Mitchell Trubisky: I’m in a confident space right now

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After spending a year as the Bills’ backup quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky is once again set to hit the open market.

This time, he may end up as a starter.

Trubisky is an obvious candidate to follow the path from the Bills to the Giants, where he’d potentially replace Daniel Jones as the team’s starter. Head coach Brian Daboll and General Manager Joe Schoen are familiar with him from the 2021 season.

But with the quarterback carousel soon to start spinning, there are several locations where Trubisky could land. And he seems to be in a solid position to compete.

“I’m in a confident space right now,” Trubisky said recently, via Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.

After starting 50 games for the Bears from 2017-2020, Trubisky was mainly used in mop-up duty for the 2021 Bills. The No. 2 overall pick of the 2017 draft, Trubisky completed 6-of-8 passes for 75 yards with an interception, while also rushing for 24 yards and a touchdown.

But after backing up quarterback Josh Allen on a one-year, $2.5 million deal, Trubisky has a chance to restart his career.

“Going to Buffalo really opened my eyes,” Trubisky said. “After being in Chicago for four years, there was only one way I knew how to do things. [Being] in Buffalo and [having] a different way of doing things, you learn what’s possible. It helped me get back to instinctual football and using my talents rather than overthinking.”

To that end, Trubisky added that you can’t be afraid to make mistakes when playing QB.

“When guys are playing free, you can be at your best,” Trubisky said. “I wanted to learn how [the Bills] helped Josh, and I saw that firsthand.”

With names like Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson floating about, Trubisky isn’t going to be the most desirable quarterback on the market this offseason. But whatever team brings in Trubisky could end up with a long-term solution if Trubisky can implement what he learned with Buffalo.

37 responses to “Mitchell Trubisky: I’m in a confident space right now

  1. Trubisky is going to surprise a lot of people next season if he starts. Coming from a Bears fan.

  2. As always, Touchback can be counted on for something immature..

    Mitch was in a no win, pressure filled situation in Chicago. I would bet that Trubisky looks upon the Giants with Daboll style of football as the best place to become the best player QB he can be.
    Choose carefully Mitch.

  3. He played football for 20 odd years and only knew one way of doing things? Me thinks things don’t sink in on this guy. Have to say something to make them think you changed though.

  4. Trubisky should decide now. Go somewhere to start and get exposed or find a backup role where he can hold a clipboard and collect a check for the next 8 years. As a fan of an AFCN team, I’d like him to go to the Steelers to get exposed.

  5. Never really understood why, just when the Bears were starting to run the type of offense that worked with Trubisky’s skills, they decided to scrap it and go in a different direction? That. more than anything, might have led to Nagy losing his job?
    Trubisky can be a very good, maybe top-tier NFL QB if he goes to the right situation. As another commenter noted, Trubisky should choose his next spot carefully.

  6. Colts would be a good fit for him. With a strong run game and a team built to win now he does not have to do a lot.

  7. Of course Mitch is “in a comfortable place.” He’s riding the bench as an adequate backup quarterback — right where he belongs!

  8. McCorkle rookie year>>>>>>>>>>Josh Allen


    And he won’t be turning it over 19 times in year 2 either, nor running it 12-15 times a game at 43 million per.

    double lol

  9. is lesepi going to come in here and talk bad about Trubinsky’s mental abilities like they did about Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson? doubt it

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if New England doesn’t land him. Belichick knows what Jones is all about now. Their rookie had a nice, safe year, but If he can’t pass more than three times in the wind in Buffalo, then he is no NFL starting quarterback that can win against the monster QBs lining up in the AFC.

  11. Would like to see Trubinsky sign with the Bills. He would continue to enjoy football, and the Bills would have a solid backup with a year of experience with their offense. WIN/WIN.

  12. I’ll never understand the infatuation with Mitch. Couldn’t beat out a teammate at UNC and only started when said teammate graduated.

