Ron Rivera: Commanders have a lot to offer for a franchise quarterback

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Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera told PFT Live before the Super Bowl that his team wants to get in on it if a franchise quarterback becomes available. And Rivera says the Commanders could offer a lot.

Rivera said on Tuesday that Washington should be an attractive destination for a quarterback.

“We’d like to believe we would be a viable option for a lot of [quarterbacks],” Rivera told Ben Standig of “We understand what the capital will take to bring a type [of] player like that here. We believe we have a lot to offer.”

Quarterbacks who could be available in a blockbuster trade include Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson or Derek Carr. Washington is in good salary cap shape and could pay those quarterbacks what they want, and Rivera’s comments suggest that Washington would be willing to deal multiple first-round draft picks for the right quarterback.

At the moment, Washington’s top quarterback would be Taylor Heinicke. Rivera likely believes he needs a significant upgrade if he wants to improve on the seven wins he’s had in each of his first two seasons.

47 responses to “Ron Rivera: Commanders have a lot to offer for a franchise quarterback

  1. A Commander will never be anything to me but a cheap cigar.

    “Have a Commander. Welcome aboard!”

  2. Terrible owner. Terrible new name. Terrible stadium. Ron seems like an OK guy but leaves a ton to be desired. There’s talent, but the failure of the D to live up to expectations last year leaves me wondering what this team really is all about.

    Long story short, no wonder Rivera essentially needs to publicly beg someone with actual clout to come to this toxic organization. Snyder deserves this.

  3. “Viable Option”- that sounds as appetizing as when I was called that on my dating profile (Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t a complement)

  4. Ron Ron Ron quit drinking the kool aid, you’ve got one of the most mismanaged sport franchises the world has ever seen and you think it’s nirvana!

  5. You can have Cousins back in exchange for a 7th, signed all Vikings fan’s who don’t fall for Cousins hollow stats.

  6. I think Kirk Cousins would be a better choice. He is a very good QB and they could get him at a price that won’t destroy their future. All of the QBs listed above would require multiple premium picks to obtain leaving Washington with no picks to improve the team around them. Cousins could be had for their #1 pick this year and 3rd or 4th round pick.

  7. Riverboat Ron Rivera sounds ready to go all in on a franchise QB. If only he can keep that egotistical creep Snyder out of it. Good Luck on that.

  8. Ron Rivera squeezed 7 wins out of that dumpster fire last year. He is an amazing coach. Now, if only they could change literally everything else about that franchise.

  9. The last two Super Bowl champions attained that their titles after acquiring a top notch quarterback in the off season. The Commanders could easily be the third team in a row to accomplish that feat. Think about it, other than a glaring hole at quarterback, the Commanders have dynamite skill position players (McLaurin, Gibson, Logan, and Samuel when healthy), a top shelf offensive line, and a ferocious defense (Young, Sweat Allen, Payne form arguably the best young defensive line the league.) If the Commanders get the right qb, they are headed to the Super Bowl, a la the Bucs and Rams.

  10. When you have to say it… it’s likely not the case.

    Oh and the jokes just write themselves with this team name lol

  11. Why would you trade away draft picks for over 30 QB’s, who with their current teams who have supposedly better talent and couldn’t make to nor win the Super Bowl? I say build through the draft, if the Fitzpatrick, Smith experiment hasn’t shown you anything, someone needs to be fired.

  12. Ron Rivera seems like a really good guy so I’m not going to knock him for trying. However, there is not a lot to offer on the Washington Whateveryoucallems who seemingly can’t get anything right.

  13. why would any top tier quarterback with options ever choose DC?

    their only hope is to hit on a 4th-5th rounder, develop him and then sign him for 16 million ish a year after his first decent season.

    His name was Kirk Cousins… THANKS BRUCE! WINNING OFF THE FIELD

  14. Give Gutey a call, be prepared to offer the kid quarterback #4, McLaurin, and about 3 first round draft picks. Please go ahead Riverboat Ron!

  15. This guy is laughing all the way to the bank. Even he doesent believe the nonsense the management is telling him to say. Ron enjoys coaching, and enjoys being paid, but he knows this organization is a dumpster fire that has no chance to win.

