Report: Troy Aikman poised to leave Fox not for Amazon but ESPN

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The landscape of NFL broadcasting is in for a major shakeup.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that Troy Aikman, who has worked at Fox for two decades, is on the verge of jumping not to Amazon, the company with which he’d been linked for months, but to ESPN for Monday Night Football.

Marchand adds that the deal is not yet done, but that it’s expected to be finalized. It’s also expected, per Marchand, to be comparable to the $18 million annual salary that Tony Romo gets from CBS — if not more.

The move means that Brian Griese and Louis Riddick will exit the Monday Night Football booth. Play-by-play announcer Steve Levy likely also will be reassigned.

The next question becomes who will Aikman’s partner be? Al Michaels reportedly wanted Aikman at Amazon; would Michaels go to ESPN instead? Would Fox allow Joe Buck to exit the company to continue his longstanding partnership with Aikman?

Again, Marchand reports the deal isn’t done. Even so, it’s already going to send shockwaves through NFL broadcasting, in more ways than one.

67 responses to “Report: Troy Aikman poised to leave Fox not for Amazon but ESPN

  1. Him and Buck are friends and honestly a great team. And I’m sure Fox is a better place to work than Disney/ESPN. This would be a mistake.

  2. I can’t even imagine how much he would get if he was actually any good at broadcasting a game……

  3. I hope Joe Buck doesn’t follow him. I thing Joe is actually a pretty decent announcer if he doesn’t have to cover up for Aikman.

  4. I’m sorry to inform the networks, but I’m pretty sure most people watch games for who’s playing, not who’s broadcasting.

  5. Al Michaels back at ABC/ESPN would be a good cap to a career. Stays in the SB rotation, could do select baseball games

  6. Aikman is terrible, I can’t stand listening to his broadcasts. I mute the TV when he is on. Tony Romo is even worse.

  7. Aikman is not so good. Romo is much better. Aikman is more of a Cowboy homer and does a lot of hero worshipping. Romo actually breaks down what play a team will probably run before they do it. Its not even close.

  8. Louis Riddick (who I enjoy hearing) seemed to have a real edge to him today on NFL Live. Maybe this explains it.

  9. Best MNF news I’ve heard in a long time. Aikman catches way too much grief, as far as I’m concerned he’s as good as anybody we got calling football games right now. He doesn’t talk too much, and what he has to say usually makes sense.

  10. I hope Aikman and Buck go the ESPN Monday Night Football, of all the nights NFL and College football are on TV…Monday is the one I watch least.

  11. Romo and Aikman are both very good. Just because Romo chooses to predict plays, does not make him a better color guy than Troy. My #1 trait is whether listening to the guy gets on your nerves, ala Booger M. –the most annoying person in the history of not only sports broadcasting, but all of television itself. Troy is very easy to listen to and he never tries to do too much. Romo can get a little too preachy and his voice can sometimes nag at you. While I learn more from Romo, I’d rather have Troy on the broadcast, even with Joe Buck in tow.

  12. Really not a big fan of Aikman’s constant, very dry, admiration of very select teams/players. He gives very little credit to some teams/players until begrudgingly left no choice when game is nearly over & that team/players have won. We all see it.

    That said; I don’t think it matters.

  13. MNF had lost all it’s prestige lately. It’s about time ESPN did something to get it back. I’d go for Joe Buck too. Aikman and Buck aren’t my favorite duo but at least you’ll have some credibility again.

  14. It’s been a long time since there’s been a decent MNF booth. Aikman will make it watchable again. Maybe MNF/ESPN bottomed out on the Booger Mobile fiasco and are on the upswing?

  15. NOOOOOOO! Aikman, go into coaching or do college football. The team they have now is great. Romo is a FAR superior commentator and I like him and Nance. Aikman is nails on chalkboard! Go away Troy! Team Romo 100%! Romo is great. Aikman is NOT!

  16. During these trying times, I am most thankful for the mute button. Now on Monday nights especially!

  17. If it wasn’t for the signal delay between TV and radio, I would mute the TV and sync it up with radio that features Kevin Harlan, the best play by play guy next to Al Michaels, except I don’t need to listen to the insufferable Cris Colinsworth. Whoever Kevin Harlan teams up with on Westwood One is fine with me.

