Yes, I think Tom Brady will end up with the 49ers


I’ve said it on PFT Live or #PFTPM or both. It made more of a stir than I thought it would, because I thought it would make none.

So let me say it here. I think Tom Brady will play for the 49ers in 2022.

I don’t know that he will. I’m not predicting that he will. But I have a feeling that he will. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. If he does, many will be surprised. I won’t be.

It shouldn’t really surprise anyone. What have we heard over and over regarding Brady’s football career? What more does he have to prove? Nothing. But he has never played for the team he grew up rooting for. And that team — the 49ers — has a Super Bowl-ready roster. Just add quarterback.

Jimmy Garoppolo presided over a blown 10-point, fourth-quarter lead in the Super Bowl two years ago. He then presided over a blown 10-point, fourth-quarter lead in the NFC Championship 22 days ago. Rookie Trey Lance may or may not be ready to.

So why not spend a year with Brady? The 49ers were his first choice when he became a free agent in 2020, but the 49ers said, “No thanks.” They surely regret it. Now, they may have a chance to rectify it.

It won’t be easy. The Buccaneers hold Brady’s rights. But if Brady wants out, would they deny him that opportunity? He delivered a Super Bowl win. He filled the stadium in 2021. He signed an extension last year for cap reasons. Would they tell him “tough crap” if he asked to be traded or released?

For now, he’s retired. Even though he never used the word. And even though he said, “Never say never.”

Here’s the reality. If Brady doesn’t join the 49ers now, he never will. So, yes, I’ve got a feeling he wants to do it and that, by Week One, he will.

30 responses to “Yes, I think Tom Brady will end up with the 49ers

  1. He won’t cuz Shanahan’s offense requires a mobile QB who can run the play-action bootleg. Not to mention, they gave up the future for Lance, so I’m sure they want him in asap.

  2. I would say there is about a 5% chance of him playing for the Bucs, 10% chance of playing for SF, 1% for another team and 84% chance of being retired.

  3. it makes too much sense. Tom is only playing if he has a legit shot to win a ring. Tampa gets nothing with Brady retired. They can get a bag of balls and Jimmy G for Brady’s rights which is a LOT more than nothing

  4. He’s already committed to his family, he will not play in 2022. That said; look for him to play in 2023 for a warm weather contender.

  5. “has a Super Bowl-ready roster. Just add quarterback.”

    And this is the real reason. He can step right in and get another ring with yet another team to cement his legacy. If there was any other SB ready team needing a QB (a very rare circumstance), he would go there.

  6. Naw. His retirement statement is something, you do not want to do twice or thrice. He is done. Besides, the 49ers turned him down 2 years ago, if he wasn’t good enough for them then, why 2 years later.

  7. “I would say there is about a 5% chance of him playing for the Bucs”.

    He’s done with Tamps Bay. His silence is deafening on the Arians story. He’s the GOAT, Tampa isn’t going to hold him hostage. If they really need it, SF can send a token late round draft pick their way like Tampa Bay did for Gronk.

  8. We rarely discuss the “hometown team” of any NFL QB as a factor for their destination. That said, I think it would be fun to see.

  9. What part of Tom Brady retiring don’t folks understand? All good things come to a end, but people have difficulty accepting it.

  10. Brady for Garrapolo and some picks seems reasonable. Jimmy can’t play in that Arians offense though. They’re going to have to modify it like they did for Brady.

  11. Oh please make this happen. I’d love nothing better than Brady with another busted lip losing to the Rams again in a 9ers jersey.

  12. The Niners chose Jimmy over him five years ago. Brady could still hold a grudge but what better motivation while proving he can take them all the way ?

  13. I don’t see the Bucs just giving him away to an opponent. That isn’t very sporting. If you have something someone wants you make a deal but I doubt any of this happens.

  14. Let him. He’ll soon find out that the NFC west isn’t nearly the cakewalk the NFC South or AFC East are and SF will soon be back at square one with a QB who will never be ready for the big leagues and no more Lombardis than they have right now.

  15. Could you imagine it.. talk about cementing your legacy getting rings with 3 different teams, 2 of them after BB said he was done, the last one a final FU to BB by replacing the guy BB wanted to start, after said guy failed twice to get it done, and doing it for his boyhood favorite team, of course he’s going to do it.

  16. The SF 49ers of Brady’s youth is not the 49ers of today. I don’t think he would be happy playing for them in Santa Clara.

  17. I don’t know but if he is still feeling good enough to play, the thought of the only QB to win the superbowl with three separate teams might be enough to bring him back and the Niners are good enough to get him there and win.

  18. Can you imagine what Aaron Rodgers is thinking about this? He can’t beat Tom Brady or the 49ers in the playoffs, and now they’re joining up? Not to mention he’s always wanted to play for the 49ers.

  19. Cement his legacy? His legacy is that he has 78 more victories than any other QB that has ever played. Fewer than 60 QBs have a total of 78 combined wins. His legacy is that Montana is 2nd in playoff wins with 16, and Brady has 35. If he wants to play for the Niners, I think it’s a good situation for him, and Shanahan would adjust the offense if it meant a year with a QB that just finished 2nd in MVP voting. But his legacy (the GOAT) has been chiseled in stone since at least 2016.

  20. You know what they don’t have in San Fran, cap space. And they can cut Jimmy g and create some, they are already up against the cap. Tom brady would fill at least a good portion of what they create with Jimmy g.

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