Lovie Smith: Deshaun Watson situation will be resolved in time, Davis Mills is our quarterback

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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Texans head coach Lovie Smith is confident in Davis Mills at Houston’s quarterback — and confident that Deshaun Watson will be elsewhere soon enough.

Smith told Rich Eisen that while he’s not going to guarantee anyone a starting job in February, he fully expects Mills to play, and play well, for the Texans in 2022.

“You don’t give out starting positions in the spring, but I love what Davis has done. He’s our quarterback going into the season,” Smith said. “There’s a lot of positions I’m worried about. Quarterback is not one of them.”

What makes Smith, who was just hired as head coach, so confident in Mills? Smith said that last year, when he was defensive coordinator, he was impressed with everything Mills did as a rookie.

“I love what Davis Mills did last year,” he said. “I feel real good about Davis leading our team, we’ve just got to get better people around him.”

As for Deshaun Watson, who sat out the entire 2021 season and continues to face sexual assault accusations from massage therapists, Smith said the Texans will trade him when the time is right.

“I don’t really know Deshaun that way since he wasn’t really involved last year,” Smith said. “Time takes care of a lot of things and time will take care of that situation too, with a favorable situation for Deshaun and us.”

Smith is the Texans’ fourth head coach in the last 17 months, with Bill O’Brien getting fired in October of 2020, Romeo Crennel coaching the rest of that year, and David Culley getting fired after one year in 2021. Getting the quarterback situation figured out will be a key to Smith earning some job security.

21 responses to “Lovie Smith: Deshaun Watson situation will be resolved in time, Davis Mills is our quarterback

  1. Sometimes the veteran coach is a sound choice over wunderkind splash. I like both Miami’s and Texan’s choices as each is good match for different messes to be managed.

  2. What else is he going to say? Until he has someone on his roster who is eligible to play and is better than Mills, mills is his guy. Yes Watson is on the roster, but I’m sure if he wanted to play the league would have put him on the exempt list, so for all intents and purposes he isn’t available

  3. Why would they fire Culley? he was a good man who deserved better than he got. Lovie isn’t an upgrade at all and they don’t have QB.

  4. Surprised someone (he must have an idiot agent, and smart lawyers who must be milking him of thousands of dollars every day) has yet to convince/explain to Watson that if he simply settles now, it will cost him, take his media lumps when no one cares, serve his few game suspension (if one) then all will be forgotten in 6 months.

    Worst case scenario he gets convicted serves some time but gets suspended after his time is served for a year or so, loses all his money to lawyers and payouts and is lucky to sign a contract that isn’t at league minimum in 4 or 5 years (Vick), seems he wants the hard way out and hope his NDA’s with the massage therapist hold up in court. No to mention the Texans will probably still own his rights.

  5. Good man doesn’t mean Good coach. Lovie Smith is definitely a marginal upgrade. For the time being, he’s the best option for keeping the team sane while fixing our roster.

  6. Mills did win as many games as Watson the year before. Factor in Watson had a better team to work with. Mills is at least on a rookie salary, could be worse.

  7. Just 11 games in college due to the world-wide pandemic and a few other reasons, thrown in at halftime of his second NFL game due to an injury, on a team that is league laughing-stock, entire roster almost completely turned over, same with coaching staff, head coach had never been a coordinator before. First 6 games Mill struggles, has good moments, bad moments, looks like a rookie. Watches from sidelines for next 3-4 games, gets time to reflect, for things to slow down. Mills starts final 5 games. Leads NFL at 1st half completion percentage at a whopping 75%. Throws 9 TDs to just 2 INTs. Throws for 300+ yds in 5 starts. On the Houston Texans, a team bereft of talent. The natural talent Mills has, the quick improvement he showed (from little to big thigns), how fast he learned…Mills was the best rookie QB, period…Lovie, you bet your arse, the Houston Texans have their starting QB.

  8. Watson does not want to be deposed because there would be a record of his testimony, which would, at some point, be leaked. Look for Watson to settle his legal issues, sooner rather than later and then the Texans will get at least (2) 1st’s and (2) 2nd’s!

  9. I think Lovie is handling this very well, a calming presence and voice of reason. Viking fan here, but I wish him, the Texans and their fans the best. It’s not their fault Watson became a load of bad baggage.

  10. There is nobody in Houston who would agree with the statement that Lovie is not an upgrade over David Culley. Anyone who watched the games and press conferences could tell you that Culley was in over his head as HC.

  11. Honest questions here…

    Let’s assume the Texans tell Watson he’s playing for them this year. If he refuses/holds out, does he still get paid? Does his salary still count against the cap? Can the NFL suspend him?

  12. Well we all know Mike Tomlin said he wants a QB who can run and we all know Brian Flores wanted Watson in Miami so I will give you one guess where Watson goes.

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