  16. There’s no way Kirk Cousins is coming back. Besides that he’s seemingly not available, there’s no reason to think Cousins would want to play for the owner who put him through two years of lowball-and-tag purgatory. There’s even less chance Dan Snyder has it in him to create the appearance that he made a mistake in letting Cousins go in the first place.

  17. This is the same franchise that franchised Cousins twice – this driving up QB prices for the entire league, which is still feeling the effects of that. They also were unable to come to a long-term agreement with Cousins, and so 1. delayed their search for a true franchise QB for two years and, 2. paid Cousins as an expensive lame-duck for those two years.

    All I’m saying is, maybe there’s a reason why “The WTF” (a nickname I feel they’ve earned) hasn’t been able to find a solid starting QB.

  18. Name is just awful. Shoulda went “Warhogs.” Everyone woulda loved it. Coulda made a cool mascot.

  19. But they can’t offer a stable franchise or one that has shown winning ways for over 30 years.

  20. When you think of the word FAIL ….so many Redskin/WFT/future Commander QB busts come to mind……you’d think Snyder stole from a gypsy and got cursed.

  21. dalec58 says:
    February 23, 2022 at 11:04 am

    Stay the course. Draft your QB at 11. Draft and sign weapons for that QB. We have a good core


    He wants an upgrade on Taylor Heinicke for this season. There’s no one that’s going to be available at #11 that is an upgrade on Heinicke in their rookie season.

  22. Whoever said he is a great coach needs to look at history. He is a very average coach. That is his thing.

  23. Great location. Storied franchise. Good Coach and staff…all canceled out by the owner. Until he is gone, they will stay trying.

  24. I don’t quite get all the snarky comments about the team name.

    These same people said the same things when it was announced they would be Washington Football Team, and that name turned out pretty well.

    Honestly my thought was to just keep the previous name, or at worst take on the name Admirals or something. But you could do a lot worse than Commanders given there are teams called the Texans (duh, seems redundant since they already are in Houston) or Dolphins or whatever.

  25. I love how mediocre or underperformed HCs who struggle to meet expectations, get every single excuse in the book.

    How many more chances does Coach Rivera get?

  26. They should make run at Trubisky and if possible trade back in the first round to get some ammo to draft a QB in 2023. No elite QB is going via trade or FA to play for that crap hole of an organization until Danny is gone so their only hope is to draft one or get a FA that needs to prove himself.

  27. Whatever happened to scouting a QB prospect, drafting a QB prospect, and then developing him? Everybody wants a Hall of Fame QB fresh out of the box and plug and play- no assembly required.

    Now if I were the Head Coach of The Commanders what I would do is survey the QB prospect pool and look at Jimmy G. A QB who has won 70 percent of his games, great leader, and can make any throw with anticipation, very effective between hashes, and has athletic instincts.

    I would sign Jimmy G, hire Charlie Weiss as an offensive consultant, hire a bright young up and coming coach as OC. Install the Earnhardt-Perkins system with a lot of spread concepts, and let Jimmy do his thing. I would also draft a QB who I can develop behind Jimmy who could excel in the Earnhardt-Perkins system…QB problem solved.

    The solution is ingenuity, vision, and coaching; not hoping a hall of fame QB falls in your lap to sprinkle magic pixies dust on it. Go out there and coach and develop. Like Joe Gibbs who won three superbowls with three different QBs. You can get hall of fame QB play when the coaching and the rest of the team are performing at a high level.

  28. alarmbottle says:
    February 23, 2022 at 10:43 am
    Trade 3 first round picks to Packers for both Rodgers and Davante Adams.
    Adams is a free agent.

  29. i would tend to believe Rivera if he would define what he has to offer, but just saying it, is usually you trying to convince yourself…

  30. They don’t have a lot of weapons on offense to attract a star QB. They will need to settle for a mid tier QB.

  31. The Commanders are just a garbage franchise, no better than the Jaguars. Now that the team name is changed, it would have been better if they changed it as soon as Joe Gibbs retired the first time, just for a clean separation between the team’s earlier greatness and what they became first slowly after Gibbs left, then quickly after little danny (always with a lower case d) bought the team.

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