution to anything it will only create more division.

  14. Maybe if your people didn’t hold us in bondage for 400 years we could operate on a level playing field

  15. I just don’t understand this country. WHY is skin color for just one race so important? Why not make just one exception for Asian or more importantly Native Americans? If we’re going to cater to just one ethnic group, why not Native Americans? Unless history books have been changed, they are the only people who belong in this country and are truly native. Not only that we rounded them up and through them on reservations, some of which still have no running water, electric, or internet. I’m sorry, but when did we decide we must cater to blacks, ahead of all skin colors? Racism will never end until we view each other’s as humans.

  16. Another bad idea. You might as well say that minorities are inferior and cannot succeed if they have to play by the same rules that everybody else abides by.
    Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  17. “footballpat says:
    February 18, 2022 at 6:57 pm
    Maybe if your people didn’t hold us in bondage for 400 years we could operate on a level playing field”………………………………………………………………….

    Do you own and have accountability for your own people, enslaving your own people and selling your own people to Europeans & shipping them here to Virginia in 1619 ? I do not blame you if you don’t. You yourself are not responsibleI get that. So don’t blame me for or hold me responsible for what I had nothing to do with during those 400 years or expect me to right the wrongs of the past by now accepting racial discrimination against Whites as some sort of a fix …Not going to happen

  18. So NewYorkLion is the courageous defender in the racial discrimination of “Whites”? Forgive me if I detect more than a grain of abject hypocrisy, in their play of the “race card”.

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