Amazon reportedly eyes Black Friday football

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The NFL has owned Thanksgiving for decades. With Amazon taking over the Thursday night package (but not getting the Thanksgiving night game, which is televised by NBC), the online behemoth has its sights set on another slice of the four-day weekend.

Via John Ourand of Sports Business Journal, Amazon “has made a little bit of noise” regarding the possibility of a Black Friday game. Ourand reports that the NFL “has been lukewarm to this idea.”

Any attempt to televise a Friday game before the middle of December would raise questions regarding the league’s broadcast antitrust exemption. In exchange for the ability to sell the TV rights for all games in a bulk package and not on a team-by-team basis, the league can’t broadcast games on Fridays or Saturdays from the second Friday in September through the second Saturday in December. That said, because the Friday prohibition is aimed at protecting high school football, NFL games can be televised on Fridays, before 6:00 p.m. EST.

A separate issue possibly arises under the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961, which creates the antitrust exemption. Does the term “televising” include “streaming”? If it does, the exemption applies. If it doesn’t, the NFL could have a problem when selling the global rights to a streaming service, like it has done with Thursday nights on Amazon.

For now, no one is fighting that point. As streaming proliferates, it will be interesting to see whether anyone does.

14 responses to “Amazon reportedly eyes Black Friday football

  1. You can try but it isn’t a great game to have NFL games. People are shopping, hunting, traveling and doing family things. Nothing will get good rating on that day.

  2. Sounds like a great way to make life easier for employees. Store employees. Sounds like another mandatory 12 hour shift for Amazon employees, but we do that all the time anyway

  3. charger383 says:
    February 21, 2022 at 10:50 am
    Amazon wants to keep people from going to stores

    Amazon is building its own brick and mortar stores.

  4. You’ve got to give Amazon credit, it’s a smart idea. I didn’t think having thanksgiving night games would work, because people are leaving/traveling home, spending time with their families.

    Black Friday COULD work. With some “black friday” deals now on Monday BEFORE the holiday, people are going Shopping virtually and waiting for cyber Monday.

    While I’m out looking to play ice hockey, yes others are hunting.

    The ONLY reason I don’t see it working…thanksgiving weekend is college football rivalry weekend. My buckeyes and TTUN. The iron bowl, the civil war, the big game, good clean old fashioned hate. Too many games there already

  5. Keep Amazon away from the NFL! Its bad enough they get the Thursday night package now, We dont need anymore Anazon exclusives.Stop contributing to the greed and the destruction of Main St.

  6. BuckyBadger says:

    February 21, 2022 at 10:57 am

    You can try but it isn’t a great game to have NFL games. People are shopping, hunting, traveling and doing family things. Nothing will get good rating on that day
    Disagree. It seems you think their talking a whole day of football when it would be 1 game at 8 o’clock. As for the things you mention, shopping on that day most people do early in the morning/day and the rest of the stuff you mentioned is more prevalent the day before on Thanksgiving when the NFL is happy with the ratings it currently gets.

  7. I think it’s a great idea. After a long shopping day, it would be an excellent way to end the day. I wouldn’t care if it’s Jags vs. Jets.

  8. Great idea for that day. It’s hard for the people who do it to understand that most people don’t want to shop all day and fight traffic and crowds.

  9. If they broadcast games the Friday after Thanksgiving, I think fans of ALL skin colors should be able to watch the games!!!

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