Betting odds shift amid talk that Kyler Murray could leave the Cardinals

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The betting odds still suggest that Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is likely to remain in Arizona for the 2022 season. But the odds also suggest that’s no sure thing.

Via Yahoo Sports, Murray is now listed at -500 odds to be the Cardinals’ Week One starter. That’s down from -2000 a few weeks ago, after more than 80 percent of bettors have put their money on some other quarterback starting Week One for the Cardinals.

Murray raised plenty of eyebrows two weeks ago when he removed references to the Cardinals from his social media. His agent declined to explain what motivated the move, and when Murray finally spoke about it, he didn’t do much to clarify what’s going on.

For their part, the Cardinals say they’re still high on Murray, but someone is feeding reporters anonymous quotes suggesting that the team thinks he needs to do a better job of conducting himself like a franchise quarterback.

Murray is heading into the fourth year of his rookie contract, and it’s hard to believe the Cardinals won’t pick up the fifth-year option as well. But the longer Murray goes without stating definitively that he wants to return, the more talk there will be that his future is elsewhere.

18 responses to “Betting odds shift amid talk that Kyler Murray could leave the Cardinals

  1. These prop bets react widely to bets because not much money over all will be laid on it. It is more about balancing the books then it is about how likely something will happen.

  2. Looks like Murray is handling this situation the same way he plays QB in the pocket… pull down the ball too early and take off running. He needs to clean up his own game. It’s not fair to the Cardinals for him to quit on them. Champions are made by working through adversity.

  3. Murray threw the rock into the water and the splashes and ripples are still resonating thru the league. The smart thing to do, at this point, is to shut up and let things die down. What are the odds on Murray doing the smart thing?

  4. You can make easy in-game prop bets on this dude. When he’s sulking it’s so obvious. He is not a great QB but rather a dynamic runner that can throw. He is not a leader that is apparent with his demeanor. He is not a NFL QB but would be amazing in the CFL with all that field to run around on. He’d never be touched.

  5. Id say come to Pittsburgh but the wind would blow him out the open end of Heinz field and into the river

  6. Let him go and start over hes never going to be a QB that gets the super bowl. You need a big guy with a powerful arm not a little guy that runs around all the time. And no Russel Wilson or Dre Brees don’t count they re both taller than 5-8

  7. The little guy would have already bailed to baseball but with the lockout the grass isn’t any greener. AZ hope you enjoy the SB with two visiting teams. 5’8″ is a path to nowhere.

  8. My concern with paying him is after one year he will complain he is underpaid or wants to be traded, just like MeShaun Watson or OBJ(he waited 2 years).

  9. If the rumors about his lack of work ethic and selfishness are true, that would worry me more than his greed.

  10. He’s actually 3 years out before the Cardinals actually need to extend him (next year, option year, franchise year), and hasn’t played at a level that would make me real comfortable at jumping the gun and paying him early. He’s not played like Mahomes or at Josh Allen’s level yet. He’s shooting his shot way, way too early. This isn’t a well thought out plan.

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