Brian Gutekunst: We’d like a long-term deal with Davante Adams, but it’s possible he could leave

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Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst isn’t guaranteeing that receiver Davante Adams will remain in Green Bay in 2022.

Gutekunst said today that he wants to reach a long-term contract extension with Adams, and that the team would prefer that over using the franchise tag on Adams.

And Gutekunst called Adams walking away in free agency a possibility.

If the Packers absolutely, positively do not want Adams to leave, they can keep him with the franchise tag. That Gutekunst isn’t ruling out that possibility suggests that there is a chance the Packers will neither put the franchise tag on Adams nor sign him to a long-term deal.

But that possibility seems rather remote. Far more likely, the Packers try to get something worked out with their All-Pro receiver, and if nothing gets worked out, they use the franchise tag to prevent him from hitting free agency.

27 responses to “Brian Gutekunst: We’d like a long-term deal with Davante Adams, but it’s possible he could leave

  1. GB won’t sign Adams until Rodgers makes his decision. Rodgers leaves GB will tag Adams and trade him. Time for a total rebuild.

  2. Adams contract situation isn’t about what Green Bay wants, it’s about what Rodgers does next.

  3. Rodgers is destroying this team with his “all about me” attitude, and that’s probably exactly what he wants.

  4. If they put the franchise tag on him, it’s going to be harder to get under the salary cap when the league year starts. It would be a lot easier with a long term deal that would have a much lower initial salary cap hit.

  5. Adams would be insane to step foot on the field next season for $19 million and risk injury. He has $28 mil per year and $80+ guaranteed waiting for him.

  6. Packers window is obviously closing.

    BUT they can still win the super bowl next year.

    Just keep the team together for one more run and fix your dreadful special teams.

  7. The best way to develop a new QB is to give him a franchise WR. Tag Adams, let Rodgers stay under his contract or leave as he pleases. You might already have your next franchise QB sitting there on the bench.

  8. Adams wants QB money when you already have a QB making top-end QB money. If the Packers won’t give Adams the $30 mill/yr he wants, what is to stop him from refusing to play under the Franchise tag? The Packers won’t play hardball as they’ve already submitted to Rogers rule.

  9. Adams doesn’t mind playing outside in cold weather.
    He shouldn’t have any objections to playing in Buffalo.

  10. The haul they could get by sign-and-trade Adams + Rodgers would be immense. If I’m Denver, Tampa, Carolina, Pittsburgh, etc, I offer my whole 2022 draft for that package.

  11. If they tag him, that will anger Adams and thus anger Rodgers, so neither will come back. The only scenario of a tag is a tag and trade.

  12. If the tag value for a WR is $19M, that’s a deal for the Pack. I can see why that would bum out Adams.

  13. The Packers need to turn the page and start looking forward. I’d just trade away everyone and start over. They gave a king’s ransom for a QB a couple years ago. Might as well put him on the field. I mean, if you traded away a first and third round pick to move up to draft a QB, you should be wanting to show the world how clever you are.

  14. If they both start making demands, split them up and trade them both, to either the Lions, Bears, or Vikings.

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