Patrick Mahomes denies report that he has barred fiancée and brother from games

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Someone has been pushing the idea that Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has asked his fiancée and his brother, Jackson, to not attend games in the future, because Patrick views their antics as a distraction. On Friday, former NFL player and current radio host Rich Ohrnberger posted a tweet pushing that specific claim. Patrick Mahomes responded with a tweet of his own.

“Y’all just be making stuff up these days 😂😂😂,” Mahomes said.

Ohrnberger’s tweet was deleted. He explained that he believed he was catfished.

“I can’t substantiate the information that I tweeted out earlier today regarding Patrick Mahomes and his family,” Ohrnberger said, via “The source I received this information from was posing as someone I trust. I will delete this tweet later today along with the original thread. Please pass this along.”

While it’s unclear whether Ohrnberger was the victim of a prank or whatever, someone recently texted that a similar scoop to my son, apparently believing they were texting me. (As the anonymous tip went, Mahomes had told them they won’t be allowed on the field next season, not that they are banned from games.) We ignored it. Given that Ohrnberger reported nearly the exact thing that someone was pushing to me, it seems that someone was trying to spread a false narrative about Mahomes. And that they finally succeeded in getting someone to bite.

18 responses to “Patrick Mahomes denies report that he has barred fiancée and brother from games

  1. Isn’t he violating nfl policy by having a cell phone on the sidelines? Anyways.. dude shouldn’t be allowed on the sidelines anyways. This a football game, not a tiktok stage

  2. Even if the source turned out to be fake, I think it’s safe to say that most folks would rather not be subjected to the weekly idiotic sideline buffoonery regularly displayed by Patrick Mahomes’s brother and fiancé. From a regular NFL fan’s perspective, they seem to be obsessed with attaching themselves to PM’s celebrity status with no regard to how their parasitic behavior reflects on him, his team or his brand. Frankly I’m surprised he’s allowed it to continue for as long as it has.

  3. What about the story where Bieniemy completely botched the Chiefs 2nd half and the riff between Pat and Bieniemy? I suppose you think that story should wait to be shared, until February is over…. Or maybe until all the jobs are filled. Y’all promote Bieniemy as if he’s a great coach, despite his qualifications stopping at RB coach, on a team that barely uses RB’s.

  4. Sure they suck but it’s his family. wack to think he wouldn’t want them to come to his games. Plus cringing at them is fun.

  5. The sports media and social media smear campaigns against Mahomes, his family, Eric Bieniemy and the Chiefs in general is a full out onslaught designed to keep simpletons entertained. Problem is, it seems to be working.

  6. You would hope fiancée and brother would be smart enough to realize that they are oh nevermind.

  7. You can’t ban your fiancé from your games if you want to have a long marriage, but you could definitely ban her from the sideline or have the chiefs do it. It’s a huge distraction. Maybe not for pat, but definitely for his brand and the chiefs brand

  8. Well, his brother is an idiot. I guess I don’t pay close enough attention so see what his fiancee is doing. But my guess is their marriage won’t last. Marrying a fame-hungry person won’t work out well.

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