    And the same people celebrating Mitch like to call Fields a bust after one season with a horrible offense. Hilarious.

  13. Why not keep him in Buffalo? Too expensive?

    Because there’s a starter in Buffalo that MT isn’t going to unseat… If you have the ability to start, most guys want to find a place they can or might be able to do so. I’m sure if an opportunity to start doesn’t present itself, Mitch would be happy to resign…but his first choice would be a team he has the chance to start for without requiring an injury for that opportunity.

  14. Mitch ain’t a HOFer, but he’s not nearly as bad as the Bears and Nagy made him look. I think Nagy could have made Brady, Rodgers, and P. Manning look like absolute bums.

  15. Washington Commanders, please sign Mitchell Trubisky and tailor (no pun intended) the offense around his multiple skills.

  16. Trubisky and Nagy’s Bears are a great example of neither party being good or good for each other. I’m hoping the best for Mitch, but anybody looking to acquire him should know he made a lot of mistakes even as Nagy didn’t put him in good position. Buyer beware for the team hoping he’s the QB to take them anywhere.

  17. Great athlete, good guy and a strong leader: however, that can’t make up for an inability to read and react quickly enough to modern day defenses.

  18. He was getting better near the end but they had already sent him packing. Coach went a year latter. Jury still out on Fields but 1st year was a case of not much change from start to end

  19. The reality is nobody really knows if he can succeed as an NFL QB. After playing for John Fox, who didn’t want him and Nagy, who refused or flat out couldn’t change his offense to suit Trubisky’s skill set, a year in Buffalo to recover from the PTSD of spending 4 years with the Bears was probably the best thing for him. This is coming from a long time Bears fan, I wish him well.

  20. This shouldn’t be so polarizing. That being said, I’m unsure what the right answer is. I hope he gets a chance.

  21. He’s one of those “with the proper coaching” kinds of guys.

    I could definitely see him w/ the Giants, and doing well there.

  22. He can’t read defenses, and was one of the least accurate passers downfield every single year that he started. That’s not on Nagy (and lord knows Nagy was awful) or the Bears—that was on him. He’s very accurate for passes under 10 yards, but is god awful beyond that. That then lets the other defenses stack the box the entire game, which kills the offense even further. That’s what he does to the offense he plays in. He is bad all on his own. He’s a poor man’s version of Alex Smith, only if Alex Smith also consistently missed reads.

    I’m not defending Nagy when I say this, but we have seen who he is already, and it’s not good. Nagy was absolutely terrible. But so was Mitch. Both can be true.

  23. He’s one of the first QBs I want my team playing against. I’m not sure why people thinks he deserves yet another chance after what we have already seen.

    I watched his career in college & the NFL. He’s closer to the first one put, than the first one in.

  24. I’m rooting for Mitch to catch on with a team (looking at YOU Steelers!) and show what he can do. I never thought he was as bad as he was made out to be, and think with the right set up and decent coaching, he can start again. He’s certainly better then Wentz anyway.

  25. What exactly did he do last year that showed he made any improvement or that hes a starting caliber QB?

    Stat line for the entire year: 6 of 8 for 43 yards , 0 tds and 1 int

  26. If he turns out to be a decent starter for another team, it’s just more of an indictment on Nagy’s coaching. Time will tell. It was still no excuse for Ryan Pace to pass up Mahomes and move up to get Trubisky. Bad GM and bad HC all around.

  27. It was still no excuse for Ryan Pace to pass up Mahomes and move up to get Trubisky. Bad GM and bad HC all around.

    I’m sure as hell not defending Pace’s track record because he was a bad GM. But let’s not pretend everyone knew that Mahomes was a slam dunk pick coming out of college. There were concerns he wasn’t suited for the NFL after playing in a gimmicky offense at Tech. The Bears picked Trubisky at 2 and Mahomes went at 7 I believe to KC so there were at least 4 other teams who didn’t think he was all that either.

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