    At the end of the day, nobody watches the game because of the announcers. Just schedule good games.

  18. Troy Aikman does a very nice job as Joe Buck’s sidekick. They have been a great team together. There are people who never liked John Madden either. So, haters are going to be haters. Those same people couldn’t do the job themselves. As a longtime TV/radio broadcasting veteran, it was a pleasure meeting Coach Madden. He was my favorite after Howard Cosell back in the day! And listening to Madden and Pat Summerall was classic. And I liked Tom Brookshire with Summerall before that. To those who don’t like Troy, or Romo, who do you suggest. Don’t just be critical. Name names.

  19. They should have hired Aquib Talib, he’s more interesting than Aikman.

  20. cardiovascularendurance says:
    February 23, 2022 at 7:48 pm
    I’m sorry to inform the networks, but I’m pretty sure most people watch games for who’s playing, not who’s broadcasting.


    I’d watch more MNF if the announcers changed. I’ll watch football I’m not directly interested in, but ten minutes of the current announcing team has me turning it off.

  21. Wherever he lands, I’ll have the broadcast on mute. Aikman and Buck were some of the most biased broadcasters in the business the past few years.

  22. Louis Riddick is infinitely better than the monotone yammmerer, Troy Aikman. The former is articulate, insightful, and precise. The latter is incessantly dull.

  23. Anything that changes the ESPN broadcast of MNF from the mess it’s been the last several years, is a good thing.

  24. I’m an Eagles and I don’t understand hate Troy gets. I think he does a good job and he speaks his mind Cowboys or not. Joe Buck is solid and well..The horrible one is Chris Collinsworth. Every game he announced he says “Best QB in the league” WR in the league ect. He’s horrible and comes off as fake. Where Troy seems genuine me..and that’s from an Eagles fan.

  25. Yeah put him on Prime, a streaming service that still hasn’t figured out that people like to be able to rewind and fast forward their live programming in 2022

  26. As long as I don’t have to listen to Steve Levy say “Clyde Edwards-EEELaire” again, I’m all for the move.

  27. People are getting tired of watching the same announcers/commentators year after year as if nobody else can do the job. Aikman is ok. Whether he is in the booth or not has no bearing on my watching or enjoying a game.

  28. Giants fan and I actually feel like Aikman is always criticizing the Cowboys. He’s not a homer at all. There is no perfect commentator except for Pat Summeral because he never said too much. I can remember his play by play clearly as a Giants fan. “Aikman, Irving, touchdown”

  29. qckappa says:
    February 23, 2022 at 8:05 pm
    Aikman is not so good. Romo is much better. Aikman is more of a Cowboy homer and does a lot of hero worshipping. Romo actually breaks down what play a team will probably run before they do it. Its not even close.
    Apparently you live in the past . The calling the play before the snap was a thing when he was fresh from playing at the beginning of hos broadcasting career . As time as passed he’s usually wrong now the few times he tries because offenses have changed since he was playing . Now all he does is talk over Nantz who’s trying to call the play with distracting comments . Romo really loves the sound of his own voice .

  30. omniscient says:
    February 23, 2022 at 7:48 pm
    Oh, God. This means more Cowboys games on MNF.

    How is that a bad thing? We all get to watch the cowboys underperform and lose on the world’s biggest stage. Doesn’t get too much better than that!

  31. ESPN cleaned out a lot of the garbage years ago who then scurried away like vermin to fox sports radio .

  32. The people building up Romo on this thread must not have watched the past season. He was horrible this year taking a obviously less prepared stance week to week.

  33. Amazon will have very little viewership and doesn’t matter how much money they throw at announcers, Troy and soon to be Al realize that and want to remain relevant in the TV world which is to ESPN’s favor.

    The only remaining question is does ESPN do a two person or add a third wheel to the new Monday announcing crew.

  34. Announcers are like long snappers. You never notice the ones who are good at their jobs.

  35. The cakewalk music is playing as people look for a seat. Except it’s Pink Floyd “Money” playing.

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